Retired nurse did everything she could to save woman who died on Southwest flight

"We laid her down and we started CPR," Peggy Phillips said.
2:48 | 04/18/18

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Transcript for Retired nurse did everything she could to save woman who died on Southwest flight
Right now we turn to the engine explosion on a Southwest Airlines flight the woman who was killed and nearly sucked out of that plane. Has been identified as Jennifer Reardon a bank executive and mother of two from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Passengers are now describing the moment the window she was sitting next to shattered. All of us thought. This might be ends this morning it terrifying first account from the deadly midair explosion. Shortly after takeoff. And we eat. Card and allowed Lilly and the plane started shaking. Like nothing I've ever experienced before it was unlike the plane is kind of heart. The southwest flight from New York's LaGuardia Airport to Dallas. When it suddenly had to be diverted to Philadelphia. It's believed the plane's engine exploded shattering a window in the fourteenth row Jennifer Reardon was sitting in the seat next to that window witnesses say she was nearly sucked out of the plane. Peggy Phillips who retired registered nurse rushed to Riordan's. Eight Eaton and Clinton had broken in this section negative pressure to pull her outside playing personally it's a wonderful man in the UT and at passenger. The latest managed to get her back inside the mind and the player can't we started CPR and. Phillips says she performed CPR and reared in for twenty minutes until the plane made the emergency landing. But the mother of two was pronounced dead at a hospital. If he can possibly imagine going through. The wind up an airplane at about 600 miles an hour. And hitting. Even the fuselage or the link. With your body and bed with your face. They end. I think I can probably tell you that there was significant. Trauma to the body. Another passenger Marty Martinez started streaming live on FaceBook after the oxygen masks fell from the ceiling. He later wrote on FaceBook. I literally bought Wi-Fi as the plane was going down because I wanted to be able to reach the people I loved thinking these are my final moments on earth. As part of the investigation the NTSB is focusing on the engine to determine why it came apart the head of the agency says a piece of the engine was found seventy miles away from the air. Ports very unusual. And so we are taking this event extremely seriously. This should not happen and we want to find out why it happened so that we can make sure that the preventive measures are put in place for the. Out west CEO says the airline's entire fleet will undergo intense inspection is pulling an overnight Southwest Airlines paid tribute to the tragedy. Changing its logo on Twitter and the normally colorful heart to a great one. An inch SP is also looking at a similar incident in 26 teen when a southwest flight to Orlando had to make an emergency landing. After a piece of the engine punctured a hole about the way.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"\"We laid her down and we started CPR,\" Peggy Phillips said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54550873","title":"Retired nurse did everything she could to save woman who died on Southwest flight","url":"/US/video/retired-nurse-save-woman-died-southwest-flight-54550873"}