Under Review: Transgender troops on Trump's proposed ban

The president's proposed transgender military ban leaves some service members and their families in limbo.
29:51 | 11/16/17

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Transcript for Under Review: Transgender troops on Trump's proposed ban
It. There's just something inside that really one inning when the night. I love my job I love what I do and I'm good about it. I'll always been commissioned first. And it makes me proud it makes my family proud it's something that my son can look up to me. And an airman first class and I states here Reuters. I'm active duty in the United States plus card and I am transgender. But it doesn't matter you. Tranche energy and I'm a person. Music and a thank you. BT and who self. Architects couple days. Teen couple days maybe. No I'll be back in Kabul these. I think the Coast Guard 2005 as. So life and for over twelve years and enacted any. Just like Jesus 2014 and I had done. Deployments prior to that answers. And analyze. Coast Guard as and that's a lot of time having her name you know except that they initially just. Tommy you better person for enjoying. My line. When I go to work. Present mail as Karen walker petty officer walker. So I Wear the mail uniform and I follow male physical training standards. I'll do so until I officially change when Jenna marker. In August of next. A I'm so early on in my transitions now I'd been on hormones for five months. It's a console because I few more comfortable this way and looking the slaying feeling this way. My colleagues now you know. I'm transgender and how. At work. Best position in this position news coaster at six. Let's start to unite here it is not registered to continue on through we decided we would do it during an all hands meeting that is very very hurt right. We get our normal quarters ago came into walker has something this. And I just went out there and mostly he would hearing elements that well Vietnam. Trends and. Offered silent sufferers. And then you know the first first start of the class and then everybody else clapped an ouster in outcry and a little bit session of brandy hugged me. If though crack up. It's just so proud at her and start. We've seen wing kick him out. IA a I needed a point they told her I want to be there she should have the backing of her family no matter what. I want everyone to see that she has a normal life that she. Has had a wife that loves her her children love her. So I wanted to be there I would not have been able to do that come out and tell them hey you know about all those. You know that policies we were talking about transgender. People I am. I'm one of Goucher and gender people. Akira had come out Mitchell eight. And it was literally two weeks after trump had treated that transgender. Personnel are being banned from military. Tonight president Trump's sudden and controversial ban the president standing Paul transgender people from serving in the military. Please be advised he declared the United States government will not accept or allow. Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the US military. Our military cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruptions and trans gender in the military would entail. Transgender service members who volunteered. To serve this country. Have no idea whether they will be thrown out of the military and neither do their commanders. What happens to transgender service members now are they immediately. Thrown out of the military. That's something that the Department of Defense in the White House will have to work together as. Implementation takes place and is done so I'll lawfully. Felt like that was a trap lake and it an offense sleep she'd just come out she finally felt free and then. Whom she gets trapped again. You know I feared for what was gonna happen it seemed like I might have been losing my job. But I feel with a still support my family. Personally it after I rented tweets. I was initially very upset and it's hard to read. You find out you probably lose your job. In any situation. Saying read it through a tweet was even more hard. And I didn't want to believe that. Turkey had that much weight on her life I and it and documents there Andrea I told my husband don't worry it's just tweaked. But I think people knew deep down it is going to you become more and hands on our face Smith. Policy in changing. Being. Stuck in limbo. He and. He unknown. I'm in the air force for a little over two years. And you bush engendered for a drilling passed and I wanted to join. I just never felt comfortable. And my own body ever felt comfortable dresses and never felt comfortable lead female role that was told. That I had to be and I think Schilling came out now is deployed in Qatar. It was hot. They're working for the mission you're building munitions and bombs and flaring. He was actually going toward something it was just a training mission they were going after a crisis dropping bombs on. Convoys in the years. This one was the one that was designed forward Qatar occasions. The tradition of the points they very special especially when you received him like this and here I got from our chief. And our squadron he was just acknowledging my name and I can work instantly that's when you received coins like this you don't get them easily. It's it's really speaking vines and means something when you get on me just hand and now this resurrect presents. My grandfather. I keep it here next to this case. Eight tribute. You know. Anderson and you order. A lot of my reasoning for doing things and my name. Terry. They can silly teen age. He meant the world to me my grandfather and my grandfather. Always talked about his our meetings. And talked about the missions he went on hand talked about his career all the time and would always tell stories and so. This or is releasing them times. Yeah I'm I wouldn't have any list here tonight. But on this uniform every day not for appraiser adoration. Not for some free health care I do it because it was ingrained in me as a child and Ingram entry in the space that posts. That it going a little bit viral and I found out that the man. On tension in military members might be reinstated. AME this puts her personal standpoint I wanted people understand that being transgender you know had nothing to do this morning to join military. Thank you enough which. Genders and are you the train wreck. Maybe next pledge to support her. Have great respect for the community I think I have great supporter I've had great support from the community. A lot of votes. But the transgender the military is working on it now doing the work. It's been a very difficult situation. And I think I'm doing a lot of people. A favor by coming out and just say. There's word also coming in at the White House has now sent the Pentagon guidance on how to carry out the ban on trans gender service members and instructs. The military to first put a ban on recruitment of transgender individuals. And a complete a six month review to determine. What will happen to those transgender individuals now in the military and finally it puts a ban on all gender related surgeries. With everything. Millionaire my transition has been slow down a little bit I'm not for hormones. I'm still allowed to take hormones. Omelet surgery lives. I am. A a year you see us on hormones. Actually in nine months. I know my performances note. Was in the air force I'm completely open with everyone when Mike and supervision of nineteen years and I hadn't received. The most amazing amount of support. And they they see me through Miami scene for the airman that I strive to meet its a plus months he's been very stressful I don't know what. That NN you know institute abandoned and I'm gonna be gone within a few months or fold. Serve out my last two years in the new century in the list or I won't have to get out at all and I had plans to try to stay under the radar. You know just and in transition somewhat silently as Stanley and and possibly today. Citing captain you know explain to people alert tells people see him constantly and I think Jim Carrey inkling. I realize that you know let I was fortunate. To anymore and it's time where everything was already extended. That is your president. I will do everything in my power. To protect. Our held. GB TUs citizens from the violence. And oppression. Other eye hateful bar and ideology. Believe me. I never believed anything. For the sin of being anybody does when the better and I was. Serve proudly in the United States Marine Corps officer for years. And you know again love being a sniper but news that there was no way. That I was gonna deal to stage you know because I knew I would be discovered for who I am you can only hide yourself for so long. The leadership of the armed services the Joint Chiefs of Staff the service secretaries myself. Together with personnel training readiness and medical specialists from across the Department of Defense studied all that a data available to us. Now as a result of this year long study I'm announcing today they were ending the ban on transgender Americans in the united states military. The government. Told arts harassed members. Come out and be who you are you know and proudly served. You know and they did so and and now the government saying you know got you we're Gannett now purge you wouldn't run you out of the military. You know that is the classic. Form of due process violation and we're gonna challenge and we challenged and along with other organizations that similar earlier are have filed lawsuits across the country. There are. The controversial ban keeping transgender people from serving openly in the US military was partially blocked by a federal court judge though part of the White House memo that stops government funds from being used for a sexual reassignment surgeries. Stance. I feel quite confident that the F Supreme Court. And we'll reports team will stop its prohibition going back it's building up the military to open trends in your service is part and parcel. Of the long civil rights history. And that's its military. The integration African Americans. Now women and to any combat role. And opening up to gay and lesbian service members now to transfer their service members to. We don't really know how many people are transgendered and to US military today. The studies that have done on this it has given a range between 1320. And 6630. Transgender service members today and view this month. In a relatively small number given their almost two million people in the US armed forces today. I was honored to served for 36 years in the united states army in a variety of excellence anywhere from. Company all the way up to the Pentagon level a little bit of time in Iraq I spent some time in the training environment for the army basic training. Are we take great citizen volunteers turn soldiers. I am not a doctor I'm justly former soldier but what worries me about the decision to allow transgender individuals to a list. The fact that there's some data that I've looked and found. It says that transgender individuals suffer from severe psychological anxiety at a rate eight times the normal US. Typical population those. Statistics worry me greatly because service in the united states military is inherently very stressful. Job. I don't buy the argument that people who transgender mormons health conditions. To be a compelling reason to restrict service side there today in the united its military if you stuff from depression or anxiety or wide range of medical conditions. You're not allowed to join. And in certain situations you can be separated from the military if the conditions make it impossible to continue service the same rules Atlanta line people who are transgender. So many people I met with transient military suffer from none of this comes. It's really the question is should we keep these people home simply because there's gas is being transgendered. And answer that it is now. Some people would say that this is unfair that we wouldn't allow transgender individuals. Serve in the military who will tell you recruiting stations all across the United States that are unfairness and standards being applied if you have a history of asthma. And it's not under control you're not eligible to join the military if you have a foot injury or any problem that you've got. Playing football in high school. You're not eligible to join the military and so while we applaud everybody's desire and and want that they want to serve in the military. And fortunately not all can. There should be standards the military house there should be you know fiscal standards absolutely it's that they're tough things to do you know and military absolutely agree with Batman. You know bad trance or it can do those things is the question of who they partners. This isn't concerned whether you have asthma and ruining you poems are waiting to push ups. This is a question of who you are and your core sexually immoral issue that you shouldn't be able to discriminate against them and it because of who they are. Let us also constitutional issue. I believe. Transgender individuals currently serving should be allowed to continue to serve on a case by case basis and so deliberate decision should be made. How are they performing now what has been their history thus far which is the commanders say about their performance. There's a feasible thing to do for policy to look. People on a case by case basis. An author has a couple of million people and several 100000 join them each year. He knew clear personnel policies in place we don't say hey can run a mile in different times that I can and I don't know what we'll consider whether you're fit enough to do with an understanding of what must meet it. Ali's footage years and there's a picture of me. Ehrlich fifteen I think that that I thought choker necklaces were cool. So the decision to step out Regan stepped forward to transition is probably. One of the scariest things I've ever done in my life he is I knew. I was going to lose people I knew all that I was gonna be judged I don't get a lot of support from immediate family and probably disappointment. And the family even though I haven't done anything wrong. Yours. And it's definitely taken me some time to get over it and just get to the point where I'm like you know what. I still love you I respect you but this is who I am I remember. I was either texting text and you our ecology and I was sitting out on a bench it was a moment where I finally go. The former me it was the moment I finally let go of her. Slate letting go of your best friends like taking yourself to your own few conflict. You're laying all that out and just seeing I'm taking a step. So I can finally feel right. In my mind and in in my body. I can say with let a 100% and don't regret this at all. Steal my. Main wrath. Well since these little two month. And you don't like that I think he did. Candidates and the mind. You look at it. Specialities Steve Portland. General. When I first met here I met parents hearing. She did not present from as. At. That she was exchanged and there so I I met her as a now. When she came out Keira key mound and told me that this is a full time thing I want to become a woman. I don't think any spouse or partner has ever paired for that for two weeks street I cried when she went to work. I slept with Syrians shirts. Just some analysts and I went through every speech and losing some of grieving and denying. An island through anger. Sadness. Anger he penned. Now after a lot of the disease and patients on both parts. I couldn't see myself that I. We knew that we couldn't be without each other. And you know and I can ease up kids and I can do without her but to make that sacrifice from my behalf. I can never repay or for him. Announced that much more in love with her for her willing to do it into the journey with me. Sorry for me getting. Put. It. That didn't let that. 9110%. Better for my hand lane. On hormone replacement therapy. Before it's I'm a different person I'm happier person insists it's not just there's no question about it take China to tread water with weights attached here he. Com when you're not. The best mentally they possibly me. If this ends it. Hormone replacement therapy just covered by cash. Tri care is DE. Health insurance for members of the military. We spent fifteen billion dollars and fifty billion dollars a year on health care. The cost of being transgender. Maybe a few million dollars. Tiny fraction of 1%. The cost can range from two or three million dollars a year to perhaps a little less than ten million dollars a year the spend a lot more on erect tile dysfunction drugs. There are quite ever do and transgender. Medical care and so the costs are just insignificant. Its not an extraordinary amount of money compared to that. Medical budget of the department offense having said that I think most people's concern is a long woods lines of the principles of paying for. Sex reassignment. Surgery. Business. Pharmacological. Treatments vehicle along those I think they. Some people believe that might be elected in nature and probably should be paid by individuals not communities ever. So this memorandum. Basically breaks down what my it's my treatment plant. I can read it. On the diagnosis attended the story was made and or validated by a military mental health provider. Based on the most recent assessments by petty officer second class Walker's mental health provider gender transitioning. From emails us you know tenure his teams he medically necessary. A doctor has to say this procedure this treatment is necessary for that mental health physical health of the servicemen. That's standard we have put in place and we ought not to. Have someone come and allow someone to join the military that's can require. These types surgeries that although I applaud their desire to serve in the military. We we would never allow someone else that require future surgery. To join the military which is not be something we do. The idea that can listen Galen list because in mining health care at some future place down the road is you know about argument there's a whole range of health care needs that are military. Rightfully deserves. And sit dad you know and transgender people shouldn't be. Carved out be no access care that they need just because they're transgender. Having dinners for it doesn't despite life from being employable it's just kind of like the beginning stages of hormone treatment but that is definitely not. One of the only scenarios in the military that make you wonderfully able if you require any kind of surgeries oral surgery. Things like that it would just mean you can be deployed able until that is. Sixth I'd actually intend if they need me to be deployed a the more than willing to tackle a most of us volunteer for that I think because you want that's funny John Coast Guard. Every game we. Every game he. Here is constantly checking on something and it it affects our. Or. When she's homes late. Let me tell you can be sure that I still have my job tomorrow I need to know and my job tomorrow. And yeah I need to know who could his weapons tomorrow. The lead of the whole suite is it that this kind of arguments that is cause for street is. Moments where rebels have been reminds there we don't know. Anything and it's just ends very very upsetting the difference in. What it is now from New Year's. A limo or and certainly I mean no motions of sort of like finally settle. I I can tell you exactly what but it means that. What's going to happen. As a hitter now. We're. It. Then you get. And. Must my friends and pursue their Wednesday's Ryan. They treat you know different which slowly helped me. They're they're lending here. Two you know whatever support they can do. There hasn't been disrupts with the unit cohesion there hasn't been an upset there hasn't causing division within my unit with me existing and doing my job. I think diversity in the military. And in life is important it's what makes our country truly great. Paramount sent an Ellison friendly as except that. It makes me sad that the people who are in charge of our future. Half. The right to you. Touched him and they don't know him don't they have the right to me these changes to our lives without me. What they're actually doing my not caring. I wanted to hear force to be my true wanted to stand for a full 20 maybe 30 am I'm I wanted to raise my kids in this kind of environment. You know having. Having to leave that will be a heartless. My husband will tell you through and through that. He will play his life down he'll put everything he needs to Ron Paul to serve his country hands snow at his wife. I docket that alive details. Its service Netflix now. I mean Colin anywhere we go in my own life in our out of the military it's just like he did for someone you love. And make me mad at that I. Can accept here the way she is. I feel that everybody tendon. This isn't just here is journey this is our journey uses the walker families earn it affects us all big time. Savard. I'm able to continue my career in the Coast Guard. Tension abstain until eight retires. Here lives a normal life. We want to show people that she is a great person. As most transgender women. Men are. They are great people. And they're no different venue in and president child.

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{"duration":"29:51","description":"The president's proposed transgender military ban leaves some service members and their families in limbo. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"51151386","title":"Under Review: Transgender troops on Trump's proposed ban","url":"/US/video/review-transgender-troops-trumps-proposed-ban-51151386"}