Rudy Giuliani’s son: ‘This is the politicization of the Justice Department’

Andrew Giuliani discusses the raid on his father’s home and office, Rudy Giuliani’s relationship with former President Donald Trump, and his father’s speech before the Jan. 6th insurrection.
8:30 | 05/04/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rudy Giuliani’s son: ‘This is the politicization of the Justice Department’
The federal investigation of Rudy Giuliani the former mayor of New York City and personal turning to former president Donald Trump. Last week federal agents raided Giuliani's New York komen office in the early hours carry out a search warrant related to an ongoing probe of Giuliani's alleged lobbying efforts abroad during the trump presidency Giuliani has not been charged with a crime and has denied any wrongdoing. Joining us tonight is Rudy Giuliani's son Andrew Giuliani who served as special assistant to the president and former associate director of the public liaison office in the trump administration should thank you so much for coming on the show mr. Giuliani. Crazy you're much Ramey on appreciate it. He says that the raid was politically motivated and you've compared it to the tactics of Joseph Stalin. But sources say the investigation into whether your father allegedly worked as a foreign agent for clients in Ukraine without registering as a foreign agent while he was pressuring their government to investigate Joseph and hunter fighting began in 2019. So the investigation into some of your father's business dealings began during the trump administration when William Barr was attorney general. Was a probe politically motivated at that time. You started it all questioning sources said and and I would just point YouTube to reached attractions from NBC news from the New York Times Washington Post. Who had to retract their stories are correct. Story I certainly she. It has a retraction. From knows probably seen sources are particularly sources. But but I look at this is basically you know the media and the just aren't as I've said before I think this should be politicized nation on the Justice Department. And I think in these sources. Really got it wrong on this one and we enjoy seeing that this weekend with a recess for traction in the OSHA re. He knows three new sources. So are you saying also that you feel like that it was wrong because apparently there were some internal disputes about. Whether or not there should be a raid of your father before after the election again that would have been during a William Barr being at the Helm of the Justice Department. I again I don't know I don't know those sources it was very difficult to speculate aren't all like him back as you know these sources are the ones who leaked this out today and the east NBC news Washington Post New York aren't as I said before who had to retract. Different things in that story right or say they've already gotten it wrong. Less than 72 hours she said you know read by the FBI and it sure we questioned the validity on grass or shall. Of course is certainly unusual for authorities to raid the home and office of a lawyer in your father has called the search illegal and unconstitutional. But the warrant was approved by judge. And mr. Giuliani and his lawyer don't know how what information prosecutors used to obtain it so given some of these unknowns how are you so certain that this raid was in fact illegal. I hate you see this fact sheer facts are religious truce by a Obama appointed judge again I'm not saying that. Whether or not she had political motivation or not. That is a fact. People it was approved by an Obama appointed judge I do also know they took the electronic devices in the house one. And that worries horror drive that belonged to hunter by now theories and an investigation into that. Why would the FBI and she has hit me. And add up and then I add up Blanche for different things happen over the past society gets five years including getting more different I salute from opposition research dossier she thinks he questioned whether or not the issues whether or not just politically noted her. I come to a conclusion I believe engaged in connecting all that I prudent court of law. I could not true net interest actually politically motor recorder more abated in a quarter wall but I think. Doing deduct it reasoning I think it's pretty easy to come to that conclusion certainly to question whether or not she's independent or politically. Yeah and just be clear we have reported that there is an ongoing investigation into on providing as far as we milled there really new developments at this point but just look at it for a moment describe your father's current relationship with Donald Trump. I mean they spoke a couple of days ago I was with the president a few days back I guess it's Friday it was with the president. Using a very good moody beat in a sports so to me about my fodder for probably twenty minutes or so. Com I would say it's good known they were together. Three weeks ago. So it's it's a good relational they've known each other 35 years he goes back a long time I've known president Grover twenty years and work arm or four years in the White House so well you know it's it's it's a very solid relationship. My father -- is loyal to the president has as the president loyalty. And so based on that too that's solid. Relationship I would assume that if it comes to pass that your father's charged with a crime like for possible violation of the foreign agents registration act. State your dad would likely rule out testifying against. Or offering any information about his former client Donald Trump. Well my father is as strong as a rock and easily buried during. Mobile guy when it comes it is business relationships and answer herbal they. I'll wait console rappers at bats and publishing shoot it that I would just reach right. This isn't just any lawyer or in the American that they actually. This is a former president's lawyer so you have a lot of privileged information many on ghost. Owns that may not peace should stick to what they actually alleged while it's another to me it actually shows the president's lawyer I can happen to anti American while but I can tell us fires destroy his rock your world person. When it comes inched when it comes to is work when consumers were relationships and and I would doubt. I certainly. Hadn't seen her strong. And finally a wanna read to you tweet from meet your father's allies former new York city police commissioner Bernard Carrick and she tweeted out I'm wanna know what to GOP did with a quarter of billion dollars they collected for the election legal sites lawyers and law firms that didn't do expletive we're paying lots of money in the people that work to their expletive awesome got knew nothing of it do you expect that your father might get some help from Trump's legal defense fund. I do think he should be and Dan I actually gave you know I think all those Americans that donated after November's terror. Aren't they were donating for the legal defense and my father ran the legal team white. So I think it's very each each you. Make it very strong case and that she and all the lawyers. That work on their action should he again tried so I certainly. Agree with that. I'm not sure where the current status that is on but I would find it highly irregular or if the president's lead counsel did not giving them. Wesley hit enter and it is curious because you know a lot was made and you brought up the idea that your dad is is a loyal man in and many of us saw that on full display when he was on the stage who is president trumps former president trump on January 6. And many people accused your father of really being part of being curry Jayne. That that crown right before the insurrection. Was there anything that you were disappointed about with some with regard to your father's words or are kind of actions on that day. Look I love my father very much and I know what she saw. Place she red jewel bush thousand affidavits to eighteen demand for Americans all of cross country over the previous couple months and it concerns in the concerns him that we did not have an election with a pistol integrity that we should. And he added convictions actually pursue warm when people unless people probably would not so I'm very very proud I'm my father is more. As US attorney and the southern district of New York putting away the mob to respond change in New York City I would greatest. Mayor and issued New York City all the way to present 60. I'm I'm very. OK understood end and we should just add that there has been no evidence that there was any truck kind of fraudulent. Behavior during the election nothing that has been proven at this time. Andrew Giuliani we appreciate you coming on thank you so much for speaking with us. Breezy and you're mature and how to get one.

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{"duration":"8:30","description":"Andrew Giuliani discusses the raid on his father’s home and office, Rudy Giuliani’s relationship with former President Donald Trump, and his father’s speech before the Jan. 6th insurrection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77473988","title":"Rudy Giuliani’s son: ‘This is the politicization of the Justice Department’","url":"/US/video/rudy-giulianis-son-politicization-justice-department-77473988"}