The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 3, 2021

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
4:00 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: May 3, 2021
From. More states announcing an end to corona virus restrictions capacity limits will end in New York Connecticut and New Jersey may nineteenth very positive trends continue. Coming under the state of Connecticut right now 15%. Adults eighteen and over are now. Fully vaccinated is the first stage in the entire country down 50% of adults we believe actually. Reporter governor Desantis signing an executive order ending all Kobe nineteen restrictions when you have people particularly in Washington saying in the gap get vaccinated in the wind and make sure you continue to social business and Wear masks all the time. I won't. The message that sends to people is that the vaccines don't work. More than a 105 million Americans are now fully vaccinated. Yeah DA now Wayne's hit Pfizer's vaccine should get emergency use authorization for twelve to fifteen year old. In Puerto Rico coming before reporters a mother distraught over the murder of her pregnant daughter and her picture in her hands. Millennium on ending April body of 27 year old he's slim Rodriguez was found a few days -- she went missing now her boyfriend of the former Olympic sponsor next has turned himself and a criminal complaint filed by the FBI accuses lightweight boxer Zealand's per day held loves punching Rodriguez and injecting her with a syringe. Tying around them and throwing her off a bridge and then in the shooting and hurt the case just another tragic example of recent violence against women and Warner Ringo and the last three days when two women have been found dead and family and a student at buffalo state college in New York missing for over a week now offering a 101000 dollar reward for any information. Nineteen year old senay is Dennis was last seen Saturday April 24. Stanley says to sophomore handed in a school assignment. And caught a bus to Niagara Falls and two hours later being from her cell phone was detected near Niagara Falls state park. Seventeen miles from campus. So stay there has been. No cell phones or electronic activity. No financial activity moved from no communication with family your friends your medicine. Not like Paris this is not a paycheck she is my relatives of these chat happening. Spare bedroom could mean spare cash in your pocket anyway as more Americans are making travel plans to the Caribbean means needs more colors some meetings you could be sitting on gold mine in a quarter million house. To meet demand over the coming years indeed millions more housing. He has vaccine rates so are sort of travel bookings completing just surging demand and reports of shortages from rental cars to rental units in creating an opportunity for anyone looking to cash in they're being he has seen spikes and domestic trends particularly increased interest in rural areas and small towns and reportedly a 40%. In the last month. The company that created four nights suing apple alleging its App Store has an enormous power and motive uses its monopolies to quote the worst developers the industry juggernaut battle over one major issue this so called apple taxed at 30% of them even developers pay on digital purchases made via Apple's App Store. I think has brought a similar case against Google. Tim Manning has its way what you could see in the future are a number of app stores out there where every single designer. Who has the power to do it could have their own inner cities with you their own App Store apple will argue. And that he is fundamentally different than what they designs behind Mona me I had to do for you. They're going to the App Store is basic to their model we're gonna have an answer in the next couple of weeks here when a judge make. Com for Apple's CEO and head of epic games could testify in the coming weeks.

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