San Francisco mayor on keeping protests on message

Mayor London Breed discusses escalating unrest in nationwide protests and police reform.
8:46 | 06/03/20

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Transcript for San Francisco mayor on keeping protests on message
And now to San Francisco one of many major American cities now imposing curfews after instances of looting and vandalism over the weekend but. Just a largely remained peaceful there yesterday on the steps of City Hall Jamie Foxx join local leaders by staging a kneeling to protest George Floyd's death. Fox's star power certainly drew a lot of attention to perhaps the most powerful moments of the day. K when San Francisco mayor London breed spoke about how her own cousin was killed by the San Francisco police department. Breed also had a message for people trying to use the unrest as a wedge to divide. Take a listen. Why is matter. You know he's no. I'm yeah he loves reading it that way. Yeah evil mad C they're raising them in glass blinds Matt yeah. OK. He's and. Yeah. Me. Yeah. And we are not invited. Yeah. A lot yeah yeah yeah yeah. Dreamed. Yeah. Joining us now is mayor London breed mayor thank you so much for joining us. Happy it lets by expanding. A pond that tell us more about the ways that you've seen the message of these protests get twisted or turned into a joke. Well isn't the problem my hat for example and Dioner being there were or why protesters came to my house. Which works is inspire. Fireworks. Setting off fireworks scan. Hollywood needs kind of names that were disrespectful. Wall YTNT. Likes matter whom. In my Kinney tell me to mount Sinai. And they have bothered me the most I'm happy people understand it right police tests but it reminded me what JJ Cheney. When do. You. African Americans and it would come to their homes send their homes on higher pulled out of their homes and sometimes. Links people African Americans. And the fact that you would come to the black mayor home. I do this and not realize how racist this is chanting lack blacks matter. If this is apples is a movement. It's disrespectful. Of black people who unfortunately. Soccer in his country and all too long. Experienced the pain and finally others are waking up you and seeing themselves. This is is is what has infuriating me because this pain that you see so many protesters. That really hurt and mad and frustrated and have had to live their entire lives this boiling plain and now. Or rest of the country. Is finally waking up to black people feel on the Daley a news. And that's why I say this is not a job. This is serious. This is hurtle. So if you're coming out in the spirit of love and in the spirit of supporting and seeing black people. This saying what you see your mother your on your cousin your son. You care about making sure that the that it happens black people in this country is actually a handle on pork. I think continue to how. We support that. But you're not gonna get away with this raises this disrespect. And seeing that you're you're promoting this next. And just today as San Francisco DA announced a resolution to prohibit the hiring of police officers with previous records of misconduct I mean that almost seems surprising the policies like that aren't already in place. What other types of police reforms are needed right now. I hate. Being that we do in your prince. Meet anti bias trading you what they're number recommendations that we had from the Department of Justice when Obama was president of trying to implement. And what people assembled. Many recommendations. Because. Every time there's an officer shooting people who lack of policies and procedures. And what they we're taught writing. Ultimately. Many of the recommendations we cap and gloves. Eighty should be embedded in the culture of the RN. We understand it not just seats hole what new procedures are but we implement recommendations that we already on the books. Which will help her. Lot of the challenges that we. Want porcelain all over the country and we're gonna number situations where time in this case. Where we actually didn't stand on the police officer. And the police and we. And the person who was problem in some instances where it was a standout they went home safely. And that is. We have to be prepared to be patient. To work out the policies that we hack that they don't know how little we happens entrances the Google all their cities. Have to be on sort of universal. Principle here around protecting I. At all costs but there also have to be accountability. So when you have a situation like what happens insurance will lie. Where you are on his neck and the back in no other police thought that was how. That is where the problem. Is. That's never beating chase. A chorus changes to policies and procedures but also accountability. They have to be held accountable and I hearing in this particular case is not enough. They are seeing right here and they did nothing. They are just as guilty as a person who put his younger George his neck. How would you say the recent curfews have helped keep the peace in San Francisco and a what is the plan going for with regard to to lifting that curfew. I think we're playing I'm right now. We're looking at me her news time to a later time fury an. We're looking at the goal is we want people are now we want them. It easily pass. This is not anti these tests are now asking property. And and it vandalism and this is about protecting people. This is now making sure that went full circle and it. Up Molotov cocktails two. How local people summer aren't. Wrong. This is about protecting people and making sure that the protesters. And the officers and everyone who's out on the ground. And Michael it. Protect the public. And so we are not certain as to win her we'll be lifted but I would like select him as soon as we possibly can't. And last time we spoke it was about your city's response to the corona virus outbreak how San Francisco doing now and how has the pandemic made things different from. As far as when it comes to the outrage that many are feeling in the on the rest of the country is experiencing. Yeah. Is grass he is actually distanced Wear masks and stay calm you know my people are dealing hers. And they want to express was out yesterday and home we hired as rowdy black people are close to meeting closed to everyone else. The last thing on your mind is worried about whether or not you're gonna impacting people on the map. You're like your snacks and there's a lot of commotion going on it's really hard. Getting people high. But we understand the importance we heard decreasing and aberrant missile and that's good news we don't want to go back hurts me capabilities. We have Cassidy in our hospitals but we definitely don't want as are we obsolete so important. People or. Other. An express themselves. And exit just expressed outrage for what is happening all over the country. We want change he or making it clear this kind of ground that we are not been an act now this is not. Being a little while awaiting easily because we. Nineteenth. It's been a really tough balance. Mayor London breed thank you some under again for for coming on the show is it's been. Fortunate experience it to be able to hear from you again. Here.

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{"duration":"8:46","description":"Mayor London Breed discusses escalating unrest in nationwide protests and police reform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71034185","title":"San Francisco mayor on keeping protests on message","url":"/US/video/san-francisco-mayor-keeping-protests-message-71034185"}