Senator memorializes Sandy Hook victims in 2013 speech about gun violence

Sen. Chris Murphy's first speech from the Senate floor was dedicated to the victims of the 2012 tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.
7:14 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Senator memorializes Sandy Hook victims in 2013 speech about gun violence
Sometime early morning hours of December 14 the very disturbed reclusive young man named Adam wins it went into it is. Mother's room. Chatter dad your sleep. Few minutes later. Maybe hours later he got in her car and drove sandy hook elementary school about 935 shot his way. Through locked doors with NA ar fifteen semi automatic rifle that was owned by his mother and he began. A ten minute Rampage. That left twenty children all six and seven year olds and six adults who cared for them dead. In ten minutes out of Atlanta got up top a 154. Rounds from a gun that could shoot up to six bullets a second. That high powered guns assured that every single child that Adam lands a shop. Dot. It's the shot most kids multiple times. Noah Posner was shot eleven times alone. The State's veteran medical examiner who's been on the job for decades that he would never ever seen anything like this. But several children did escape. Six kids were courageously hid in classroom closet by their teacher Victoria Soto who shielded her kids from the bullets and didactic. Five other kids ran out of the room when Lanza had trouble re loading. Five kids alive today. The is the shooter at the stop in switch. In munition magazines. And whether it's because he had trouble reloading it getter because the police were coming into the building at about 945 into turn one of his weapons on himself in the massacre and but not for 26 people were dead. That's the reality. And the worst reality is this. We don't do something. Right now. It's gonna happen again. It would feel. Really good. If Daniel Bard. Got on the bus this morning. To go to school. Daniel was an intensely compassionate. Little kid he was always sit next to the kids in school who Sao alone. He never left the room without turning the lights off. When his family would go to that grocery store. They'd leave the store they get halfway across the parking lot may turn around Daniel wasn't there because he's still holding the door open. For are people who needed a way out. He loves Morse. You'd feel really good. If in a market screen. It's still seeing all those songs that she loved. She sang and performed everywhere she which came from a really musical family your mom said that. Share walk anywhere that her preferred mode of transportation. Was dancing. She loved most to sing and dance. In church. She loved when her parents read to or from the Bible. Feel really good. Dan Wheeler. Got to enjoy this beautiful spring day outside today. It was a piano virtuoso. Bedard to a recital only six years old what do you what it really just loved. Was playing outside with his older brother Nate. We love to play soccer together. The morning that he was killed. He told his mom is they were leaving for school you want to be a paleontologist. When you grow up he said that's what makes going to be. I want do everything to make us. So that's a test. Beat back all the naysayers say that we can't do this. There we won't change the way things are. I believe we cannot believe that we're good enough. To drown out the voices the status quo in the lobbyists and the political consultants I think that in the next couple weeks were good enough to change the way things are. And finally. Only tell you one last story. To explain why I know. That were good enough. I think that when we see people in need. When we see children are stripped of their dignity we are just too compassionate a people to close our eyes. I don't sometimes we wonder. What we really aren't side are we are we truly good words goodness a learned behavior. And it may sound strange but after December 14. I just know the former to be true. Because after a during the shooting is to swallow up those ten minutes of evil. Millions of packs of infinite kindness just rained down on you tell. From the teachers who protected those kids to the firefighters who didn't believe that firehouse for days afterwards to that just. Millions of acts of humanity and gifts in phone calls that came in from the rest of the world. And because of Anne Marie Murphy. In Murray was a special education teacher. Charged with the care Dylan. But this little boy well wonderful gentle. Well six year old boy who is living with autism. He was doing great sandy hook elementary school. In Marie love. Until loved in Marie. There's a picture on his refrigerator. In Murray in almost every day. He'd point to injury with pride to his parents. The Cole his mom's here this week. Said a Dillon's funeral. She said. That. When she realized Dillon wasn't gonna show up at the firehouse that day. With all the other kids who were. Returning to school she hoped she'd see mrs. Murphy. She knew she would. She knew that in Murray wouldn't leave still inside. If he was in danger. If she didn't. When the bullets started flying. She brought Dylan into her arms. She held me tight inside that classroom. And that's just how the two of them were found. And Monday Nicole flew down here to Washington. Myself when President Obama. Try to make the case things need to change for Dylan. For in Murray in for that thousands of other people before and after who have been killed by guns. And is Nicole and the other parents walked up the steps of air force went. One mom. Raised a piece of paper above her head with a note that she'd scribbled on it that day. The cameras caught the moment. To note just said simply love. Winds. I believe. Today more than I ever have before. If we are truly doing our job here in this chamber. And love has to win. Every single time.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"Sen. Chris Murphy's first speech from the Senate floor was dedicated to the victims of the 2012 tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"51619591","title":"Senator memorializes Sandy Hook victims in 2013 speech about gun violence","url":"/US/video/senator-memorializes-sandy-hook-victims-2013-speech-gun-51619591"}