Sephora stores shut down for diversity training

The makeup chain is hosting a workshop for staff after the singer SZA was allegedly accused of trying to shoplift at a Sephora store in California.
2:14 | 06/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sephora stores shut down for diversity training
And the cosmetic make it chainsaw for is closing its US stores to data host a series. The inclusion workshops this comes a month after singer says a said she had security called on her while shopping out a California store. A scenario many African Americans are familiar with so I wanna go to remain approved who's live in Beverly Hills. Not grameen the move came a month after the incident pretty quick response yes. Yeah that's a Ford is actually saying that the incident is not what led to this workshop. This is being planned for six months part of a bigger campaign they have called we belong to something beautiful that they and planning break here. It's incidents like this isn't one that led today and again that isn't story she tweeted that she was that one of their stories in Calabasas. When an employee called a security guard on her and accused her of shoplifting. Of course apologize for that singer and that they do take these complaints very seriously and eighty are closing their thousand plus storage. For an hour this morning to train at 161000. Police and we're here added support and Beverly Hills I mean it's early here they don't up until kind. But it opening at eleven it actually sign that we're close to close at that proceeding was. In the city workshop these guys have always been the heart of some or want to remind you. Last your Starbucks at the same thing with an anti bias training after two Blackmun in a Starbucks in Philadelphia. We're hat had the cops called on them and they refused access to the bathroom so this second. Major chains close their stores her. That day aren't how where and when in those resources and Africa and he they're pulling. And we know exactly what inclusion workshop entails and what is it looked like. Sosa fourth as they want to educate their employees on what it means to belong across. Every landfill not just race but also gender age and ability. I write grameen and you said the stores are gonna open up. Again after this a Spanish so it's just a one day event. It's actually just one hour stop the stores are opening today but just an hour later than usual. Our eyes our actual thank you so much we appreciate the updates are Mena c.s soon.

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{"duration":"2:14","description":"The makeup chain is hosting a workshop for staff after the singer SZA was allegedly accused of trying to shoplift at a Sephora store in California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63506886","title":"Sephora stores shut down for diversity training","url":"/US/video/sephora-stores-shut-diversity-training-63506886"}