Sept. 30, 2010: A look at Lorena Bobbitt's life years after her trial

Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband's penis with a knife on June 23, 1993.
5:31 | 06/22/18

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Transcript for Sept. 30, 2010: A look at Lorena Bobbitt's life years after her trial
When may have Bob. After what she did just the mention of her name made men everywhere just a little bit nervous Ashley Banfield is caught up in there goes my pentium nervously as. I just never named entertainer. Pack. They already got your news yeah that's a not making their does that asleep and feel. Not in the least but I am very concerned for you at this moment it isn't really a turning point George young to figure out on national television how to say the for the first time and really everybody's got around it got over it you did didn't you I'm Mary impressed. In fact this is that the moment we all had to sort of come to grips with it because it was just that thing that happened. I wanted to catch up with Lorena bobbitt's I tracked her down in Virginia to talk about. What happened after all those cameras one away. It was the headline. Felt around the world the woman would cut off her husband's king worried about those and while that court case that is attractive. International attention and and the source of countless off color chips known and remembered for the independence just. Part of his body I don't know why. I knew he hurt me 24 year old Lorena Bobbitt claims she'd been sexually assaulted by her husband one too many times so she struck back with that kitchen knife while her husband slab yeah I'm here use she was unable. Come from Kandahar. To defend herself while the Reyna was charged with malicious wounding sheet was charged with marital sexual abuse in the trials transfixed America. Joking about the Bobbitt became a national past time and though both were found not guilty in the rain that was evaluated. 45 days in a psychiatric institution loony and then usually the frenzy died down. That was little rain and then. And this is Lorraine and now seventeen years later a shy and petite 41 year old mother using her maiden name Lorena Gallo. Does it feel like there was a lot a lifetime ago. Eight cas in caste killings that he has found you know that over the past when you decided to date again. He had tobacco how to men react to you I never experienced having any means being afraid of me. You know and the country's yes they're curious. Shortly after her divorce from John she met a new man Dave Dillinger in a college class what was his reaction when he first found out that you were Lorena. Thought it or you are draining gallon. I think he knew it from the very beginning I mean it was sent it was a very good now we must now worry it was very flatter from me. And asking for assistance can house way and maybe he's not afraid of me. The two have dated thirteen years and have a five year old daughter Olivia the Reyna works as a part time hairdresser and real estate agent but her true passion. He's counseling domestic violence victims through the rain is red wagon organization. Did any of the women ever say how 116 exactly what you did yes I have Latin women say that no whining woman has say that what to tell them. Well said it's no good and because obviously. You know little need I have to go through a lot of the pain she says she has little memory of what happened that fateful night I went through thinking and Weston you know. Even. Any painless and planned and winning today's black tongue along condescending mistake while you know I found myself with the police station did you ever. Want to kill and phone can never never passed through my mind snapped her parents know now never christened him teasing she might have been capable. And cash I don't home. Surprisingly she says she still hears from John Bobbitt who's gone on to star in porn movies run a brothel. And his faced convictions on several domestic violence and theft charges she says he regularly text messages her a text message. She the other day you can see what to expect you know reading. I have made yeah what do you think. How have you been doing. This is your number one fan and I admire I was such an insensitive idiot back down so I am doing it yes I once said that has been. Despite the painful way the relationship ended little Reyna says she's relieved that John made a full recovery. After his nine and a half hour surgery. You forgive him I forgive him yes I forgive him that you haven't forgotten but I haven't forgotten. Asked for the name Lorena Bobbitt the subject of so many tasteless jokes for the last decade and a half. She said it did hurt for years. But you can laugh about it now I can more about it now I can't thank you did it take a long time the flurry of last indicating it took a long time before I came to this point TS that they used to think of yourself as Larry an apartment. I. Don't want because outlets Melbourne without last name I and I Mary two I mean they had come lessons that last name so. I was born in the rain and Gallo in May not. The marina permit is statistic another person. To me. By the way Lorena told me that she received thousands of letters from men and women supporting her she said she read every single one of them she also said she went through years. A therapy after that incidents as she feels like a brand new person and M I should tell you George she is a member of the key TO. And TLC hunt hunt I know the rain and a -- yep she also takes her daughter to ballet and soccer and really just hasn't normally put it together together terrifically fashion thanks for bringing us that sure.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband's penis with a knife on June 23, 1993.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56086896","title":"Sept. 30, 2010: A look at Lorena Bobbitt's life years after her trial","url":"/US/video/sept-30-2010-lorena-bobbitts-life-years-trial-56086896"}