Southeast braces for Hurricane Florence landfall

Governors in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina declare states of emergency ahead of Hurricane Florence, which is expected to make landfall as a Category 4 storm.
5:01 | 09/10/18

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Transcript for Southeast braces for Hurricane Florence landfall
Let's turn now to that hurricane Florence bearing down on the Carolinas. The intrepid rob Marciano joins us from rights Bill Beach no relation. Rob how bad is gonna fix. Unfortunately David and it keeps looking worse and worse you've seen your fair share hurricanes yourself and here rightful beach they have a history of it as well obviously the sun is out now we got a few storms coming at the only the British defense. Yeah it's gorgeous amino. Your target will stay out of the water the rip currents have already reaches because along swells. So swimmers are discouraged from going in but it does servers especially this morning when the rode the waves are a lot smoother they can't they can't help themselves it was a beautiful. Serve but. And it's obvious he's going to build not just today not just tomorrow but it began a 20 Wednesday and Thursday. Lars even though it's a thousand miles out to sea. It is heading in this direction and is accelerating. And it is strengthening and we now as of the 11 o'clock eastern time advisory. Have ourselves a major hurricane. In floors as weak as we feared the intensifying rapidly in the lacks 24 to 36 hours in. Where the forecast track is certainly ominous check out the satellite picture you see that I distinct I now has formed. And it is get that buzz saw satellite appearance and here's the forecast track getting it to category four strength. Later on today and tonight. And then the 150 mile an hour wind something on Wednesday the win feels got to be expense going to be a large storm. And it's speeding up a looks like a tractor as the latest advisory maybe impacting the aerial Thursday morning in. And now with landfall Thursday afternoon or Thursday night. As a category four storm. And then quickly weakening and limb but not going anywhere so. We got it state of emergency up upper South Carolina North Carolina Virginia even though the the forecast line is for right here in the Wilmington area but wants a storm surge in the the winds are through the rainfall as you know is always a huge issue especially when these things all we look forward to do that so. Some of our computer models giving. Locally over twenty inches of rain in parts of the Piedmont of North Carolina and mountainous areas of Virginia and West Virginia. These are areas that have sees substantial rains already this summer so. I fear what's gonna happen come Friday and Saturday with the amount of rainfall we're going to get. We've got storms lined up David so let me get through days hurricane Isaak got. That's heading towards the Caribbean. And as a category one storm. Puerto Rico in the cone on that on Friday but this one hopefully will be weakening as it gets into some greater wind shear but a US territory getting impacted the -- I should mention at a type amenities is impacting Guam right now. And if that's not enough tropical storm warnings out for hurricane Olivia. Which were looking for a weekend but will hit. The Hawaiian Islands here as a pretty substantial tropical storm and now you know the big island now have tropical storm warnings out. Four Wednesday and and and Thursday and as you know they had hurricane lane gave it just less than two weeks ago so they're saturated. To. And I can't remember I don't know if you can I don't know if you can remember last time we've had. This many storms impacting there's many spots in the US or US territories. Any one time a it truly remarkable week. Especially having tis the season for these kinds of storms along the Caribbean and the East Coast but to see it out in Hawaii as well. It is unusual but I wonder rob. You know bill as we do see these kinds of storms every year last year seemed especially bad. How is this year is shaping up in terms of the impact. But Dido we're supposed to have a light year most the experts. Seasonal forecasting another they're not always that spot on but they do better than 5050. Word knock in this one down because of el Nino conditions expecting to develop. A cooler though average ocean temperatures. And and heavier wind shear but we've seen these storms develop in the pockets. Where the wind shear isn't so great and the water temperatures are the warmest so. It's been above all of average already. 44 hurricane season and today as you know is the climate a logical peak of the Atlantic hurricane season so. We're already above average so. I mean I'd. Moreover it's not as bad as last year but but here we are and we've got a majors destructive storm heading toward the Carolina coast. And some of those islands in the Caribbean are still recovering from last year's one can only imagine how devastating this. Could potentially. Now we're hoping that Isaak does the weekend but it's heading towards a Guadeloupe and Dominique as potentially category one here in the next day. Point four reported hours via our hearts go out to our friends in that. And the outbreak and again it's so hard last year it it ABC's rob Marciano I'm sure you've got your rings clicker handy and I'm sure you're gonna need it. Good luck with us this week it's going to be a busy week for it.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Governors in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina declare states of emergency ahead of Hurricane Florence, which is expected to make landfall as a Category 4 storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57728568","title":"Southeast braces for Hurricane Florence landfall","url":"/US/video/southeast-braces-hurricane-florence-landfall-57728568"}