The start of funeral train ride to George H.W. Bush's resting place

Train No. 4141 carries Bush from Spring to College Station, Texas, where he will be buried next to his wife and daughter.
21:11 | 12/06/18

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Transcript for The start of funeral train ride to George H.W. Bush's resting place
We are picking the coverage now on ABC news alive former president. George HW Bush's body his casket has now arrived. There to his final resting place there that trip to the train that will take him to his final resting place of College Station, Texas. The late president will be buried. Hats the bush presidential library next to his wife Barbara and daughter. Robin who died at the age of three we've heard so much about her the last couple of days the bush family arriving there at this station and after that memorial service at saint Martin's episcopal church the final service after of course a state funeral that we saw. Yesterday in Washington now we know that what 41 bush 41 had a hand in all of this. In in in the planning of of these events that we've witnessed in this week every song every move. As significant because it meant something to him including. This train that will take his body there to his final resting place at College Station. Take a look that is a locomotive 4141. You can see the casket there with the flag draped over it. Now bush is casket that will be able will be seen. Through the train car we'll be able to see if people can line up. To view that train car. Which is painted blue and white Air Force One colors that train will travel about seven miles to the bush presidential library now former president. George H. W. Bush requested. This train trip to carry him from Houston it. To College Station. In of course receiving the full list of military honors here. In Washington in that throughout the week. So don't want to another tidbit about this train which is really interesting when it was revealed many many years ago. The president. He was excited about it this is back in 2005. He had one word for this for this train named after him and Union Pacific train there. In College Station he said it would. Wow when he first saw this train. Now. This is located in spring Texas. General traveled College Station will take about seventy miles about two and a half hour train ride and there. They'll they'll arrive there and at College Station at the bush presidential library where he will be buried and that's where we find. ABC's national correspondent. Matt got men. Not. Talk to us a little bit about the all viable the train's arrival and what will take place there are once the family gets there as well. I just want to add to your anecdote Stephanie. The train and the first word at that preservation. George H. W. Bush uttered when he sought which was wow but then he did something that was vintage George don't HW bush. He asked to ride on it and he got on Andy engineer with them. Allowed him to coast about two miles down the track he was enthusiastic and I think that sort of encapsulates what we are seeing. In this out long farewell to President Bush a man who as a public individual seem very stoic. But as a private man. Was incredibly warm and gregarious and enthusiastic about things. One of the things he was most enthusiastic about. Is that Library and Museum behind me they decided upon this site in 1995. George H. W. Bush had a pretty long history with Texas and am going back to the mid eighties when he gave speeches here commencement speeches as a vice president. Many gave his first presidential foreign policy speech here in 1989 before the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. That was a seminal speech and after that he developed an increasing relationship which this university and this institution. And it's interesting because you know we're talking about. An agrarian college basically a place full of military cadets. Far from his Yankee roots going to Andover academy and Yale University. But he found a home here he embraced Texas and Texas embraced him and one more thing about this train ride it is going through towns that most of us. I've never heard of much less being too but. President George H. W. Bush. Has been to these towns he campaigned in these towns and he came to visit them after learning that train route that his train would take. After his funeral and they embraced him. And so they are going to be watching as this train with that open window that you see right there through which you can see the casket they're going to be watching. And looking at him beating him a final farewell as he goes through these. Tiny Texas towns that I'm sure gonna miss him dearly. Seven. The former president certainly a fixture there on the campus of Texas and M. Not talk a little bit about the V. Apply bits. Burial service that will take place obviously it'll be private closed to the press will be able to see it but once the family arrives. What type of honors do you expect to to see there before they actually a take off to the to the burial site. Once the casket what's the train bearing the casket reaches. College Station gate will go into a first we will bring it here the last person or couple off the train will be. President W bush and his wife. Mrs. bush and it'll be very somber ceremony and as you mentioned a very private one this has been. A celebration of president George HW Bush's life and this is going to be very. Private it's going to be about twenty seats under a tent. In a stand near a stand of trees behind me. That is where Barbara Bush was buried in April and that is where their daughter. Robin who died of leukemia in 1953. Who was much beloved and still talked about by the family is also buried and it'll be the culmination of turning. The public. George Bush into the private one and all the either these fantastic cartoons out there can joining his little. Tow headed daughter and his wife up and had been and then saying we're waiting for you. So that will be culminated by bugle sounds 121 gun salute and we are hoping I think everybody here College Station is hoping to see this unprecedented leap. Large. Missing man maneuver involving 21. Aircraft now when this happens it's generally. To mark the loss of a soldier or a sailor in this case. President Bush was ace was in the navy. And played peels off an enormous speed from this formation but because a cloud ceiling is so low and you might be able to hear the drizzle the rain behind me that may not be able to happen because the cloud ceiling and so so we're waiting to see. But that is gonna happen. And once that is over that's pretty much it. Four. This funeral service for President Bush the family votes separate ways. And he will be left here in the museum will be back open tomorrow people. And finally pay their respects to President Bush. Matt thank you very much and hopefully we do get to see that 21 aircraft. Missing man formation the largest ever the navy says that they were inspired by the 21 net gun salute so would be really need to watch the left front side of the commanders jet actually reads. President George H. W. Bush 41 and Barbara First Lady. Of course who passed away in April so we'll see if that. Ends up happening but let's go out and take it check in with ABC's Terry Moran in Washington DC and Terry we know that this week. Has been a week of remembrance. Four the former president and today it's it's back to business in Washington. But a lot of the political divide that we've seen there in DC kinda set aside this week to remember. The former president I'd describe for us of what it's when when it's been like there this week and today. Quality because of better. Pause. In the partisan politics. That are so poisonous right now. And it did that lawmakers and kind of punt down the road the government shutdown that was that was expected was he was he had that goes. But in general I think there's there's a halt. That something like this. Remembering. A man who really did live a life of patriotic public service and trying to do the right thing. Crossed party lines crossed his own party a couple of times Bret lost the presidency because of it maybe some of that could rub off. Very doubtful are very doubtful really. He's a man and a different area different Arab. When the Republican Party and of Washington DC and the current president. Donald Trump. Rand in many ways to repudiate. The kind of liberal internationalism and that I don't mean liberal like Kennedy liberal but I mean. The American leadership in the world. And the nature of the bipartisan. Efforts that that George Bush sometimes tried in office. The drug didn't want any of that really and and the voters put him there they didn't want any of them anymore but I there. And so while we lament. The times that of past. It's really have our own doing. That country has chosen this course would with Donald Trump. And what George W. Bush George Herbert Walker Bush represented is a memory. Absolutely and we've spoken a lot about his military service delivering an ABC's Jonathan Karl. The 58 combat missions in the Pacific he was shot down at sea during World War II. It ended in we've heard a lot about his experience and he can help but think that that military experience. Played up. Large role during his presidency while making decisions it is specifically. Decisions that had to do with the gulf war John. He he certainly saw that as the defining. Aspect of his life is his service in the military. Service in World War II. The heat keep getting shot down. Almost almost lost his life. In in that. And when he when he came time for. But the gulf war when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in August of 99 the this was he even wanted. You AG famously said I'm really draw a line in the sand one of the few times when that phrase actually was vivid because it was in the middle of the desert he was that the message. To Saddam Hussein was UKP you have taken Kuwait you are not going to come into Saudi Arabia not to take anything else. And and then they sent 500000. US troops. Two. But a two to enforce that line in the sand and ultimately. Too odd to liberate Kuwait but didn't. The decision was it was had to be made what what to do an axe to and he famously. Us stopped at repelling. The Iraqis out of Kuwait's that there was no effort to remove Saddam Hussein. From power. Perhaps more critically there was no effort to. Birds for the she. That they've been subject to to Saddam is genocide all attacks. After be it can withdraw from Kuwait what he'd he took we took an approach of you know doing in an overwhelming way what was necessary to reverse the aggression. But to do no more. And we just heard the arrest warrant at that train there locomotive 4141. About to take off. With the body of former president George H. W. Bush heading to College Station. Texas to the bush presidential library where he will be buried next to his wife Barbara and of course is daughter. Robin you can see that train there and the casket in any able to be seen if from that see through. Train car there with us soldier standing guard the bush family there are on board now the Y out. From spring Texas to College Station as Matt mentioned earlier will pass through several towns including hub Smith pine Hurst. Magnolia and now the soda which is just about twenty miles. From Bush's presidential library there at Texas. NN. Hedges that something here. Looking at at this train pulling out. So we can see the tree there are taking off it'll take about. Two and a half hours of seven mile tract College Station it. And it teary we've heard so many different stories. So many people touched by a the former presidents we've heard a lot about the handwritten letters. How it. Just this talk about this moment this is the fine all this is the final today this is the final. A day of of service where the family is saying good bye obviously an emotional time for them. Saying goodbye to there to there to their father to their grandfather great grandfather. Talk about this final moment what what how'd. And how could they be feeling obviously emotional. Right where the family in the country and watching this train pull out carrying the casket. It's a throwback isn't it has all those letters were all those hand written letters were a man. From a long time ago as is passing by. And that country we'll get a chance to say. Goodbye once more the people along the route and looking at the train one of the reasons he wanted to do it is because he was a man also the air when train travel was. Much more common he'd ride up to me. In the summer home family summer home on train and he remembered those rides all these decades later the great affection and as a young. As a young man enlisted in the navy. You know only as my dad is all the all the millions of Americans who were serving in that ward did they traveled the country by train getting there. Getting their training. Going from base to base and in my father's. My father's case and important port for. Four four George Herbert Walker Bush is a man of that era and this is this is appropriate and and fitting. And there is something throwback about this train ride. And about the man and may be I think one of the things one of the messages of the past couple of days about the values that he. And bodies in the way he lived those out. Maybe. Maybe within this is one last chance to consider. What we're losing not just the man but maybe the values of the time that that he came from. Absolutely and he never forgot as you mention he never forgot about those train rides. With his family are obviously very excited to see this train years ago and then this is how he wanted to a ride that College Station. Now. What we know that the former president has been a regular fixture on the campus. Texas in M. He toward the library. And and the many times in inlet when he was in good health he visited the campus there. 22. Exercise from what we hear. John Paul Kane talk a little bit about the significance of of the him being there ads are his library being there at Texas and and then and the family taking this long track too too bad. To those grounds and then we know the temple welcoming he'll receive there the Texas CNN bands cadets singers. Military honors. In in full display there on the campus. Just a special place for that. It's a special place Texas is an adopted state for him is very much a you know grow up they a new Englander. And chose to to to moving do business in Texas. And that he you know this was also you Texas a and M is not a bomb school he went to its. It's very much an adopted place offered them but one that they. But took to to truly love and that and that library that I'd recommend that he be. Who is anywhere near College Station to go to see the George. George Bush now I measure will be Chris George H. W. Bush presidential library. It's it's it's it's a wonderful library you see the full sweep of his remarkable life I'd only four years of which. Were as president of the United States but what a life from his. From enlisting in the in the media's is just an eighteen year old. To his heroics as a as a naval aviator. To his. Good time at Yale as it is a truly great baseball player he may be the greatest. Baseball player. They've ever. We around the Oval Office Terry and knew anything about that and he was he was here's a genuine star of the of of the Yale baseball team and loved sports to his time as. Ambassador to China director of the CIA. Chairman of the Republican Party during Watergate vice president president I mean truly a an unbelievably remarkable life the time in Texas. Was it's time. Bob is as as a as a private citizen quite a successful one. Very much and I'm. And them the reference to respond wasn't fine athlete who's really anatomy. And he enjoyed walking out as presidents get to do and throwing out the first pitch but he ultimately up so was president at the time people felt. More more come home schooling their friends since the so so he developed the technique bring about a little kid with. I'm out to the mound so the crowd wouldn't boot. Smart. Don't know he Ron Fournier has covered. Covered covered the time covered all of Bush's tough talks about. Asking him if he if you still has baseball glove. And and and and 41 reached into his desk for org and I kept his. And there's a great baseball team out the the library I mean it's. Gotta gotta gotta good section on that and and then just they see that I can still maize everytime I see the video of him. During World War II you know. Maybe it's. He was. So this last true you know did he sees last combat veteran to be president. And and genuine war here. In guys if you you can see these live pictures now you can see the people that are lined up. Along the train tracks there's sell many of them rendering. A salutes to the train as it passes by which. Is very moving its a lot of what we song land net and the former president was lying in state there in the capitol rotunda as so many visitors from around. The country's thousands. Showing up to pay their final respects and a lot of them veterans. Would so much respect. War the late president I wanna bring in ABC's Cheyenne house fled to. So a spokesperson floor from the Union Pacific supports a Union Pacific train and shiny and he shared with you some really interesting details about the driver whose. Apparently also a navy veteran. Yeah that's right Stephanie June mill closes. Train's engineer which in this case the engineers the driver and and the conductor is on him. Randy cook Connie and both on the conductor and engineer served gained in evening June served for eight years and Randy prayers passed. I'm sorry Jay for nine years in many for eight in the involved banning Union Pacific for. I well over a decade. And especially for June a woman an engineer driving the train engineering is a work force me out about 13% women so. It's it's a big deal and it's a big deal I'm assured to the bush family is that the driver of this train and the conductor are both. Maybe better and as their father was. And surety as he mentioned just a great honor and privilege for them to. Play our hearts and all of this in in. As we come to close on net on the week a week full of remembrances. And events and ceremonies. For the late president let's go ahead and take a look back at all of the events that have taken this place this week.

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