Stocks rally after 312,000 jobs added in December

The markets react to the announcement of the largest jobs gain in 10 months.
3:01 | 01/04/19

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Transcript for Stocks rally after 312,000 jobs added in December
The president just created. And that great jobs numbers. Just announce in all caps and they were very impressive look at them. That's pretty big beating expectations asked her skis here to break it all down the morning to deceive Tennessee and its is. A big number that was well beyond expectations of 3121000. And this was before broad based gains. Across all sectors construction manufacturing. Health care food services and beverage services all were hiring and rather robust numbers and in fact. The number of jobs created in December. Is the highest in in the last ten months so it certainly is bit of a counterpoint. To some of the beat the other economic news we've seen blaze. Yeah it if it really really is but there are some who might say and obviously this is these were good numbers for November are for December and a whole. But that there's a lot of hiring there's a lot of seasonal hiring that takes place in December was at a reflection of this or not. Could be Penn and I think given where a lot of the jobs occurred you could say that there's sums. Seasonal hiring especially in retail and an Indian restaurants and in bars so we'll see if there's still the same. Numbers as we get on into. This month of February but. You can't denied the that the largess here and I think that's what's in part cheering the stock market. Along with some news that China and the United States are going to finally start negotiating some of there. Trade issues and and we heard just a bit ago from the chairman of the Federal Reserve. Who said he's willing to be patient and and look at how the economy is doing before setting monetary policy in stone. But we'll see that it did markets have been reacting to to the good job numbers but they've also been reacting. Two earnings reports have preview of earnings reports and the possibility that some companies are doing is great. And those companies in particular looked like maybe apple that have business in China which has been suffering through this trade war with the United States. Those those companies are going to be adversely affected and and the White House economic advisor has acknowledged as such and so you can't have. These things co exist robust job numbers and companies that are suffering either bit the economy is good and the companies are gonna keep hiring. Or the economy isn't so good and it's slowing down and the jobs numbers are going to slow down with a. And that apple chart that we had up there for just a brief moment there was really impressive and depressing. At the same time especially if you have Apple Stock a look at how. It has dived. In the last three months losing 325. Billion dollars in capital there. It's a bit disappointing number refer apple investors for sure but I think more of the point and Tim Cook. The apple chief reflected this sit in an interview the other day it reflects the real world consequences. Of political decisions yet awesome. Our kicked us good to see him.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"The markets react to the announcement of the largest jobs gain in 10 months.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60162294","title":"Stocks rally after 312,000 jobs added in December","url":"/US/video/stocks-rally-312000-jobs-added-december-60162294"}