Two Students Arrested for Alleged High School Shooting Plot

Two 16-year-olds are being held at Orange County Juvenile Hall in California.
1:37 | 02/02/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Two Students Arrested for Alleged High School Shooting Plot
At a Troy high school soccer game in Fullerton apparent overhears two students who say they're planning a school shooting quote worse than column by. That's a reference to 1989 Colorado massacre where two students killed thirteen others. Police say these Orange County students were specific they also talked about the different type of weaponry that they would use as well as the effectiveness. So those weapons that concerned parent took a photo of the kids having the disturbing conversation and then sent to the school. It was that up to the school to figure out those kids I'd. Kennedy's alls and second period end I'm a teacher got a call from the office and he said. Chris are called in the I'll talk the deputy and I was terrified senior Chris Creighton says it first deputies confuse him for the suspect they Sony picture he had the same. Harris me and they go see your so that's valiant ago you have pretty certain. Police say they eventually tracked the right to students down. The students did admit to making those statements. They admitted to making statements about the shooting as well as home by investigators discovered the students had recently been searching on line about the Columbine attack. And about specific weaponry used to carry out other campus attack. Officers searched their homes for actual weapons while we did not find guns today that doesn't mean that this could not have been carried out tomorrow or the next day or the next day this school sends out this automated message. Got searching for guns and made a threat of having the worst school shooting. It's a good schools so it just disappointed to hear about it kind of frightening I'm glad they got police say that concerned parent is a hero. We are confident that this particular woman saved. A great number of untold number of lives.

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{"id":45215541,"title":"Two Students Arrested for Alleged High School Shooting Plot","duration":"1:37","description":"Two 16-year-olds are being held at Orange County Juvenile Hall in California.","url":"/US/video/students-arrested-alleged-high-school-shooting-plot-45215541","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}