Students describe efforts to protect classmates during high school shooting

Florida high school students detail how they tried to protect their classmates during shooting.
3:00 | 02/15/18

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Transcript for Students describe efforts to protect classmates during high school shooting
Victor okay do here in Portland forest inning right in front of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. Still an active scene this morning the latest numbers devastating seventeen people are dead at least fifteen people were taken to the hospital. Early this morning the suspected shooter nineteen year old Nikola spurs he was booked into the Broward County main jail and charged as well. The shooting happened around 230 in the afternoon yesterday last for several minutes started outside the school made its way inside that suspected shooter arrested in a nearby neighborhood. Little less than two hours after that it was absolute chaos here students and parents all scrambling. Now much Plummer scene that set still. An active investigation. Investigators still here's while still in bringing some students you. Saw a lot of this happened they were able about some of their fellow students as well it cuts back and Colton here as well guys what you're seeing you. I see it it is not rated junior. So. And we do what you see yesterday what did you hear. Is crazy I just got back in hot humid night that's formation of KC cadets are your partners are both RJ RTC yes there on the on the captain I'm accompanied Menem tried to hold class in about 5560 kids. And now without that information I'd let them out watches T want to eat and I think you know let's militarily sometimes I I'd eaten out college the or just slightly before and I think this is going early I don't know why but something unique moment ago apparently I brought them in. Two minutes in getting in I asked him around 230 I hear the bell ring for the fire line. And we start heading now I line on the kids about silently in the line in my heading out. And it just happens there fire zone with its active issue was on the shooter I did not see this theater but I heard the first two or three ops. And I knew it was gunshots looked back on the kids I needed sixty kids look at me what I do it right now I just don't get back in the classroom. Everyone starts sprinting back trampling everything I start running IC can fine almost law I'm likely slowdown. It's I start trying to discard its innate in them whether or not fussing and trampling Jennings imminent and safely at voting teaches at boating case that went in my class. As kids walking around that had no clue where to go and thank him you know weight classes in mind I just pulled in and we seven in the back to the constant and being Colton. That these catalog maps that we have from a mark. Kettle excellence look influence like she got all these guys. Teachers and students total into this clustered together. You just mentioned Kevlar so like a material for bulletproof vest it. Like body armor so that just happened to be because you as part TO RTC he knew that that was going to be in the cluster we've found it once he got in there. Yet we we knew there were in a daily and he does ABC but that's that's an ambulance template. He sought that what you guys have met up and guess were were together this bus and just before we get there where were you. During all this I was in the second ROTC plus march 2 third fourth your students go there are major major. That's his plus I was there it we're doing my job. On the shelf like that's what you hear the shooting when the knew something was wrong the fire alarm went off in June 19. I went out and I grabbed the paperwork for at this unit list for the roster because it's too plastered he's in charge us I was grabbing him the name to the students. And I was having that they've worked for the fire trio and four. Scenario thanks dad. So it's a green and red face he's the papers says Bob and I and in our zone what that does persecuting people who don't do it fire drills. Solace or all good so green and red meat we're missing somebody if something's wrong. I got that paperwork and I got the student attendance. As I'm shutting the door to go from 509 were major and it is the first sergeant the second RTC classroom. Mom eyewitness seven gunshots that I. Seven you can cut of them specific. What did you do at that point to you also grabbed some students say they were one of the spots are antsy as I heard this evidence that I reopened the door and as those cities that much for sergeant while the news don't know. I turned around and some might or old student in and I brought into the other room. And I started getting people in size this up what you guys are in the same space OK and then. You guys had this Kevlar material what would you do it that they're big hanging curtains that have live and eat centimeters a dozen television and violence not like. Gauging that's an idea having family members Arnie and me and started moving them when they outlawed and all the kids that we can't live pads. While. I mean. These just like students had never seen anything like this before to as far as like that type of equipment that they could hear Tierra TC training that these students who were just. And it averages it's only a few select people lettered marksmanship. And they did need to issue air assault rifles that he's outlined targets not anything. Dangers are really real and I don't know how we I don't know why it is that intelligently additive seed got this kind of hurt. Have workers set up what else gets you into the classroom so I grabbed the curtains because I was in marksmanship my freshman year and I actually built those curtains. Mud and in my freshman years we had Microsoft Word from now on the at a and all right grant for our program. So I brought those persons out because I knew exactly what they were. Made guess he never thought he'd be here for situation thought as I'm building them something. It's ultimately do obviously am glad it happened we've never needed all. We still out of state that we did you guys move many of the deaths or anything repaired it or it take to tables and let them up but provided no library there. And meaning that you can buy poisoned at a Connecticut with a fire extinguisher and Satan that he did you can't do something in. You guessing you're ready to fight yes and she has known the suspect in the clusters isn't anything about him. I wasn't friends with him I had a previous run and let him earlier in the air where I had I was carrying a water jug and ask that he get have a drink from it. And I had an in the water jug he took a step out of it. He spit the water on the floor laughed and handed to get back to me. I was pretty young I think I was a freshman I had no clue what to do I just kind of Doug and lasts I was vacancies by I never saw him again after that. The only so Mike. Freshman year I was and Jared TC he was in my class period. I'll sit at marksmanship same unit he was removed from the program. So I was here are some program on the -- believe it was Obama disciplinary so he was originally and removed from the marksmanship team. From their removed from JR OTC and then finally removed from the school he was eyewitness is expelled. Guys you both Texas leadership roles here to protect so many of your fellow students really incredible keeps coming. Clearly your training kicked in here. Yeah we've we've both got great training from JC and activities we do on our own. I'm in a program at crossings police department Paul police exploits and weeks before this we had an active shooter training. They taught us that active shooters. Pope Paul the pile on to have it's an outside but since we got advisors issued on campus were taught that in the training in the police was that yesterday it program. News media training topsy all the time. What's it like to be here this morning so close a school where pearl it's happened yesterday. Me it's shocking news that action news it would be. In. He should be actually expect it would here. Wrong in expecting you and I was as the day inspecting makes opponents and it excellence. It's integrated C program and that's next Christmas. It back and think about. Who's. Alone which license believable so coach the coach here we're told. Has died this morning this so. He was your football coach Lewis who's the assistant coach for football team needs to be closely. On that morning acted like I saw him and second you I talk. Just. We're hearing reports that he may have stood right pressed on minute and sort of line of fire here's that he has occurred. I saw him running towards the gunshots the person that I saw him take off. And that I saw I heard the movement among them witnesses and on all three girls sites that humans. Yes tell me anything about him it sounds like you just an incredibly brave person you see arrows. It is keystone piece at this school and outside in the community. Talked him all the time and CNN Neitzel picked up that you drive around and I taught him I'd see him. Oren William lacy drive around it by I'd see him all around town all the time. Is that when they got. So sorry guys speaks out that you're pretty close he graduated from Douglas in 99. And he started his career that year after as the secondary football coach. It's an assistant coach and security guards immediately put himself after anyone else in each and everybody was okay. And everything like that on the he's very selfless. Always wanted everything else be okay. Doubling hero. I'd see him the hard work tune I saw him around he we've mold long dated landscapes and up all the time just to help people out it very well. I think Todd has pretty well yes and stepped up yesterday helped the life sentence they'd say so thank you vote guys more time just your name so that everybody is watching us. Factory walls. Hear what you're here I'm on the scene. Some imaging equipment home. Thank you both so much take some time telling that story and so sorry editor of world news sorry for your loss. So here for the marchers Norman Douglas high school again and parked in Florida the latest numbers. Seventeen people are dead at least fifteen taken to the hospital and the suspected shooter nineteen year old. Nicholas Cruz taken into the Broward County mean data main jail booked and charged. There will be updates throughout the day we're expecting one coming up for the Broward sheriff's office of action to bring that to you as well for now they throw Kendall ABC news Parkland Florida.

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{"id":53110457,"title":"Students describe efforts to protect classmates during high school shooting","duration":"3:00","description":"Florida high school students detail how they tried to protect their classmates during shooting.","url":"/US/video/students-describe-efforts-protect-classmates-high-school-shooting-53110457","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}