Surveying damage after Hurricane Irma

Residents of the Morningside neighborhood in Miami return to assess damage after Irma.
15:23 | 09/12/17

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Transcript for Surveying damage after Hurricane Irma
If Jerry just got here for ABC news in Miami in a part of my name even action Monday morning excited when a bubble this historic towns here and this behind me is one of the downed trees. Residents in this scarier are coming back. To your host for the first time to see the damage left over record here left and right now when an additional one of those residents David Wallace is with us. Look at the camera around. David you're live on ABC news right now things are being with us visit your first day back at your home here. How is it then. Well it's certainly. Surprise I'm really happy that the when we want you'll see the high water mark. Fell short. Getting into the house and so. All house is fine and a lot of tree damage. Yeah we're looking at some of the tree damage right now get a hand just to show you this is a tree that was actually on the other side a bag date back there. This is an Australian high and one of the original Australian pines of this area. And it's extremely dense heavy footed it took an electric line down as you see so it's a dangerous area. So we're not gonna walk into it at all but it's such a big limb. That. You know and even any part of it actually Karen Perrier aren't so the electric company wants is very there. Yeah our regularly so an electric company is actually here because that is that downed power line it could be in the busy right there had to get a hundred mile per hour winds came through this area completely shocking mystery over and that power line as well. I do to bring up that you opponent AMP shop in a restaurant called mango. By Miami Beach and say it was also the first day that you were a forum that residents and a lot of business owners were allowed back in. But reminders getting you rode out the store they hair had just a few blocks away. Well one block. The way. Myself and Wayne Smith might security manager for mangoes drop book cafe on ocean drive we rode out the storm at the Cleveland their. Great historic. Hotel restaurant the number one sports bar in the current campaign in the state of Florida. And we rode it out there they have a generator. Although we never lost electric. At the Cleveland or orange mangoes we went out in the hurricane a couple of times to check mangoes tropical cafe that it was all holding tight. And still locked up in no vandalism or anything. And so. Everything worked out well over there. And we do I have no I didn't drive either this morning we get a photo. Mangoes being boarded up. And you have been open and angles for 26 years in so you've been through. Several different hurricanes an angle has always survive each hurricane what was it like. You know taking those boards off today in being able to reopen tomorrow. Well you know whenever you go through a hurricane. The ADP. Trepidation the adrenaline. Getting prepared for it. Mrs. aren't paid hurricane. We were and seven albums since. Since. 992000. And say oh yeah and true and this was the case. But this was just a huge monster. Unprecedented. In size and strength and so. There's a lot of preparation extra preparation for this and early preparation for this. Getting ready to spend us on what we got we we we were in their during the hurricane and we saw everything is holding. And the big prayer that we did not on ocean drive get that ocean storm surge. Like Jacksonville did like other cities god that was the big game and from Miami Beach. Train Gatling and threw it back in 1992 and several hurricanes deadly vendrell and a walk and show other people some of the damage we'll give us that tore. Your home now as you're seeing it for the first time today. This is north bay shore. Drive in morning side. As you mentioned it's the oldest residential historic district in Miami. And we're gonna go around this Florida power and light bulb was they want us to be. Careful here and you somehow remained in power when it can't just to show and other damage here our power generator given generators and generator is upon and that's why there's power in the. And the air conditioning which is nice I'm gonna pan am just to show that downed power line and we were talking about before very very careful walking underneath it's bad you can see that tree completely just. Knock that over and is now laying in the middle of the street. And we're walking in did Google wallet home right now I he had had a crew here that had been cleaning up some of the debris that fell over but we're gonna walk particularly. First will be here in into the backyards. More damage. I history was like completely stripped and that's probably what saved that I had already trimmed it out more. Storms and doesn't big break free from pain. But it's stripped them all cash deal. Am an injury hell and you can see this is all they. Down pretty well. Wow me. A live from the fight history that came down. Alan Lomax street and now all over again and those 100 miles per hour winds of 100 miles per hour and we remain here in Miami. My mom back. Fox now. For all. There would never run across they're a little bit of the debris. We begin seeing more of the damage here. More moms. All of these hockey got snapped write off Kerry will win. Another app part of it looks like what is. Partisan and very important. Season. Knox. But dockers nothing. We every. He gave so literally nowhere that are coming from it partially paid even the doctor Abby block out by your going to be able to keep the water. It houses very close the water and David for my fingers was an evacuation down. Yes this is this was a. Is fair food now. He's a leather band who get lost here he fastball over. Bar barbecue it was built for hurricane in that held beautifully. Houses. Or in the last. So it can take the win. The storm surge which we did not Dell you do war right. Pops down. Here. Is where the water came up to you right here. If it did come and risen Annie and more of these steps. It would have been in the house. And we can tell us the water likely came at sea here because this is done. They its head directly lying right here and it's where all of that debris some of the bottles that you can be below flies during. Yeah that you could see below in this is sort of the highest that it goes all low a lot of that debris did YR and hear the different parts of the house were going to be careful at least got here over this. Now you can see again a lot of bombs down. And we're gonna move towards the dock so. David lived very close to the water you can see you rate the air Miami beach's across the bag. And it just across the bay about settlement of the South Beach right over there. And all of Miami Beach and that's right across his. In the fifties like fifty. Fifth street 56 street right across and listen the part that I wanted to take up Pozen show people that are watching us on FaceBook and an ABC digital. It is doc was completely lifted up angered a dollar and 81 of those boards that we recognize out bear was from here. Could have been from here and if you look at my neighbors dock it's gone. And I believe heard doctors sitting on top of my doc and that could have saved the whole outer part of my dog. Because it's even wedge look how this came through that slot. Unbelievable. And waves today and to hold it down. And it's a match that didn't Jack up this whole railing. But it held back. A few boards came up and pretty amazing and you can see all the debris. From high water still sitting in actually holding down the stock. You know we're not gonna have any further because an other than open space as you can see it in the tree house held beautifully that was all built. Two like a tropical will be open it up and let everything blow right through. And it looks like that tree house was protected by another tree that. This tree in front of it fell on steel which is good about things get any damage there but David I want to talk to you as you're looking at this damage in seeing it again for the very first time today. What are your immediate thoughts are you do you feel lucky that it's not a good about a lot worse yeah. The prayer is that we didn't get storm surge to take the house away. I actually packed duffel bag and brought it to my sister's house. At least something of everything that I would need in case my house was gone. That's the the the preparedness. And the trepidation and the respect. That. That we had and I had for the magnitude. Hurricane Irma. The week we heard about it we heard about it. It but you don't believe it. It's it's really just words and and then you get pictures images of but when it can't just going what is in the north coast of Cuba. That is where our prayers were answered I knew that it wouldn't have the same punch. For us in these storm surge and the rotation would be off to really give us. A real hard storm surge and that was the prayer and you saw. It came right up to. The edge. Being. Of real disaster so how did this damage that you're seeing your whole right now compared to other hurricanes that he's been through here. Well he with hurricanes we've always had. Sri cleanup. Branches always go palms ago. And it's it's a lot of leaves and a lot of cleanup a lot of debris. And this is the first time I've ever seen anything buildup on on the dock. Never never really saw that before and just thanking god that the house and and were spared. And that's the dipping your house then your restaurant where both steered. The real big game and did this is a big cleanup job. But it's. It's all things that are easily. Replaced. Over time. The heart of it is your home and we were smeared parents and that's the real big payment yeah. And how is your other failing you know he did have other failing. In the Florida area are they doing OK to. I had my dogs and family up in Orlando. And my sister or my mother's at my sister's house up in North Miami. And now mind my mother they want to bring my mother back home today and now we have electric and they don't. Sushi hitting air without air conditioning Wright and and that city is getting uncomfortable very hot here and and my dogs they're coming back tomorrow and hopefully we'll get more clean up done today. At least some of it. And and will be able to live and a clean up over the next few days. By the way up big shout down to Miami Beach police department. We were on the beach with you all we saw what you guys were patrolling and really. Thank you god is so much and women that women of Miami Beach police were out there. The great great team the chief of police was out there. Everybody did a really. A great great job. Patrolling Miami Beach. Yeah I do every of the fact David that you are sort of this that when you say you know very well known on Miami Beach I was there when you came back you're shop today. People were passing by waving at you they were so happy to see you so happy to see this shop. Get those boards off of it but before it even came back to your home and it's been days since you've been able to be back here. You need sure that all the officers nearby hot water had red bowl. You went around in your vehicle we followed along as you were dropping off water and rebels to all of those officers. You know why is it so important for you to be able to show your respect in that way. There in the first responders they have to drive around in it than have someone there heard the ones who have to get out of their cars and walk through it. And help. The bravery of those people is incredible that maybe there on the front line. There family. I've been on Miami Beach since 1955. And mango since 1991. We've been partners with the Miami Beach police. And they're just such such brave people that. That people don't even realize. Hole that they do. You have to be out there with them to see how wonderful they are and how they do it. And to see them patrolling the during the curfew. And and see them out there even before leading up to the storm right at into the edge of the storm. It's just speak it lets you know that there's security. Before and they will be there. For whatever whatever they had they have to do they did. I'll. They though I think you so much for allowing us access inside of your home in showing us around and there wasn't as much damage inside which is great and so we are just so happy that you are safe and your shop is safe thank you. I'm gonna put the camera Bacharach. And again you could just see the appreciation in the heart of so many Miami residents as they are thinking the volunteers. Police officers that are on the street on even some of the cleanup crews are gonna help. Clean up all of this in the electricity workers that are out site making sure that power gets restored. Their so much appreciation and so much. Thought and happiness for all of those. Hard man and woman in working around the clock to make sure that Miami residents RC. Had just like David is here and so. I'm gonna sign out here. In Miami eyes if you do have the ABC news that if you don't please do download we're gonna have a hurricane Irma updates on that app and alerts and be sure to stick with ABC news for all of your coverage. For now I'm Rachel Scott in Miami for ABC news.

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{"id":49800047,"title":"Surveying damage after Hurricane Irma","duration":"15:23","description":"Residents of the Morningside neighborhood in Miami return to assess damage after Irma.","url":"/US/video/surveying-damage-hurricane-irma-49800047","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}