Tackling 'Deflate-gate': NFL Hall of Famer Barry Sanders on Patriots Scandal

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick puts pressure on Tom Brady over his team's recent controversy, while former running back Barry Sanders weighs in.
8:34 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for Tackling 'Deflate-gate': NFL Hall of Famer Barry Sanders on Patriots Scandal
To me. Well polls are proof. Lee Indian officials pregame and we play with what's out. Feeling the pressure New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick seine early today that he has no explanation. And why his team used under inflated footballs and a game that alternately earned them a spot inseparable 49 when I'm down where in New York. More of that press conference with Bill Belichick right now. Think we all know. We're different but was. Certain preferences. On football's and a lot more about that I do little more sensitive to that I am and I hear that has fallen from top to bottom. But I can tell you it they will tell you that there was never any sympathy. Whatsoever for me on that subject. Zero. Com personal preferences. On his bowl footballs or. Something he can talk about it much better deeds bill. The new information. I could possibly. Possibly. You. It stated in my entire coaching career. I have never. Talked any player didn't staff member. Of global peer pressure. That's not so that I have ever for all. And that was the latest coming up Massachusetts day want to bring in our air trustees response investigation that started an errant. Belichick really sort of put his reputation on the line on that city's ever touch the game ball in fact he sort of put direction and spotlight on quarterback Tom Brady. What's Brady said about Elvis. Nothing yet but he's going to speak to reporters in Foxborough. A little later on this afternoon Dan and he'll have to respond after his coach said whatever Tom's preferences are. Ask him and so reporters are undoubtedly going to ask him whether he likes to. Have as football's a little under inflated we've heard from quarterbacks that like him under inflated over inflated its all about the grip. But the quarterback and get all on the ball although. We also heard from all of favorite joke by as many city could really tell the difference so who knows and whether it's all on his head or not it's clearly cheating. No matter if it gives the player an advantage or not it's against the rules and that's something that the patriots are going to have to live with now state. Get set to go into the Super Bowl we keep in Arizona. You know Brady did in fact address this very issue as far as like the inflation level of the football in 2011 talked to local radio station back and he said that he liked it. On its gives me deflated. Particularly after a player has spiked the ball this is what he said. Likable and deflate the ball which had love back to the light you know that the played involvement. The football. I saw what do you think that good a second hold them a much weight then as we're looking into this. Ari what he said in 2011 who knows we know that Tom Brady was one of the players that push the NFL to allow each team. To use its own football's. On offense and none of this would have been a problem but for an interception he through in the colts'. Linebacker who caught it told one of his coaches that he noticed the ball seemed a little under inflated to him. And that's when apparently that referees started to look into it we know that later in the game. In the second half they had substituted a ball at the time the announcer thought maybe one of the kicking balls was used instead of one of the throwing balls. Dan we have learned an awful lot. About the intricate nature of football's used in a game. That the pounds for the per square inch in terms of pressure how they're checked in marked and kept from view until ten minutes before kickoff. And even as Bill Belichick said he's learned a lot about the process except he also said. That he scoffs up the balls in practice to make them is difficult for his players as possible I guess that they can be used to playing with a bad ball on them and a good one comes another hands. They'll be able to deal with a better during an actual game so. It's up to Brady now to two. Offer an explanation that his coach said he could not. They admit making some conditions obviously is of realtors but it can be prepared for and that kind of situation. That summit that Brady had just it we just played there is actually in reference to Rob Gronkowski his teammate there. In the interaction back and forth for how they're practicing and and also actually on the field so where's the NFL in office. Bothered conducting a review the NFL says so that review is still under way they've had no official comment on this matter. In fact the only way we know that the balls wearing flak. Deflated is from our our partners at ESPN who reported that eleven of twelve football is used in the AFC championship game. Did not meet the standard for inflation at twelve and a half to thirteen and a half pounds per square inch. Standard that the NFL has set. The Vienna at the NFL itself as he has yet to to to say anything about this publicly you'd think they'd want to wrap it up before Super Bowl week next week in Arizona. You also think that after the year they've had the drama that they've dealt wit. They are under immense pressure to crack down and and to get tough and to hold people accountable. And yet. Undoubtedly they also don't want to come down to two Harden and further taint a team they're relying on to perform in the super ball. It centers on a story aryan thank you for that appreciate it. I want to bring in hall of fame running back Barry Sanders a man who of course is no stranger to the game is a ten time pro bowler when most elusive running backs of all time Barry thanks stuff my appreciate it thanks you have me OK so you obviously I know your way around the football field a little bit when this first broke what were your thoughts. I was shocked. Yeah which then in this come blown away. The whole school full of it and none of inability to the bottom of it. But what was quite a surprise. I mean he spent ten season with the lions anything like this ever happened. Not that I can remember. You know it is funny how many new wants rules. That there in the game did normal players and every get to and don't know about or understand. In obviously the players that handle the ball probably understand. Send in more. You know some players like the ball broke me and more red some clear may make make newer football's more but good. You know just like to present. So when these news reports are to come out. Every what was kind of weighing in on this we're talking to a lot of experts and find an earlier with their experiences where John Madden in fact admitted that he did this. For Ken stabler which is then that surprise you. It's surprising me but those old -- team he'll do anything to win this thing done man and Kenny stabler and and it worked a lot of times but Benoit it did that did surprise me and I don't know how long it's been an actual rule. You know maybe the rule prince you know goes back to that era would put was surprise and here's hoping post I'm men admit that. To us like we're not going to the super book and Seahawks patriots who what are your thoughts. Thought I love it I love the matchup I love the maximum think this is a mess of that did many people want to see. Elm and he. You know two teams in the played better than anyone last week for years an NF Whalen and just so many great men chips individual med med chips. You know not to mention the coaches you know two feet in the future hall of fame coach is one ended so I think it's a terrific match. It before let's go and ask what you signed Berry plants Stanford. Which speaks Monday phase review be proud father if he makes its way professionally. Well you know I love worry is. You know he's a student athlete the seeking plea. Beyond that'd be even. Even more terrific. You know and in the what we are proud that he's he's there have been a great student athlete. Got a great role model. Appreciate it and there is that is appreciate your time here and says thank you very much. Of course you can give up today with the very latest on the story by downloading the ABC news set a star in the store for exclusive updates on the go for now. Again that's wearing mark.

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick puts pressure on Tom Brady over his team's recent controversy, while former running back Barry Sanders weighs in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"28406347","title":"Tackling 'Deflate-gate': NFL Hall of Famer Barry Sanders on Patriots Scandal","url":"/US/video/tackling-deflate-gate-nfl-hall-famer-barry-sanders-28406347"}