Taste of freedom: Wrongfully imprisoned men open NY restaurant

ABC News' Rachel Scott visits Brooklyn's Brownstone restaurant in New York, where the owners offer employees a second chance.
20:25 | 04/10/17

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Transcript for Taste of freedom: Wrongfully imprisoned men open NY restaurant
Everywhere and Rachel Scott your free use in Berkeley who work. With another episode of our series against thought what we profile people will overcome challenges. And it soon and I am about introducing to you are no strangers to doing just back. Derrick Hamilton and mr. baucus who our our two men who were wrongfully convicted of murder. Each spending more than two decades behind bars but now have come together. Getting a taste of freedom with their restaurant Brooklyn brownstone and they're also mission helping others thanks guys so much for being with us that really appreciate it. So you're story is so fascinating you each tiger's health law. While you were in prison and didn't even know each other before you were behind bars. Tell me how you guys earth. I. One of the first people. To no one's self. Do you trust more news. You can well. One huge problem cases. And I never forgot that. There. And at what moment for you guys and knows what he's hold you back. But did you realize that you can't really mean you necessarily violence is that you two how to take ownership. Over teaching ourselves lot studying the books and it worked to get yourself out of jail. He was a brightly. Reuters. A young man. Start studying. Credit card. Feel she was right that I need to know schools. About it how about that destroyed. I would first. There's already had some success in the justice system. I just want him to be away at that moment because systems. Employees will work. Adams was friends and when I see that his laid. Right. Something better than the ones without its. Doubling up so we hadn't yet. Let's talk about that we have been more because you obviously people are now on emissions help others. Others believe it you rightly or just looking at other cases but while mobile behind bars and also burning lie fighting for your old cases you helping other people who were trying to do insane. You know mark it. Or behind bars and victory. And they're trying to learn live and study. It's not just focus on yourself also went out for other people average export. More recently that we realize. That we weren't the only ones. You know that we know that we were innocent we also are working the ball yeah. Costin came in contact with O'Keefe whose cases. You can see dad big win Jim wolf you know wrong and we we formed the whole new group. We'll head off a lose lose our real news now Paulson proposal sweet home was actually missing was found me that she was. We had Nelson Cruz whose right now. Founded she. He's counting. Leading to his son from his case he had head and called who have been. He won't become victims finds his long run because he's the man has had its. Time. You county. Been will be. Instances. What we came together people who we who quit in this case he should have been. We decided that we. Take the bull. Instances. Me soon. Haven't of the people Condit. Big news forces you to know it wasn't cool innocent could. And mutual love. Three. I don't know. Oh. Acts that systemic. Problem. In Dallas but we'll beat you take take and this. Kids. Eight say so what actions. Ask black guys to. It is. Yeah. You two cars that tax into what looked case. You can just one down. Basin assistance does. They do what she went one case is thousand dollars not mention what every day. Please they. Joke. V signal. Special. After. Thoughts to my face. You wouldn't believe me. To take vacations over what issues important provision of the tonight. Every single day of eight. There's not really a job description very counseling and job it's sort of bail out the aspiration for you want freedom. But let's go here guys. 21. Years old long time. As a long kinda thing motivated. Especially for you in faltered and I how did you sort of spend your time staying focused and knowing that he still how to pursue this evening you know when you're by yourself and I think I'm Pittsburgh. Nearly ten years I mean that those challenges of the. The news. Guys Bengals. It is difficult but so too can also be pleased. No interest. Which. Obsessed with me out says it's. So why it was. Raise revenues. It also gave me moments when it was fast I. Stay focused. Assists this season event gold cards and Hyderabad is that you always come out and said let's defects but plus about digital was seven years. In this take. It would. To me to know who came home. And reasonable she you know responses that you get back from the district. You realizing that big move thank you can see that the move would do which aren't too. Denied a motion to counties of the season won't do you. Buchanan infuriated me can. It molten lead me to do people to two Q is likely to. To explain Google. To make it clear that. We will you see this right and that. And here it is and I believe it would take counties that nobody should really it's it's a so wouldn't deny him his life it is it is now because it was a natural life in prison game when he when he went appeal. The Boston don't you the procedural. If you do if you could raise its didn't that we have to listen to. What this to me if I control. There's been denied his freedom because decision based on this technicality I don't have to listen to. That's ensued as we pet kitten. Apparently really big challenges especially if you don't have DNA at. And I know that they have been exactly huge concern for you know especially working toward. Getting your case overturned he'd be proven were actually wrongfully convicted. What other challenges you guys see happening for people that are trying to prove her case he needs outside seen evidence. We now feel with the news. Policies. Don't the first time put food just this year money as. The war interrogation. Videotapes. I've been watching the suspect it's he's arrested but it's he used just. Get out of state people defensively. This would ensure the best we got a videotape that that was interrogation process. From beginning to end up leaving. You take back neck and you know gotten a different kind. Connecticut truth. We'll yes that double you force the the suspect is we can't point it was about. Yes it got him in you'll be involved. To act that shots begins jury that's play that jailhouse moment. Does not believe the guy that was in the you must successfully opposed. That was witness yet that open about the story did interview. As aggressive way going to give all of that is fair review and in the case sealed documents out of the people trapped yoga isn't there. This. Got the better government cracked. That would at least ultimate rest the question just don't believe them at field loaded biscuit in this case please. Go to grad night. Mean he. We hope that anything. Once what happens is that when a young Mickelson received today. He's 1516 years old he's afraid. He's obviously anything case. Police but. They don't last week was told good luck. What was that we don't an assortment of race and video we shall shake. Missed the caps right statement so only did this medical you may not remember which blacked out picture compete with the best he got. Society to you. So where's it. Staples and everything is investigated fairly this I want to talk about when you guys actually got out. Today Heatley air coming back to the community where you were wrongfully convicted and what changed out what was different. Didn't differently and do things that. Little did builders in places and little projects that we'll stay here no longer we'll Bruton is. If these states completely. People. Some have been displaced but a lot of people's. And I'm safe practices of the exodus from NBC was. And that's Mukasey Eric. Warning this case that's happening right now we see that would come and say it's a big issue which home. Kind of a force in the mile an attitude to cool right what this is Davidson. We put these continuing issues there and we. That we now fight to a simple. Which for decades. How she even. We we will choose San Diego school. Lucent's network that we met with what 200 it's not a means. We'll be from at least in the United States. Head. This is a small portion. Be cool is this. Thousands more inside prisons we have any record we have heard this storm we haven't seen with the going to suddenly I think 3040 years in prison. Did not mean to see what happens is freezing time it alienates. Our socks nobody can see what school. Again. Prosecutors can't wait rips them sufficiently. If you will hide information. Quote. President. Twenty some years you just that we do Teresa who uses his which Wilson rocky sandy hello Tony fox twenty some years. Of the that's a family unit has been destroyed tons of news and in addition to that you may have. Been. Action movement already it is still when it arouses security issue to this will be. Because you decided to advance your career Barkley and an innocent images and it is not be TV series because nobody is one. These people account Tuesday detectives also. The imprisoned him imprisoned me in a prisoner number other people has yet to be held accountable. He's still collecting a pension he's being paid by the state. After closing the state millions in damages to destroy me. We'll boom. Hundreds no hundreds of lives. And obviously not detected as. It denied any sort of wrong doing. In this in this he's been able to hear cases. But what you guys sort of come to terms would. Intern in regards to time this theme of time time that was lost the time that you still have last. Especially changes in your personally talk about people that were exonerated coming back in the being robbed at that time with their families. And things change appearance at ordering a pool of you have losses in your personal personal stamp is that your mother's as well who passed away. What have you learned about time. Me Connecticut's. U us B. What. But at least extols. So we both. He's. In a power company. Today it was this Johnson. So mobile and mobile operators and every barrel. Employees asked what days to a month our government boys I'm never going. When the saints in the the moment that was not something I had an opportunity to ESPNEWS now. I'm beginning on yeah. Spend. Quote decent. You won't make sure of that coming every duty policeman and his birth control that we do so are we get people out of money. The big thing we shall. My addiction that he's completely and I. You know a lot of he's been in prison because we can prove he is innocent and prosecute him it's just that he's. And in countless. Stories but he was in jail I think it's big picture who does. Honest. Absolutely no clue what Hollywood hustle fourteen cents an hour. Did combine mustard and so I don't trust. He could easily doctor recently. You people. Protect some cues. We'll be subject so anything he was 200 witnesses. And talent but between us and asked me. Important. To implement it we always fear. Aside people who Coble when you being taught to read. You'll also most heated battle between that we beautiful it was and so content and not just you know we. We may be disappear from view dot com just want to take you can't keep. Don't hold back to prove Zain just last night we can't defend. The moment it's going to be mansi who right now personal account. In anything you program down for the people and nuances so this is not being told. The stigma continues to everybody we'll put people back as part of that is it was a site that. They even come back to commit crimes so we're trying to take the time we have. To change back to change that now. Really changing the narrative and showing a different side of it that's what you guys exactly trying to do. I have to ask what is the best part of living this new reality. That means via free. I mean he's being that we that. And he has to be. It's actually did the it isn't. Throughout Baghdad that it would make excellent group including that it seems is politically from here forward we have choice and what could be free. That itself to be able to me this is. There. Didn't know each other appointment the president answered I can't imagine your lives without a business partners. At this restaurant here that opened in November. That year I would sort of get a peek inside indicates. Check it out effort walking back. Street. I got and that it's advocates a look at what they're here. Now with a couple of that's exactly the way it is. It is. Our way. Rodman did. Aren't so what on the menu was completely back here the I. That he. A lot of guys here you know. I love it I love Atlanta what's your favorite item on the menu. Round. Our way paradigm has been. A very very what I love that ended in points you know you just like you guys are saying. When you come here not to supporting you guys bring arrest rocked the heart of how I hiring ballot. Beginning well thought here that have been exonerated for your help. Live well it differently. If you just that in fact that. Eighties and it also your old your own after help as well throughout the country that's what what. What do we live now. The day of that is your job. Why exactly eleven I want it thank you both for doing that I'll be better to do it here. I'm Amy is live. Thank you so much for hearing quite what I've. And if you're around Brooklyn haven't checked out for brownstone for now I got here it.

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{"id":46660356,"title":"Taste of freedom: Wrongfully imprisoned men open NY restaurant","duration":"20:25","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott visits Brooklyn's Brownstone restaurant in New York, where the owners offer employees a second chance.","url":"/US/video/taste-freedom-wrongfully-imprisoned-men-open-ny-restaurant-46660356","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}