Tax filing deadline quickly approaching

ABC News' Deirdre Bolton has some tips for taxpayers who still plan to file by July 15 and want to avoid paying penalties.
2:17 | 07/13/20

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Transcript for Tax filing deadline quickly approaching
The pandemic is changing every part of American life including when taxes are due this. Attack and then a light. No other. Usually April 15 is the deadline but this year the government gate taxpayers more time. You let them in what an automatic spent. Years Iraq every year audit. Our rate filing requires extra awareness. H&R block offices are. Following social distancing protocols and deep cleaning some people can feel safe going into the office but if they don't there's the ability to do it virtually. If you need more time you can file for an extension and your new filing date is October 15 but there are steep penalties if you forget to request an extension before Wednesday. That failure to file penalty is ten times higher. And the failure to pay penalties here are three ways to extends go to www. Iris dot gov and click on the tab that says. Filed for an extension download for 4868. And mail it to the IRS before midnight on July 15 collier tax prepare and ask him or her to file an extension for you. One important reminder. In final. Is not and if you'll money or you think you may owe money to the government you still need to pay on time even if you're filing for an extension your best bet is to estimate what you oh and send an attack for that amounts in the ask. Wall or near or going to a situation and let. Can't let us know what you're sorry. I'll. There are some bright spots a lot of people who how to yeah I'll aren't I getting refunds and another extra bonus this year is that Ira is actually giving you. Interest on those refunds if you do worry honey creek and many Americans duty they need the money more than ever. File electronically. Street director of information is Mary and you RT get. By waiting IRS will never contact you by text of phone or email. You'll receive written correspondence. If you get a call asking to confirm your Social Security number or any other personal information hang up. It's not the IRS. Deirdre Bolton ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"ABC News' Deirdre Bolton has some tips for taxpayers who still plan to file by July 15 and want to avoid paying penalties.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71724373","title":"Tax filing deadline quickly approaching","url":"/US/video/tax-filing-deadline-quickly-approaching-71724373"}