Thousands gather for 57th anniversary of March on Washington

Crowds descended on the National Mall for the "Get your knee off our necks” march.
3:25 | 08/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thousands gather for 57th anniversary of March on Washington
Thousands of protesters from across the country are expected to gather on the National Mall in Washington DC today. For the get your need off our next march it takes place on the 57 anniversary of the march on Washington when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Made his I have a dream speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Demonstrators are expected to channel that message in protest police violence and racial injustice. White House correspondent Rachel Scott is there at the Lincoln Memorial Rachel what is seen how does this year's anniversary of the march on Washington. Differ from years past. I will you know guy and it is the fight for racial equality that moved. Karen 1963. And it is still that same pipe that is bringing thousands of people back to this that's of the Lincoln Memorial to recommit to that dream. A Martin Luther King Jr. and violent against. Black communities is the common threat from the crew. The threat and there are outraged over the Birmingham bombing an Alabama. Today there is outrage over the killing of black men and women. In this country and so today they are coming you're taking to the streets but still a big turnout today. Is expected to be smaller because of DC's corona virus restrictions temperature check. Jason asked will be required. What Milwaukee group that we spoke with walked hundreds of miles right here to the nation's capital. Did take this that towards freedom towards racial justice they sank. And racial we know this march is expected to drop huge crowds there also protesters outside the White House during the RNC last night and you spoke to some of them what their message overall. That it was a remarkable contrast than a split screen last night you had the president. Accepting the Republican nomination on the South Lawn of the White House outside you had protesters. The how is of the outrage coming from protesters and the lack of action on me by the president but from locked up from all lawmakers want think you're the president. Save the words that are painted right there on the plaza in front of the White House the black lives -- they want to hear the president say even name. A Jacob lake and they want the president not only talk about the under wraps. That is happening in our nation right now but the Cobb a bit how black people and brown people in this country are treated differently. From other earth and that is the masses that they wanted to send to the president last night Diane and no doubt that the going to be some of the messages we hear today who are we expecting to hear from today. What Al Sharpton is a big organizer of this and Bard she decided to move this march forward after the outrage over the death. Of towards Floyd's will be hearing from George Boyd family. Here today and you also be they will be joined by the relatives of Rihanna Taylor trade bond mar and Aaron Garner. And human cheered today is to talk about. And the racial inequality right into puts pressure on congress to pass police reform. That's a past voting rights and to ensure voting rights ahead of the November. Election they want to make sure that this outrage turns into lasting. In than that of the message that you're hearing. From organizers here today but you know it was eight minutes and 46 seconds that that officer. Pat his knee on the knack of George Floyd and today organizers say that America has had its knees on the neck. A black and brown people in this country for far too long Diane.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Crowds descended on the National Mall for the \"Get your knee off our necks” march.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72682112","title":"Thousands gather for 57th anniversary of March on Washington","url":"/US/video/thousands-gather-57th-anniversary-march-washington-72682112"}