Tom Brokaw apologizes for remarks about Hispanics on 'Meet the Press'

Former NBC Anchor, Tom Brokaw faces backlash after accusing Hispanics for not assimilating into American culture.
4:08 | 01/28/19

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Transcript for Tom Brokaw apologizes for remarks about Hispanics on 'Meet the Press'
Finally today the big story. That everyone seems to be talking about politics though from some comments made yesterday on meet the press and NBC by NBC anchor Tom Brokaw he said that. Hispanic should quote work harder at assimilation. Here's a little bit more what he said to. I also have probably that this foundation work harder to assimilation at one of the things I've been saying for a long time you know that they ought not to be just codified in their communities for it. Make sure that all their kids are warning to speak English and that they feel comfortable in the communities and that's gonna take outreach on both sides frankly. In our senior national correspondent Tanya honest I joins us now for little more on this Tom you know I would I would I was struck. I really surprised to hear this coming from Tom Brokaw somebody who is is spent a lot of time reporting all the from parts of the country obviously inexperienced journalists. But this is an only offensive it's just downright an actor that's right I. I think you're in your earlier point is right I mean you go to someone like Tom Brokaw who is whose business is the facts I mean. He's not a pundit he's on a politician he's not a a talk radio show host. He's Tom Brokaw who was the leading current NBC news for so many years and an as a senior correspondent not that network so was her point a righteous it's not true besides being ignorant. It's just not true you you look at pew. And and the studies are there the vast majority of children poor Hispanic speak English they're learning English we can put a post that's now we want 80% of Latinos ages five to seventeen. Speak only English at home or speak English very well 76% of Latinos ages eighteen to 33 or only speak English at home or speak English very well and when you look at all the data it actually shows that Hispanics are speaking less Spanish at home. And more English so it's just simply not true and and I've covered immigration both with with people who come here legally and undocumented immigrants I'd leave this story myself my parents gave from Cuba they did not speak English. I have never heard of any Hispanic. And we're telling their children don't learn English it's just it's a fallacy. And he has apologized and I think we should accept that apology some people of city can maybe even a little more forceful and that apology but he he blamed his. His Twitter. Portal or something he's in with crack my charities is absent some trouble Everett but it's okay. But what's not okay is that when we haven't heard more from. Others surrounding this because those comments were made at. On Meet the Press which so many people tune in to watch. Thankfully you Misha who was one of the though reporters on that panel from PBS did chime in and did say some beaches from Miami where I'm from and she thankfully challenge that. But other should challenge that as well because you can't just let a comment like that hang their when he comes from someone like Tom Brokaw. Yeah and on such a venerable program there is bay has been no comment from NBC news on this. But as he said did Tom Brokaw said he did feel terrible he said they are less than a Twitter he's truly sorry. Bob Battenberg perhaps is a lesson here Tommy if you've talked a little bit about how this is yet another reminder of the need for diversity in more newsrooms across the country look I think it's a textbook example. Why do you need people of color both on and behind the camera in newsrooms put all across the country in politics in business we need to have. A variety of opinions we need to understand where people are coming from. You know you can have your opinion and some people agree with Tom Brokaw and this country what are things at makes a great is that you can agree with that it doesn't make it right. And we need more people there to challenge Jack to say it's not right. Think flee again in each was there she was able to do that but we needed more to be said and also you have to wonder. You know the children or the young people that are going to be watching this. And who heard that has or other comments made as well but he said he had heard from Republicans who said something to the effect of you know we don't want brown grand babies. That needs to be qualified as a racist statement you can't just pair it what people say without giving it some kind of qualification. And putting it into context and proper context it's not okay to say those things. Yeah and certainly. Strays from the facts to be sure Tom it's such an important conversation at least we're having it. In the wake of that episode yesterday thanks so much for your reporting in your views appreciate it very much.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Former NBC Anchor, Tom Brokaw faces backlash after accusing Hispanics for not assimilating into American culture.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60680447","title":"Tom Brokaw apologizes for remarks about Hispanics on 'Meet the Press'","url":"/US/video/tom-brokaw-apologizes-remarks-hispanics-meet-press-60680447"}