Tools on how to help fight ‘pandemic fatigue’

How to combat “pandemic fatigue” entering the fall season and what other municipalities can learn from Maine’s success in combating COVID-19.
2:55 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for Tools on how to help fight ‘pandemic fatigue’
Joining us now for more on this. Is ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein a doctor Brownstein good morning you know. Every state is different so what other states learned from what we're seeing in Maine. What may deserves a lot of credit for the sooner you now. Good quarter calls from teens she doesn't say businesses. Adapted well he recognized the importance of indoor transmissions. For spreading. And so all the population war that's because the police are based approaches the new song we shall. Yeah that it is more isolated population. Smaller numbers to get he has earliest places like Boston New York's social importance yes we can hear North Dakota that the owners are collision but deceased artists. I mean the difference tribute is public health leaders. So when you think about policies can turn things are specifically while you can saying all along right. Social distancing now. Candidates recognize importance. Transmission he endorses better explanation. Closing dining clubs began seeing things or wherever it plus testing contact tracing. But the reality is we can all look like mean isn't watching. And dodge around so we also heard Steffi talking about the economy there tourism has taking a big hit. How do you strike that balance it seems like the million dollar question right now between trying to keep people safe and to save lives but also try to save people's livelihoods. Friday. So I mean it's really Flores the important it. Towards this is how she does is only English she you know outdoor dining over Danish it's cheap wages other peoples are meeting their livelihoods also it's really porch as seizure about trying to exceed sort of. If you teach our right so this idea focusing on how. High risk events right so transition thanks rich heiress halls and rest tourism and are being overworked about things like surfaces. That are you know. You know we know low probability fans can also recognizes only an outdoor activities are seeing friends of the idea that parks and. Some beaches are so important UC Halloween is usable so she's getting excited my. Much as possible even as we head into this cold weather the final thing is like it's really important for us to think about privatizing cell chair so this idea that. You know. It's not just about the pandemic virus itself is about mental how. So how can we teach our bodies exercise and nutrition. Laurie stress through things like many teach in. Connecting with others virtually empty cage and artists they try to limit the news and take a break this is the harder each so try to limit the amount of news for consuming as we head into this next election cycle. All decay except on ABC news live at the hours of 9 AM 11 am in 3 PM right doctor. Yes these area given everybody say run news report at a time doctor Ralph David we appreciate your time this morning thank you based you.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"How to combat “pandemic fatigue” entering the fall season and what other municipalities can learn from Maine’s success in combating COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73860297","title":"Tools on how to help fight ‘pandemic fatigue’","url":"/US/video/tools-fight-pandemic-fatigue-73860297"}