Tour of The Historic Park Inn in Mason City, Iowa

ABC News' Josh Haskell tours the last hotel designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.
7:42 | 01/05/16

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Transcript for Tour of The Historic Park Inn in Mason City, Iowa
And it. I. A in nineteen tee and accurate. So plumbing determined how to root out so every element. That. Summers ma. Our two rooms. Something went wrong. If there are. Life here at ABC digital at the historic park in. Our friend material here is giving us a little bit of it Stewart we're about to see your room click through to host six is a lucky one today. And. That Doris. And animals so Clinton nineteen and people had air flow in and out there room but now there's station. So there wounded holes in the tour. For years Trout eat plants and animals would have movement and they were controlled by whoever was staying in the room at Hecht. I think. I don't know how that would fly these days. You think that I guess would be interest in and that. I think we needed to Frankie. We need a different team he. I think we're okay and act and love you don't I'm sorry Terri I don't let's. What makes it historic yet it is 10 X 10 room. It has a very small mostly they're so now the furnishings aren't story. Then you have an adjoining bath with the regional ties and original Clough what's happened. And then another 10 X 10 with various. And I think every room had just. If you want to try another key real quick will wait right up here. Awesome thing so much Terry and. ABC's Josh Haskell life you're historic park in. In Mason City is our docent aerial spears giving us a little bit of it to work this hotel the last Frank Lloyd Wright hotel. In the world and it is of course I mention a frequent stop journalists on the campaign trail like myself passing through Mason City for variety of events. Another thing in basic city that's pretty well know would the music man experience and music man square where that. A writer and music men grew up in his boyhood home and there's also of course a music man museum celebrating. That great musical and movie and that's and they have taken a tour of before so. A lot of people always ask me what's your favorite small town in Iowa and I often answer Mason City and it's because of places like the historic park and so looks like Kerry got us in new key. He tape is there. There it is all based on things right it's thirteen different designs. So you notice from outside the building this. Axel. Well I know we're all very excited to see the room right now. And this is a one bedroom to bedroom. And wonder if it's to a growth. So yeah. This wouldn't and you and I. Think. That's not graph that. More. Thing. Says you can see it's technically two separate rooms. Flat screen TV. Could. And then if you walk through what is it connecting route no bathroom. Yeah. And and the original. It is the only yeah. We have one suite that hasn't decreased. And it's too much room. And so it's not asleep I can see. You know right now I want we've made under the law be thank you so much for her show. Too bad go through just one bed net bathroom pretty small rooms he. It's. Believe it can see. The shot my prose but as Terry and I knew my. Comes to decency. If you really want to hit. Tell us just one more time we walk downstairs. About the rooms here and how he said every single what is Dick. Practice. Yeah. And however. Only he has what people expect today in terms of conveniently. And now we are making our way back to lobby store market. Now. Yeah. And if you can just show us a couple more landmarks that really make this break we're right property. Now. We are. It's much here rich them as possible. And this guy is the originals. With cannot my parents sent him countless bills. Probably inadvertently practices. And right is just as don't really give us as he has written text. Didn't Ohio is the original. And. And so we are in the lobby right now. Actually is the sitting room for the hotel but it was a restaurant. And if you look at is a great team. You know for people that don't Mason City for people that are passing through precise distance store parking tell me what you incurred king heard them. This is. We have to stop and house which is frankly great design. We have the bill cleared up. After midnight and Sam. It music man square isn't that it was architectures so conundrum with epilepsy. This is Josh Haskell on the not so campaign trail taking a little bit of a great. Check out this great talent the last Franklin right to tell the world for now we're signing off from Mason City. Error.

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{"id":36107393,"title":"Tour of The Historic Park Inn in Mason City, Iowa","duration":"7:42","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell tours the last hotel designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.","url":"/US/video/tour-historic-park-inn-mason-city-iowa-36107393","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}