Tour New York's 'Times Scare,' If You Dare!

ABC News' Charli James and Olivia Smith experience 'Times Scare,' New York's year-round haunted house.
7:50 | 10/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tour New York's 'Times Scare,' If You Dare!
Hey there with Halloween just a little over a week in way I'm on the devising new York and we are gonna bring you. The latest on what you might need to really scare yourself if that's what you're into all I almost forgot. Now I am now I'm ready. Listen if you're not into the costumes and united to the candy maybe you just wanna get freaked out and we are here to help we're gonna go live now to ABC's Charlie James and Olivia. Men who won at New York. I think the only year round and it out is that right by the way I think we'll have a look. Revere in this I'm already freaked out they tell me where you are. But equipment skeleton back here at time area in times wearing that's right I'm it's one of the you. Your round I want out. In the united stay in the world. They all year round thing different theme one that Halloween October is obviously they're big Easton. Big time. It tightening beyond and I find it. Theory that treatment oriented that he planners and people today on an end here and here is that here. And not pilot who are not on the lower and lower court. Exactly. Though we're not even group on an outwardly have. My favorite but it helped that I hate everything that. We'll see you back actually going to try it for now you are to be grateful we'll be that he could not you know Leon activated by the way but war Howard you can't let go back. Look before we go on the aren't going to speak with someone from Times Square over here did he give us a little more info about it though. Bolivia. Places. He can't think you yeah yeah. I have great towards Everett where it's necessary in the days nights. We're gonna be refilled and does here which is really cool and going out there shaking things up so that it paid last year yeah. Entirely new experience anywhere around. Exiting and me. You get elected into the you know tree is scared slightly different. So when aliens no. Don't let. Agreed that we added this year. In the bar earlier in we actually have its. Here's here's my heart bar and watch your friends. You can hit a button and hear them the only. We have it's I don't care yeah. Are in pain ready yeah yeah. And again we begin. Ever morning. Now. Dinner. Day and and answer this good this X right here boom okay. Oh no way. Got I'm hoping that's just connectivity problems and that they weren't sick his but it is behind this past week. Let's see how we are backward out we got out now. Are you safe. Can you hear me. He they. A. This business. Or can even tell. W questions any concerns. I will be right yeah. W had us as I should put meetings when his safety. Is keep your hands. It is a huge himself. And my. No lights slightest. Canada's chemical visited likes it it's less these days. What ever let us keep moving forward. We're all together and waved to the Linehan yeah. I'm so tense right now. Yeah we have it. Your way up the stairs right now. I don't know my friend and. Is the new Italian news and business. I. I hate each client and you. It's it. Now we'll. Thank you can't speak. Yeah. And yeah. Hey. But not the hotline. Look how great yeah. That's within the views were just joining and might be incredibly confused we are live now with ABC's Charlie James and Olivia Smith. At time this scare one New York city's year around haunted houses they're taking us on a tour. Which have been equal parts terrifying and confusing because the ground Linder can learn kind of bag getting in the way here with American activities that we're gonna see if we can stick with them. But I think it may be actually more horrified for those of us watching at home because we can't actually see very much at all and all we hear the screams. Let's see if we can check back in would them. Not look like going to be able to get back to that well. I'm gonna give myself a moment to collect my thoughts and bring my my heart rate back to Abbott thanks so much for joining us I think we're gonna try to have another tour from them on another hot to house here it meteoric. Your brain and that please feel free to join right here on ABC news thanks.

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{"duration":"7:50","description":"ABC News' Charli James and Olivia Smith experience 'Times Scare,' New York's year-round haunted house.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34637349","title":"Tour New York's 'Times Scare,' If You Dare!","url":"/US/video/tour-yorks-times-scare-dare-34637349"}