Toxicologist testifies on drug levels in George Floyd’s system compared to DUI cases

Forensic toxicologist Daniel Isenschmid testified that the levels of fentanyl and methamphetamine found in George Floyd’s system were less than the amount present in DUI cases on average.
10:30 | 04/08/21

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Transcript for Toxicologist testifies on drug levels in George Floyd’s system compared to DUI cases
It's just here. So this is switching here this is have been looking at didn't do you are driving under the influence fentanyl concentrations. That we found in 20/20. So these are blood samples are sent an MS labs. For her for people that were suspected of driving under the influence of drugs Orson that. Potential for reasons of where they were driving. And in this case we untested. We had two and 2345. Cases. Who were individuals ever lines had sentinel on board of course other drugs may also be present but this is specifically looking at fentanyl. And we had a mean concentration of five point five nanograms milliliter and meeting of five point three. And then from North End Nolan mean of five point 42 in the median of 2.2. And again just to clarify for these 2345. Cases those individuals were alive to separate crews. And even hit the average time Alamo and early this nine point 59 Harris from Reuters I pray you. And the average and our final level for those cases the site reports you can't. So this is just a breakdown. There are. General concentrations we found he didn't mean drivers never are alive. So of them almost a majority it on more under fire nanograms per milliliter of fentanyl. Com and then we had another 26 point 3%. To network between five point one and ten nanograms milliliter. And then the next set of data was went to them sixteen cases which we're between eleven and fifteen nanograms for mill. So that will be in the same area who supports level of eleven and programs for millimeter. And then we had several quite a few cases that we even greater than that yet I'm denying that we're between sixteen and twenty. Anyone that we're between 21 and 2633. Between 26 and fifty and then we actually have 53 cases. And living subjects were there fentanyl graded and fifteen international. So comparing mr. slow lanes levels have been dragging population where individuals burlap. I'm. His level why as with any. Recorder that I have seen DUI cases that fast and MS classes received his irate. Be ready and never he yes. Percentile. And you indicated that those levels. For drivers were found in. 53 cases higher than fifteen nanograms per milliliter instead rancorous. And genitals were alive and essentially driving at that time. You can pretty amazing. So this is is. Basically postpone concentrations. Water samples and we'll be possible blood samples that was submitted by mr. Ford. For mr. Floyd and we found fentanyl eleven international leader and Norfolk known five point six nanograms promoted. So this slide shows. What the ratio of whose apparent drug treatment tabloid is sold eleven men and rational. Divided by five point six to north I don't know gave mr. Floyd or racial offense more from below one point 96. And it's actually does this slide show just. The way in which she would calculate the sentinel to north and Mauritius yeah. Show I miss. So this slide shows the ratios of fentanyl levels between nine and thirteen and a grams from milliliters. Cause of that range was chosen because. Mr. Floyd central concentration was eleven men Abrams no later. And when we do driving under the influence work we actually a sign and uncertainty of measurement. To that results. So if you have driver had an eleven anagram for Mel fentanyl. Present we were report says eleven international plus or minus two nanograms milliliter. So I did this to see what what kind of ratios do we see. Between postmortem in DUI cases and the fentanyl the level of between nine and thirteen and parents know kind of racial do we see. And we can see in the post mortem cases. I mean ratio of fentanyl Norfolk Noah was nine point 05 with a median five point 880. Vs do you like population where the meeting was 3.2. Median 2.2 four. Let's declare kind. Indy. Bartlett shows. Feet postmortem cases where they're 3088. Cases that you looked at between the ranges from nine to thirteen anagram for millionaire. Didn't do you recognize certain members who. And then ratio in the Parkland case is this nine point 05 on average sat right. Crew and that intersection the DUI cases you were looking at children's any fresh cases between the range of nine and thirteen in grants from out here I brain goes through. And so the average ratio the next group was 3.2. Zero backtracked. How does mr. Floyd's ratios compare. To that heinous act. So does the floors ratio is is. Roughly just a little below at a median ratio and deal why. So earned post mortem cases we know fentanyl concentrations could be much higher than normal concentrations. Because frequently he's that are co these are contest you defend all. Other drugs that you present and there could be other reasons for the death doesn't say do these all fentanyl intoxication it's. But just looking at as a whole as large amount of data this is what we observed. And we know what to do you are you population they were alive but other drugs may be present as well. So there's really just to sort of look at how things look differently in and living and a postmortem population. The site also show that mr. Floyd's ratio was below the average and even below the media and for that sound. In DUI cases yeah. Please. So this site is actually. Just sort of a summary of previous slide but it basically shows on the relationship between fentanyl in north fentanyl. Between a postmortem do you cases and the sports. And again is that show how north sentinel animals and essentially. Increase over time in relation to the Pentagon also those who lives in the metropolis is suddenly us. Sandy you also look at data with respect to methamphetamine for 20/20 an Panamax class we do. And let's shine a slide that suffering. This shouldn't slide shows. Concentration. Methamphetamines found anonymous source hospital sample. It was ninety national leader. And then as we talked about earlier. Amphetamine was below are reporting limits so it was not reported. Detectives. Are confirmation. You can see you did you see any confirmation hit us. Next please. Can't. It's. This sort of truce deal methamphetamine cases. Who knew it would with a amphetamine and without amphetamine president temple life. So we had 3271. Cases. Tom had methamphetamine it in our driving under the influence population. 2175. Of these included amphetamine. And then. Two in the 96 we're just methamphetamine with no amphetamine. You know we're talking about the 3271. I'm number of individuals who are alive. I'm here. So this is this is a further breakdown of the wrong but what we see in our DUI methamphetamine cases. So the meeting methamphetamine concentration and all of our DUI cases was 378. Nanograms per milliliter methamphetamine. The median was 240. Nanograms from no leader. And in the five to twenty never heard from roe Rangers five being our lowest moment of connotation. We had a 192 cases between 520 nanograms milliliter riches and that brings to this affords methamphetamine was. Does this. Graphic also show mr. flood level of ninety nanograms per millionaire. Yes and it's. And again. 94%. So the DUI cases that we tested. Very concentrations in excess of twenty. His sister fled bubble was within the bottom five point 9%. So this is just further breakdown and what kind of methamphetamine concentration will be shirts and drivers are. And 120. Million dollars or maybe presence. Phone books. In this case you 96 cases you can fire twenty. 306. From 2153. RD line between 15100. Plus one between 100 won't 200010. And 200 more fire under. I certainly between 501000. And then an additional 250 cases. Is written. It's from. So again and you had to turn sixteen cases where the number was greater than a thousand nanograms milliliter so I pray for a and the biggest piece of the pie has thirty point 9%. Of the cases were between 201 in 500 anagram smelly or is that right. So mr. Floyd level of nineteen and a handsome millionaire was exceptionally low fat rain. Good relationship did you. Nothing failure.

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{"duration":"10:30","description":"Forensic toxicologist Daniel Isenschmid testified that the levels of fentanyl and methamphetamine found in George Floyd’s system were less than the amount present in DUI cases on average. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76955214","title":"Toxicologist testifies on drug levels in George Floyd’s system compared to DUI cases","url":"/US/video/toxicologist-testifies-drug-levels-george-floyds-system-compared-76955214"}