Tropical Storm Harvey continues to bring rain over Texas and La.

Flash flood watches remain in effect from southeastern Texas to the western Florida Panhandle.
7:04 | 08/29/17

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Harvey continues to bring rain over Texas and La.
Everyone and welcome to EEC's letter and I'm meteorologist. And urologist. And had everyone. So we had it tirelessly tracking. Harvey tropical storm right now we just got eight in street and a little at fifty miles per hour out and she's little and attract. Does have some impact while. Right so I want I want and actually kind of shell is that Britney track Ers actually storm is right now so this is the current satellite radar still happy. Rain and east of Houston sales and he's getting light rain now. Really pretty Houston metro area the worst. I eat heavy rain is over so that you act Isa Al clustered towards. Texas and Louisiana border alleged right. Now on you and still getting an accurate it's well. And that she rain stretching also into parts of Mississippi Alabama and even before it can't handle so. All important track and why wouldn't look at that what is eight. So we were saying over the past 1218 hours that the track. And landfall would be some time on Wednesday but if you look now it is rather close to the coast once again and we're now expecting a windfall from Harvey to actually be tonight mainly by ten. 11 PM tonight. I'm are will be moving back over land. And this is a bit further towards the west council which are being closed towards the center and eventually be sent her out Hartnell move into northern Louisiana. And and essentially not curve towards the Tennessee valley. Because all this moisture is gonna surge northward farther inland last flood watch is now have been expanded not just along the Gulf Coast but now it's meant to so we're gonna start taking. These threats the heavy rain and flash flood threat further in Leeds. Into Wednesday into Thursday. And even further north and east as we head into Friday so this track changes is semi significant in terms of the landfall. But again a threat out. The past forties. IDB now has been heavy rain and want right to continue. Because there unfortunately even more rain all work. Here is or be Houston area that. Rain is. How a hearty what you eat rat and Artie is going to continue to pour in and out which is why. Adherence rain forecast all and Kenneth. At least a chance are. Grateful. To collect possible east pieced and and yet that is ten Nike that as a heavy rain end up today into tomorrow marking. At heart he makes its parent landfall in the tax as. At quarter late night and it makes its way into outlook and it tomorrow still seeing that heavy rain. Out western portions of northern Louisiana and another six to ten inches possible parents are the places in. Southeast Texas have already seen upwards of three deport and where. Are not parties. Snow ball great that alt country it is outlawed rain a lot of water rights. And our water is just as seniors this watered. Breaking records his worst trot out what's dropped forty inches. You're talking owner. 48. I tropical. So this hearty greetings Albany records here and it's not even done it makes its way obviously. Places like Jackson Mississippi and Tennessee these areas haven't acted by heart yet so they're not letting right now it will see. Amounts of rain anywhere from six to ten inches possible areas of the disease or heart and the extent. Without access when they're eaten by look at it acts. Hansen. Past Haiti's crippled totals haven't increasingly talking but two. If you look at areas in it in the western Tennessee guy like Memphis. You know on a normal day. A normal week we'd be saying you know half foot of rain in the city is a big deal so even though the focus has been right here along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast inland areas don't. Think that since it's been sitting here not be impacted by. Potentially you know threatening weather flash flooding is possible by Wednesday night Thursday northern Mississippi into not even western city. Exactly the just hang tiny bare wet and there's so it's your right now it wanted to bring you. That's high paying for other area as in out here over the next 48 hours cell as we go into tonight. This is as talking about with the Texas Louisiana border here this heavy band here late Charles included pat spends. That's right into the overnight and now it's six ebony and you're in it's she it's still got. Just starting to let up there hasn't in northern Louisiana. New Orleans as well let me into the overnight. We'll be watching for areas of heavy rain into southeastern Louisiana and of course into Mississippi and Alabama as well just go back here Chile. And heavy bands it's you can't handle Mississippi Alabama. Into tomorrow so this is looking at Wednesday afternoon here again more heavy rain continuing. Along the Gulf Coast and now started pushed north finally. Into northern Mississippi northern Alabama and northern Louisiana is it is Wednesday evening this Specter of heart east Bernard and easy. Here but preaching a dream against further north. Wednesday night Thursday and just mentioned that asterisk at the Tennessee valley. Can't start to really look at Memphis there. Starting Wednesday 10 PM I mean you have. Any rain dance circling and over and over it ever about. I think 24 hours almost up heavy rain encircling it at this and western Tennessee area. And that's stopping at third if I PM I mean I Al this is just remnants party hearty no longer tropical system. But those remnants we'll continue to push carries heavy rain right into the Ohio valley. Close as he closed himself and unfortunately grading and other players who are talking about Harvey and it impacts and they're still yet give him. Exactly how he's been in is doing with its own crisis other parts of the country now. You know keep an idle work have to see that was. Rates RTL he's asked for on time it's not going anywhere. You know not just yet he's tracking our race and eat and you can read and edit right into the weekend and tonight I'll own hands and other special agent on the Imus right Aaron in the storms on. Catastrophic flooding going on right there kills terrorist I'll be anchoring world. Telegram and Earl and accidents. We have. Even. As they are. Prepare their partners and end up in a lot rob Marciano as well. It is art has all his letter maps out. Again we're talking now as any team and for all asked. Thanks to enhance there acre.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"Flash flood watches remain in effect from southeastern Texas to the western Florida Panhandle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49499244","title":"Tropical Storm Harvey continues to bring rain over Texas and La.","url":"/US/video/tropical-storm-harvey-continues-bring-rain-texas-la-49499244"}