Trump says release of Mueller report 'totally up to' attorney general

The president discusses the Mueller probe, the release of its details and his views on letting 12-year-old son Barron play football.
3:30 | 02/04/19

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Transcript for Trump says release of Mueller report 'totally up to' attorney general
You so much now we're going to move onto our next story the white council all that's happening there with the Muller reports the state of the union happening tomorrow and questions still. About the government shut down that could happen until I bring you my friend Stephanie Ramos Stephanie what's the latest there. Pay their lawn as still the president's latest comments about special counsel Robert Muller's investigation is getting a lot of traction today mainly because. He talked about it again over the weekend any free Super Bowl interview. The president saying that it is totally up to the Department of Justice to release that report. Once the special counsel Robert Robert Mueller. Is done with the investigation now really the president is. Putting into the acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker was also gonna put that off not really answered whether or not he'd where he released that report which cleans it now in the hands of acting attorney general or attorney general nominee rather William Barr so she also has not committed to releasing that report why well because there is a conflict there's a real conflict between. The public's right to know about the Russian investigation in the laws around grand jury secrecy so. It's still unclear if we'll ever see that report but let's take a listen to that exchange between the president. And that journalists air over the weekend talking about special counsels Robert Muller's investigation. Would you make similar report public because you say there's nothing an act coming up into the Katrina and and you end up totally up to vote what you want them to even the Muller reports said it had nothing to do with the campaign. When you look at some of the people and the events that had nothing to do you wouldn't have a problem should it became public excuse me. That's up to the attorney general I don't know it depends I have no idea what it's gonna say it has so far this thing's been a total witch hunt. And it doesn't implicate me in any way there was no collusion. There was no obstruction there was no nothing doesn't implicate me in any way but I think it's a disgrace. The that they might have brought our. That the president. Yes and the president made similar comments to the daily caller last week so this is it anything you but he did say that it's been two years so maybe it is time for the report to be wrapped up the congress. Could play a role in this and may end date that it is released org and we need never seen that report on the. Now obviously Stephanie and I talk politics a lot there in logic and an and there are excited to do so again today. Let's move away from after just one thing the present also in that interview though. Have to say about football in his side can you tell us not accept me. Yes so all the saying that it's it's a really tough gain and that he would not consider having his son bear and played football he called it. The equipment the helmets they of course have improved over the years but he still has until now we know of course the president hasn't had the best relationship. With the NFL recently in the this last year of course. A once a player started taking any protest seeing civil injustices. But just miserable weekend really are also getting some traction especially on. The day of of the Super Bowl Sunday. That the president saying you know he's his son is into soccer he's gonna let him play soccer if you want to put on the pounds to put the ball. May be okay but calling the game. Dangerous. So interesting that he would say that especially since on the campaign trail we heard the president who often say that football in America has become soft like our country. Stephanie Ramos thank you so much for reporting from the White House.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"The president discusses the Mueller probe, the release of its details and his views on letting 12-year-old son Barron play football. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60834461","title":"Trump says release of Mueller report 'totally up to' attorney general","url":"/US/video/trump-release-mueller-report-totally-attorney-general-60834461"}