Trump remarks on Manafort trial as public awaits verdict

President says security clearances are "very important to me;" girl who pushed friend off bridge speaks out.
22:37 | 08/17/18

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Transcript for Trump remarks on Manafort trial as public awaits verdict
Hi I'm a lot of it copying your watching ABC news live happy Friday we have a lot of news for you today the jury is still deliberating in the palm and a port trial. And they have some very important questions for the judge like how do you define. Guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and the president's. Grand military parade is apparently now on hold. And president trump is blaming it on the costs coming from the local DC government rate have details on all of those stories and more. But first let's take a look at today's headlines. Smith the only of the Louisiana State University student who died during a hazing incident at a fraternity is now suing the school for 25 million dollars. The suit says eighteen year old Max group urged high after being forced to drink dangerous amounts of alcohol. It's the Vatican expressed shame and sorrow about a skating Pennsylvania grand jury report about clergy members who raped and molested children in six diocese. Vatican spokesman says the victims should know the Pope is on their side. CN Hayden Alabama twelve people are hurt three of them seriously. After a giant and collapsed on top of them. Happened after a storm blew through the company provides it and says it's built to withstand winds of up to ninety miles per hour. Just let little me he. Kind of walking. Barely thirteen year old Joe's IO Wiegmann is thankful after this electrifying close call. But he and his friend how to year were struck by lightning walking through this Arizona part. The jolt of lightning launched design it in the air and left him with a skull fracture and concussion do diet doesn't think he'd be alive today with Al Gore races since ski. A bystander who perform CPR until paramedics arrived on the scene. Amazon sells a whole lot of movies and now is reportedly looking to buy a movie theater chains. Bloomberg says Amazon is among the companies looking divide landmark theaters. There's more than fifty locations 27 cities including New York Chicago and LA. Several is waiting for the verdict in the palm man for a trial and ABC's capital folders as an Alexandria Virginia where she's been. Throughout the entirety of this trial on thing forests that Catherine thanks for joining ads and as I mentioned earlier. The jury had four questions. For the judge including. What does it beyond a reasonable doubt mean. If that you won't. So I'm talking about the legal experts about this including former federal prosecutor here in the eastern district and that you. This is not rare it's not unusual law. Four jurors asked specifically about reasonable doubt and for the first to submit. Questions in general we could see a more of that today with a note coming from the jury to the court which we would be alerted to. So it is likely to confuse them more but yes multiple legal experts have spoken this they have a isn't rare but the defense team they're viewing it as a win the longer this goes on name and the more confident they get Helena. I was gonna say that we have any idea at this point. When the verdict might actually be coming out and for the profit and get nervous if you know Friday and we head into the weekend and there is still no decision. And look they could Friday's are always popular a verdict is the defense team I spoke to them when they were walking out of the court earlier and they. You though longer deliberations of the great sign for them judge Ellis said and that courtroom. Earlier this morning that he thinks the verdict that could be coming soon and I asked. Bombing a force lawyers about that they said they didn't know what that meant if it would come today but I have to say if it's delayed until the weekend they definitely view it as a win and I at one to toss to by the way of Piet have presidents from there on the South Lawn he was actually spoke. About his former campaign chair many Cottam a good man he's previously call these charges very unfair I going to take less than. Talk about. I think all pad abort. It's dead. What you forget what I think it's very sad day for our doctor. I. Calling it very fatty says this today is a sad day for our country perhaps thinking. That a verdict that may come down in this case today. Right and that comment for is facing eighteen different charges. Bank intact by a number that Catherine thanks for joining us. We'll see what happened that verdict. Now let's move over to the White House over a dozen intelligence officials are blasting the president today. After the rebel movement pond John Brennan's security clearance OG named Norman that the White House Boras. To give us with the latest there you know did you name. This just feels like another example of an us vs them type of battle. Have we ever think anything of this magnitude where it's the White House persons still many intelligence officials. What you know this is a pretty big deal of Courtney just heard from the president. On the White House South Lawn saying that that decision to vote conference security clearance is about I think critics. He says that he actually given him they're voicing that many people probably didn't know who John Britton was before this. But the president did at that he's never had much respect for. Now it's far is that statement from those former top intelligence officials this is a big deal these are essentially they'll who's who in the intelligence world. Coming together to put out this statement saying you know what you don't have to agree with what John Brennan says pointing out that not all of them do what they should agree with his right to say it and they that they never seen this the removal or approval of security clearance is used as a political school. And the way that they feel president trump is doing it but John Brennan has not been silence he's continued to be outspoken writing in op Ed. And tweeting about this on Twitter since the president's decision. Yes and now having another chorus of voices basically jumping up behind him and the president obviously did to speak there as he was heading into this helicopter. What else cities say when addressing this issue. What you know he also black eye it's he's ahead point to Britain's horse and that that's one person who he could end up talk. Revoking his security clearance but take a listen to what the president said when he was asked about all of this. I don't know. I've gotten. But. Having got that. Court that's a very very important. I've added tremendously hot raping that. And so that's what the president was saying about revoking John Brennan security clearance still lots of criticism about this but he has had some people speaking up and they are up and sell you know some split opinions let's a lot of criticism alana. And the other big story of course is that the president at one point had announced that he won to have a grand military parade after he had seen one in France. And and now he's basically saying that he's just gonna have to go back to France to see it because the one of the United States is being has postponed. But we did see some serious shade of being thrown a boat on the part of the president and the mayor of DC can you walk us through this back and forth. Right Alatas and that pomp and circumstance. Of a military parade has been pushed back the president pointing to the price up on Twitter saying. Local politicians who run DC portly noble windfall when they see it. He says when asked to give us a price for holding great celebratory military parade they wanted a number so ridiculously high that I canceled it. DC's mayor aerial bows are responding on Twitter saying yup. I Muriel browser mayor of Washington DC the local politician who finally got through to the reality star in the white house with the realities. 21 point six million dollars of race a banks demonstrations in America. And those parentheses you see she wrote. At. Out using the president's own words against engine eight thanks for the update today. When and you probably seen the terrifying video of a girl being pushed off from the rage by her friend. Well that joke as her friend says it was could now be landing in the courtroom ABC's GO Benitez has more. Trade on. This morning prosecutors are trying to decide whether charges should be filed against eighteen year old Taylor Smith suspected of pushing your friend Jordan holder since. Off a bridge and Washington State that terrifying incident caught on video sending shockwaves across social media. Slamming into the water sixty feet below. Doctors say whole person is lucky to be alive suffering broken ribs and punctured lungs. I saw my friends enough Rick announced the I want it. Speaking from the hospital shortly after the fall whole person describes how she says her friend. Came to shove her off that bridge. He was counting down about 888. Anything it doesn't know like don't you don't like it won't go future terror is not ready and then. She placed. Police say Smith has cooperated fully with the investigation. Which is now in the hands of the Clark County prosecutor's office this coming after a heartfelt plea from the victim's mother demanding Smith take responsibility. They're sure not okay she could have killed my daughter. Hope person herself now says she wants Smith who had been her good friend. To sit in jail and think about what she did. Will tailor the friend that did the pushing. Was on ABC this morning in an exclusive interview with Michael Strahan. And here's what's had to say when he asked her why action pushed in the first place. She wanted to jump and she was scared and she had asked me to give her punch and I. Didn't think about the consequences I thought should be primed to see actually give her push off numerous. Christie's didn't wanna down gets what she wanted to jump she just was scared she wouldn't be able to him. And she ended up at a hospital ship punctured lung ship broke in regions that were you surprised that she was hurt. I was but then again I was with her when she came out of the water and they knew something was. Console that they have this presence and YouTube investment for years. It we are pretty Constance and they have but now she says she wants you to sit in jail. Did that surprise you that she said that it's surprising it's foolish talking. It's understandable it's partly through going to a lot of vision. But initially when it happened you know you reach out to herded to that the hospital you have to want to I was a classroom and what happened there. I. Asked to leave I was an odd to see her. So I have left him. And he had have you had any communication with her sense that saw happen. Not a part of several times I have not been able to see her person and in what was her response to your policy. It's changed quite a bit at the beginning she was very. Your client and they didn't mean to hurt me. And then now she just doesn't answer. Radio radio side yes. And. Do you think you two could ever be friends again I hope so I really did I love that grown. I hope so it's up to her the ball to her court moment for that and then what are you chalk this up to in this with no malicious intent. On your part I'd never intended to her her ever Nile and I intend to hurt anyone and really sorry it turned out that way. I just pray that she heals and gets better. Our friend trying to have some fun and ended up yet going the wrong place with south facts and how surprisingly vivid for you to see her chain from its okay to. Radio silence. Did surprising I'd say that I have no idea what it's like to be. In her place. Getting talked to by different people and her feelings change. But I just hope for the so yes. You're potentially facing charges so how do you feel about that it's scary I mean I accept whatever. The prosecutor thinks is best for me considering I cars not only bodily harm event which emotional trauma as well. But I just hope for the best and I. I'll accept whatever the prosecutor again excuse me. My gets a daily news day you just hope your friend is OK yeah. And now we're starting to get some answer as in the tragic story out of Colorado where a pregnant wife and her two daughters. Were killed and yesterday the husband was arrested. And charges this excuse me as interested in association with that crimes looks good acquaintance and now he is in Frederick Colorado forests in Clayton. What else do we know that's coming out about this. Halon I wanna to a show you hero quick just the growing memorial that is out front of the family's home here in Frederick. We've seen people coming by for the last few days leaving flowers Teddy bears. Candy notes. This has really split this community it's really heartbreaking thing here. You can kind of take a look around and see what kind of neighborhood they live be in here. And right over here on my right is the home but definitely lived in. What we're learning overnight police say that they were able to recover all three bodies. Auction in watts. A 34 year old them mom who was fifteen weeks pregnant. And her two daughters Bala four years old and it's the last three years old they were found. On oil company land a company called Anadarko who. The husband and father in this case Chris watts worked for this company. The bodies were left. We understand according tore affiliate ABC Denver seven. That. The bodies were left at some gas and oil tanks on the property there. The company Anadarko said that Chris watts worked for them but he was fired on Wednesday. The same day that he was arrested. This is the house where prosecutors say that the family. That bitch and and and her two daughters were killed. But beyond that we don't know a lot of other details yet because the district attorney. Has requested that the affidavit and the court documents for now. Be sealed. Chris what made his first court appearance yesterday he the man who you know worn the guise of a loving family men and doting father. Was now wearing a jail jumpsuit he did not speak much he answered the judge's questions said that he understood. His rights but beyond that was not talking much which is kind of an contrast to earlier in the week when he was going on television doing all these local TV interviews in which she was. Asking him bagging his family to come back to them. And even saying minutes he admitted that there was some sort of disagreement he had was with his wife. But said that if he stopped short of calling it an argument but about 24 hours later he was in custody. We are also hearing from a lot of friends who knew the watts family. And who say that they never expected. Something like this out of Chris in fact the a lot of and tell us that they feel duped by the way. He was asking we talked to a couple yesterday nick and Amanda thing air. Who told us that they believed the story that were on his side they even opened up their own home on Tuesday night. To let him stay with them they also have a kid here's what they had to say. We for the so stupid about technical they. Trusting him to stay that may admission counselor daughter. Me no never let that grew late. And we we thought we are doing the right thing by trying to be a good. So Chris watts is now facing at least three counts of first degree murder in addition to a host of other charges. The judge denied bond he will be that watts will be back in court on Monday when prosecutors expect to file formal charges and we hope that. When that happens this affidavit will be unsealed. And we'll start getting a lot more details about this case. Including you know the big question alone and that everybody has. Is why what was the motive here. So many questions and against such a tragic tragic story here. So we're hearing from some of his friends have we been hearing from the family of the wife. Yeah they are mostly out of state they live back east in North Carolina they are obviously. Outraged at this and are making plans to try and come out here and be here we haven't heard any word yet on on memorial services are funeral or anything like that but. Guys you can imagine they are they are incredibly outraged because as we said such an end was fifteen weeks pregnant and was apparently going to have. A baby boy and so in of this the tragedy of this and heartbreaking. And shocking this of this whole situation is is really toughest of course for them. McLean thanks for him as the latest on that story. And now let's get some weather from ABC's rob Marciano we've seen a lot of flooding on the East Coast a lot of fires on the West Coast rob. Is any of this looking like it might let up soon. Halo and a great to be with you we are tracking the flood potential again today we had a lot of it yesterday and overnight. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa this videos like putting they're over two inches of rain falling but we had fatalities in southeastern parts of Kansas were upwards of nearly a foot of rain falling there this system will be progressing across Tennessee and Ohio River valleys day livable. Tot T and election tense Cincinnati a potential for flash flooding Mary Tory seat Izzo all watch that's posted madness pushes up into the flood zones of Pennsylvania. And central New York where they are more than saturated potential for heavy downpours that high kind of feed in a tropical moisture and with higher levels of humidity today so we're watching for that closely especially tomorrow late today. By the way the smoke in the west has been bad it's gotten all the way to the East Coast but this is that the picture of Seattle would look like shall and early July typical blue sky day. And man mid August just yesterday so you see the smoke dropping levels of air quality to their lowest level of this century's so smoky huge problem out there more fire weather watch is proposed for the northwest although gusty. And we'll bit more clear and and now parts of western Washington today. Hotter weather building into the southwest temperatures in Palm Springs and in now Las Vegas will once again creep up toward 110 degrees so. Summer's not done yet we're really just in the middle fires on our. Outlined yesterday's program we brought you the news that the queen of soul Aretha Franklin had passed away at 76 years old and so to lead you off with it. Today's show we want to play a clip of her childhood friend. Smokey Robinson talking about his friend her life and her legacy thanks watching ABC news. We analogies. Tight and we we had a wonderful wonderful friendship and asked about her entire life. And she was my longest friend. Great sense of humor she was a very issues very humorous woman. I'm in it for the long run so all. I LBO room singing. Well I tuned my. She could throw down in the kitchen. She could mean million BO she could throw down in the kitchen. Oppressive and another because this year showbiz is likely to they've all week by can going to sold in. It'll take about her. Regular life. And she is a great person great coach great war.

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