Trump's ex-attorney Michael Cohen breaks silence after sentencing

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, the former RNC Department Chair said Donald Trump "doesn't tell the truth."
8:33 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Trump's ex-attorney Michael Cohen breaks silence after sentencing
And we start this morning with that exclusive interview George Stephanopoulos sitting down with Michael Cullen. Just a day character he was sentenced to three years in prison take a look. Said in the trees he you've repeated interview later on the basically he says his claim. You were lying. About him. Protect your way to protect your father inaccurate he knows the truth I know the truth. Others know the truth. And here is truth. He people of the United States of America people the world don't believe what he say. The main doesn't tell the truth and it said that I should take responsibility for his dirty deeds. You lie for him for a long time. More than ten years why. Out of loyalty. Out of loyalty to him I follow the bad pass. And hence how we started this conversation. I I I have my freedom. And I will not be the villain as I told you once before I will not be the villain of his story. He's saying very clearly. They never directed you to do anything wrong is that truthfully I don't think there's anybody that believes that personal nothing at the Trump Organization was ever done. Unless it was run through mr. trump. He directed me as I said in my out she ocean and I said his clothing the plea. He directed me. To make the payments he directed me to become involved in these matters. Including the one with McDougal which is really between him. And David Pecker and then David Pecker is counsel I just reviewed the documents. In order to protect him I gave loyalty to someone. Who truthfully does not deserve loyal he was trying to hide what you were doing correct correct. And he knew it was wrong of course. And he was doing that to help his election he you have to remember at what point in time that this. Matter. Came about two weeks or so before the election pose to Billy bush. Comments so yes he was very concerned. About how this would affect the election. Help his campaign. To help him and to campaign. An incredible interview there Michael Cohen so strong in his allegations against the president. A lot is breakdown here but we had a team that help us do at Lana Zach is joining us from the White House. And Aaron could Hurst he once again here in New York any parent I would start with you. What your biggest take away from this interview. I think it was striking just to see and sitting there right after getting sentenced to three years in prison he'll have to report on March 6. And to see someone who was once so close to Donald Trump his office was what twenty feet away from Trump's and trump tower and someone who. Who over the years would operate a reporter of food meaning he'd whose story he didn't like gore. If a deal needed to be negotiated. He do that if payments to two women were required he would do that just to see him now. Fully turning away from someone for whom he once said he would take a bullet was striking and then I think Emily. To hear him verbalize what until now had been largely confined to court documents. A T here Cohen. Implicate president from. In a campaign finance crime to say that it was trump who directed him. To pay off alleged mistresses for their silence because he worried about the implications for his campaign. That I think was also striking security and in Cohen's own words. It's one thing to see it and those court documents and reading Aaron but to actually had him sitting there in the chair and talking about it. Just unbelievable and wanna we know the president usually does not stay quiet for very long when he feels like he's being criticized. So far correct me if I'm wrong here I'm not seeing any tweets no statements what's the reaction from the White House there well wait we are not hearing from the president yet in response to an exclusive interview with George Stephanopoulos. We did just hear from the deputy white house Press Secretary. Who says that we should not in the media be giving credence to someone who's a convicted self admitted liar. Of course there are other documents and other other supporting evidence that is. But cursing Collins case that the president did in fact know about it including those court documents that we read with AM lined up publisher of The National Enquirer which said very clearly. That they had entered into an agreement with the Trump Organization to be reimbursed. For the payments made it to silence Karen McDoogle so. While it is true that that it Cohen has said he is a liar and that's what the White House is really pointing out but we're not hearing very much. From the president himself and an I'm just looking right now to see in the last week. And and he hasn't arrived in the west wing yet today so. It will be watching to see of course when the president does have something to say what he's going to do and how he's gonna respond to in this because. You know he said previously in an interview with Fox News. I never directed him Michael Cohen to do anything wrong what ever he did he did on his own he's a lawyer he makes the case that as a lawyer. Michael Collins should have kept him on the right side of the law. Obviously that that didn't happen in Cohen's case Silva admitting to you to in that guilty plea. But it still remains to be seen how much the president was actually involved only. Can blind us to think that he is it he is in the residence portion of the White House right behind you which we can we can see where your reporting from. You gotta think what is he dealing is he thinking about tweeting what's he thinking right now and a right you know has he watch this entire interview thank you very much Lana and an area you know we know where really we go from here what's next for both the presidents in in handling this situation in for Michael Cohen. No Cohen has three months now to prepare for his time in federal prison. And in the meantime as George asked him if if there's more for him to say. He said he would do it now we're not sure that there's any more the special counsel needs from him that he was sentenced as a signal that special counsel Robert Mueller is is done with Colin. But went when George said. If he would have more cooperation in him. He said sure and and I think that that was the the key point of of the interview Michael Cohen came to the chair clearly. Intending to have something he he. Felt he needed to saying. Chief of among those things that he disagreed with the president that. He did not plead guilty. Because he wanted to embarrass him or because he was trying to protect his in laws or because. Of any other reason other than he knew what he did was wrong and Cohen said he's angry at himself for it. And the other thing I think that was clear is that he wasn't going to talk about certain things and we knew that going in that because of the ongoing investigations. Both the special counsel and in the southern district of New York Cohen said that he would limit his comments to George. And he said he didn't want to jeopardize any of the ongoing investigations. Fascinating Aaron and anti your point it seems so personal. The tweets from the president and just the way that Michael Coe an answer some of those questions you can tell. And and a lineup let's go back to you for a second because I'm curious if you if you get that sense just from being in the White House. You know would how are people there today where this with the staff of the vibe there from the White House well. It really is extraordinarily personal between these human. You know and Erin reference that that the president had previously said that Cohen was making a plea deal in order just to embarrass the president calling took that on directly. As saying it's absolutely not true I did not wish to embarrass the president he knows the truth and he also had one final piece of advice for his former boss take a listen. Layoffs Twitter. Run the country. The way that we all support the two would be able to take the Democrats Republicans bring them together. And bring the country together instead of dividing the country. Definitely something that will be watching for here. Particularly as Democrats could not gain control of the House of Representatives next month currently. All right thanks a lot line he say you know layoff the Twitter but I got a phone alert ready because you can't yet that might not happen. I think you so much lot of that at the White House and air inter ski here in New York.

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{"duration":"8:33","description":"In an exclusive interview with ABC News, the former RNC Department Chair said Donald Trump \"doesn't tell the truth.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59823127","title":"Trump's ex-attorney Michael Cohen breaks silence after sentencing","url":"/US/video/trumps-attorney-michael-cohen-breaks-silence-sentencing-59823127"}