'Unbelievable': Orangutan makes music with NY group

Tal played with a New York wind ensemble visiting the Chahinkapa Zoo in North Dakota.
2:13 | 08/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Unbelievable': Orangutan makes music with NY group
It seemed like just another ordinary lazy summer day at the zoo Hal the much loved the rank and tan just tying up. As zoo goers and otters. Entertain each other. Walton everybody. But this was no normal day. You're not the way from new we are and what went hiring resident news this. Musicians from a New York when Don sound came to perform Forte out. Who happens to be a classical music Connors sewer. And when she know. A few minutes into the performance. Talent. Decided it was his turn to perform. On his very own record. Proud because we know that he'd joyous music Abby sees how this all got started. Playing the music right now claim might the classical music right now doesn't. A giant it to Joseph idea here that. Or a half hour stop in attraction is through town a 300 pound orangutan was plain along with the music. Unbelievable yeah. A fan of town Laurie brought family visiting from Germany. Actually I didn't know what to expect GAAP. I I am really amazed that he can do cal is Bennett's Ajinca puff for ten years. He's 33 years old and he's always enjoyed classical music. Like the CDs that this group sent from New York of their music. Now he's a member of their own on some. It touches and emotional chord that I think is there and we never give animals credit for having feelings. But I'm pretty sure that they do. As the concert ended now and his fellow musicians were honored with a flock. The really cool water show. From wahpeton Kevin Love and a media whining.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Tal played with a New York wind ensemble visiting the Chahinkapa Zoo in North Dakota.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64965019","title":"'Unbelievable': Orangutan makes music with NY group","url":"/US/video/unbelievable-orangutan-makes-music-ny-group-64965019"}