U.S. Skating Legend Doubts Russian Skating Star's Injury

Dick Button says he's skeptical of Evgeni Plushenko's back injury that led to his withdrawal from the Sochi Olympics.
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Transcript for U.S. Skating Legend Doubts Russian Skating Star's Injury
Getting back to the figure skating drama and joining us not weigh in on all of author of pushed -- but legendary skater two time gold analyst Dick Button Dick thanks for joining us again we certainly appreciate it it's a great way to wind out the week I have to say. But -- full body for that -- to look at some of the pictures of you and your crime and I want to say confidently. You work a wonder on ice with out question. Well thank you very much for saying so. Had a lot of hair then. Video lot of here. And and is as flexible I mean to I can I can imagine if we went down to Bryant Park right now you deal to pull off the same move. I don't think so and I don't think you wanna go with me if I'd tried to do that -- it because we would all be in an ambulance took it very quickly. You know this this morning -- and by the way somebody recently. This called me -- -- that I had my sassy dance on the other day. And I've got a mom again today. On the -- with little bit. Kind of not worrying about what. People say about things and I just was finishing I started to Twitter. That the men's event. But then I had to a stop to come here for my old alma mater and I was very pleased to I would be very pleased to go back to -- -- I hope you'll. -- watch the twittering that we're going to do on the men's event later. We have we have we have -- -- you very diligently over encouraging everyone else to do so as well because the answer that you can offer is frankly unparalleled. But I wanna talk though just for a minute about the men's figure skating great -- you -- to Shiancoe withdrew from the competition at the last second from an injury yesterday. He's taking some heat some criticism from some of his countrymen for that. What what do you say those critics. Of the critics well. -- Let me just tell you that out. Wasn't it at convenient. Time to pull out of the -- it just at the moment that it started. I I'm awfully sorry but I think that they have Guinea please Genco. Can I go back -- -- as to what way the first time I saw him was. In the 2001. World championship. And I couldn't take my eyes off them. And I spoke about it to everybody else and they said well yeah he was good he was good and I said -- my gosh. He he would sell mesmerizing. To me. Because he had such exam is. Through the years I also think that that's exactly what he has is his -- He also has been extraordinarily. Good. Jumps. His -- Well kind of weak during the years he's gotten that was a little bit better and the program is I'm sorry to say is almost. Fifth rate and that's because he will stand there. -- bulls Liu or with his arm he will be doing you know stuff like this where it is and -- -- waist level and he thinks that's a program I'm sorry but I don't. At I just think that he's tried to bamboozled us for so many years so long. That it's now it's kind of difficult. To take him seriously and -- question very heavily. The fact that there was a a legitimate back injury. At just that moment isn't it funny that it was it just occurred and that perfect moment. And somehow rather. I don't say I don't say it. Well let me ask -- because I think that you bring -- great point of fact that if in fact there is more. Sort of of magic and performance and not -- on a technicality to his to his ability that. Is he. Is an athlete able to change that kind of persona that kind of image that kind of namesake that they get in such a short period of time or is it basically. Once that's how you're -- the west that's how you're perceived I mean that's basically how you're gonna be view. Well. I think he's been viewed it in my book I've seen him so long. You know that. I'm sorry but I've always said he mesmerizing view he's entertaining he has -- as he has bitter and so court. But he also. I guess is crying wolf too often and -- just. I just don't have the great faith in the fact that that particular. Injury problem we occurred right at that moment that's what I feel and I hope I was wrong because. It was certainly a downturn. For his teammate who would've enjoyed and I think love to have been in the competition. Well we'll have to wait to see event how -- collective sigh from Russia will be. Proceed I -- -- history. Might be in serious trouble if I ever try to go back in April and is still around well I -- -- you never now I think you know the the unpredictability of the fact that he visited team USA last night you know -- -- there could be a whole new. Diplomatic world opened up for you that you never know I doubt it daughter -- what mr. -- from Japan's -- -- -- high -- the first skater to break the 100. Point mark in performance your thoughts. On that routine. On look. If you're talking about the fact that he broke a hundred points. That also means zero to me because I'm not very much in favor of the counting of points. In this in the judging system -- but I will tell you that he was simply breathtaking. And he was wonderful with his jumps and he was a wonderful -- is. Spins and the program was intriguing and even this don't that's -- it's called a donut because of the circle on the top and he didn't drop. They his is back and is -- -- to pick that up it was a very very beautiful performance. And he deserved every one of those points that he could possibly get. Brilliant skating brilliant skater and you know something. -- knew that. And I think that if he wasn't going to win. That maybe that was best that he. In his mind and in the Russian skating federations mind that he withdraw and that's why they did that. And and if you take a look at that one picture that we do -- there the reaction when the score was announced there. We're behind you and his coach take a look at this that is so it still it's still on Japanese. Who who who they are essentially. It's such an incredibly polite. Country you know there there -- so when he -- I think it was the one of them had the Teddy bear that -- picked up off the ice. And he was vowing to the audience for thanking them and he was making the Teddy bear. Vowed to I loved. The the emotion that -- the -- personality that comes after plant performance like that. A tough day though for US skater Jeremy Abbott -- -- hard your thoughts. To take a look at this full screen and what happens. But at this this -- that he. He he took a spill. All on that John. It if you can kill it in slow motion I think it would be. Very good that the revolution. But every jump you can tell what every jump will end up being if you watch -- take off of it. If you have a great take off. And a great lift and they great. Opportunity it timing. And a distance that you can achieve. Then you're going to land all right. He did he wasn't enough distance and it wasn't enough -- that wasn't enough revolution and it and he took a bad spill yet. And I think it was just great of him to pick himself up and and move on the yeah and not give up. Why the heck would anybody work all this time. And then to give up. That's why I question. -- Zhang goes motives and his thing because. He actually. Is one of that that the strongest competitors of all time. And he loves loves getting out there and challenging. But he also ended up coming in fourth in the Nash in the Russian national championships -- Going back to Jeremy. -- he was wonderful to pick up. And yet you know also the psychology of there's a chapter in my book called to wilt or not to wilt. And that is a an important thing that's going to show up in the men's event here where there are. I think four or five all that our. Bunched right together. The first. Use the -- Euro is way ahead. The second fellow is way it is got a -- and that next four are -- very very close. And whichever one. Doesn't wilt. Will be in good stead -- win the bronze medal. So actually they're all good to he didn't come in to a silver or bronze. Yeah yeah well well Abbott finished fifteenth despite that fall and and and obviously. Wait to see with the test will be as history is gonna go forward a what are your thoughts on American skater Jason Brown as well. Well I've got to tell you. He's smashing. His choreographer was a guy named -- -- ward. I did not know that when -- on the the national championships that ruling was -- choreographer and I had remembered. Talking to -- -- about a three or four years ago. I had admired his performance and I said really you're gonna keep on doctor and he said no I'm not and I urged -- -- -- you -- -- Europe -- great force. Please -- he's come back as a choreographer and -- I've got to tell you I'm very happy about that his coach is two very intelligent very Smart and very sharp and they've they've got a magical moment working here where this guy he's wonderful. Yeah he. He is an obviously. A fan favorite as well. I gotta tell you I think it is is a pleasure it is an honor as always and the fact the matter -- I was out with Brian Boitano the other night and I had mentioned that we you what I've been hanging out lately. The biggest fan the biggest supporter I mean it was like to see his face light up -- I said I was chatting with you it was well I can. I can only tell you that I had the same respect back forum he has been absolutely 1000%. Marvelous in the way he's handled himself through the years. I'm a big fan. It's -- it -- and for me it's been an embarrassment of riches to be surrounded by such greatness skating greatness and the fact that matters. I don't think I could even a lot made without getting too blades on the ice a tri lateral to what -- we'll check insurance plan offers just get -- that fit back to all right are the key. Do you follow the figure skating wisdom of Dick Button on pushed -- button. Dick thank you so much we certainly appreciate your time and have a great weekends -- thank you I'll back to -- twittering now we and we will we will be eagerly following you as well this has been. At ABC news that a special report on the Olympic Winter Games Sochi for now I'm down Cutler in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dick Button says he's skeptical of Evgeni Plushenko's back injury that led to his withdrawal from the Sochi Olympics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22520488","title":"U.S. Skating Legend Doubts Russian Skating Star's Injury","url":"/US/video/us-skating-legend-doubts-russian-skating-stars-injury-22520488"}