Video of Bride Goes Viral for Running to the Scene of an Accident

The newlywed responded to word of a car accident on the way to her wedding reception.
5:00 | 10/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video of Bride Goes Viral for Running to the Scene of an Accident
And haven't gotten her wedding coverage then card she and after Arafat went viral of her right into the scene of an accident on the way to her own race action. It's being posted Oliver face up with over one point four million d.s and she's here with our has been. To share their wedding story please welcome newlyweds Barack and pollen. And he just got married nineteen days ago Smith. And shortly after you send your wedding about you got a phone call that you did not anticipate tell us about that and call. Well wee Reese thought. That church the ceremony had finished and we were just gathering are things getting ready to head to the reception. When my husband got a call from my dad saying that him in my grandparents have been in Iraq and that the car was totaled but they didn't tell us who was injured or if there is any injuries so when you got there at what it tells what you saw. Well we got there my dad and my grandfather were standing outside. The ambulance my grandmother was inside the ambulance. Paul stayed outside with my dad and my grandfather while I got in the back of the ambulance with my grandmother to check on her. Changes she was okay issues really shaken up she had bruises all up and down both for arms from the air bags and things like that but. But she was OK Susan thank goodness on did you ever make it to the reception. You did. She didn't we didn't cowboy thank your mother snapped this photo a view that went viral on mining I think was viewed by one point four million people. And you hail this is incredible picture allotment it like it and where we are up and I am it's incredible. And you know people are calling hero which you are you see you actually don't like being called the airwaves I down I don't like the word hero you know we. Do this job we get into this job because we like to help people. This was not an heroic action and you know it was my family. If we had witnessed Iraq that had happened right in front of us yes we would've stopped of course. But as far as this is concerned I don't think it makes me here at all town hall sorry Paula Sosa by the way earlier that you left that everything you don't love a man like bad election. I love how how has this affected kind of since the wedding viewed as a pretty much Internet famous hasn't affected as. This is the same as usual we. Were kind of overwhelmed by everything in we've received a lot of rear support. And really appreciate all that. We just hope that this picture is something positive for the EMS profession as a whole to shining a positive light on first responders and things like cash. The way how long have you been you know it's now I've been doing it for nine years. I've been for eight years and I know it's not. Just got married isn't hard to see each other because I assume you're at your chefs are different. Yes ma'am. I work between far shifts the issue works the following twins are shifting and we have one day off to you how says he you don't really it. See each other a lot to she's gone honeymoon after this whole thing we want you did not. No you did really honeymoon car yeah how can we expect me yes we think that your ball heroes and that whether you recognize it or not that you are and we believe they need I should be celebrating it. And so. We need have a little surprise for you note from along with our friend just from one of the top luxury cruise travel agencies in the world. Luxury travel. We are you guys ready we are getting your prize take up where you're gonna go I'm your own yeah. Oklahoma. Please send me on a luxurious and all inclusive community experience of a life time you do go away includes for a dad loves. Luxury hotel and a minimum of seven dreams. Painful and it's half of them my upgraded cabin on one of the world's premier cruise lines and lead to seven these things. I'm even if that's beautiful outfit. Thousand dollar day. You like to tell you can choose the destination appeared random comments are truth. I have no idea a new. I have not where I haven't had a say so maybe he'll go to the Bahamas you know any. Driving Marlins this yeah raise. Amazing and it's a wonderful places don't use the world is now your porn star so. Congrats thank you very passionate thought I. Some might spur and being here with that's will be right.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"The newlywed responded to word of a car accident on the way to her wedding reception. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34659596","title":"Video of Bride Goes Viral for Running to the Scene of an Accident","url":"/US/video/video-bride-viral-running-scene-accident-34659596"}