New video in confrontation between Phoenix cops and young family

Surveillance video is released as the couple sues Phoenix for $10 million.
4:07 | 06/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New video in confrontation between Phoenix cops and young family
A deep believe disturbing story out of Phoenix a black man and his pregnant fiancee. Are rejecting apologies from the city's police chief and mayor for an incident last month it's incredibly hard to watch the video but cell phone captured. Police men handling the father and threatening to shoot the parents. In front of their two young children supposedly over a stolen dolls I wanna bring in Adrian banker who's there in Phoenix with more Adrian. Hey Kimberly good morning S were outside of the Family Dollar store and police have released video from inside here. Surveillance that shows the couple at the center of what is now. Of viral video a controversial response from police here in Phoenix out. The video that you're about to see actually shows. I. There's also an unnamed woman who seems to interact. With the couple's four year olds while she's standing in the checkout line. But we do know this that. Once he she picked up her items and decided she didn't want them anymore she threw them on a shelf knocking things over. And then abruptly walked out of the store again we still don't know the relationship between that woman. And the young couple though I did ask them about this when I interviewed and here in Phoenix and asked if they had someone else with them. They paused and then said that they can't speak to someone who drove themselves. To the store. Of their own accord that is according to the couple and according to their attorney. But we do know this that that young girl starts to follow that woman that unnamed woman out of the store before turning to her parents who also leave. And they leave with that child holding a very large doll in her hands. And police allege that there was other merchandise taken from the store. Allegedly with out being paid for in the video towards the end you actually see. A security guard arrive on scene in the run. Out towards the parking lot but the video that has received the most attention is videos showing police drawing their guns on this young couple. As a result of those suspicions of shoplifting they actually had made their way to an apartment complex they told me this is where the baby sitters house was. But it is hard to watch the woman I. Watching dias officer come to her window she has the gun drawn pointed out hurt her children are lap she can't put the babies down you can you're pleading with police. She is when to put the child on on hot pavement. Aegs re buying actually was him cut you see an officer kicked his way eggs. But we know that they have said that nothing justifies the response. A by police as a result of all this going down. Of the chief of police has apologized the mayor has expressed her outrage of the couple says they've not received a personal phone call from. Either one of those ladies that the chief of police or the mayor. Apologizing for the whole situation and they see an apology does not go far enough they want to give a list of demands to the police asking that they change policy they like to see the officers who drew guns on them. Fired from their jobs right now those officers are on desk were administrative duty. And they are also suing the city or they have plans to sue the city for ten million dollars. They do you say this though they say that the situation was so heightened emotionally so charged. And on the scene and the whole thing calmed down nobody was shot their very thankful for that and they say that because its officers responded. No one else was shot but we do know that they're claiming that their one year old child. Was hurt when officers actually approached them and and possibly grab them cross of saint ige rave on how some injuries as a result of the situation that happened. On May 29. And right now police are conducting an internal investigation. To determine exactly what happens Kimberly. Terrible situation. There thank you aging man and just want to note that Jay z.'s roc nation is going to provide free legal counsel. For this couple.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Surveillance video is released as the couple sues Phoenix for $10 million.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63788051","title":"New video in confrontation between Phoenix cops and young family","url":"/US/video/video-confrontation-phoenix-cops-young-family-63788051"}