Virginia Beach massacre motive questions loom

The FBI continues to sift through evidence amid the investigation into the mass shooting that left 12 dead.
2:45 | 06/04/19

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Transcript for Virginia Beach massacre motive questions loom
Remove one to Virginia. Governor Ralph north them announcing a special legislative session on gun control. In the wake of the mass shooting that killed twelve people last week. The gunman in that shooting was an engineer who emailed his boss to resign just hours before the massacre he wrote it has been a pleasure to serve the city. We Johnson's in Virginia Beach with more wet. Kimberly we are here at municipal complex where this massacre played out and that behind me. Is building number two were twelve innocent people lost their lives in you can see today even though people are going back to work. App the complex the building itself remains a crime scene. It is blocked off with caution tape yet state police local police and off in the distance you can see the FB IT shirts there. The FBI is leading the investigation in terms of evidence gathering we know about forty members of the FBI are going in and out of that building. Dealing with that sprawling crime seen in what is certainly a mountain of evidence in side remember this running gun battle played out on three different floors. Victims were found on three different floors so. Authorities say is that that a long time to sift through all of that evidence meantime still so many questions about. Why this all happened authorities don't know the motive yet at a newly released email is only deepening the mid. Streak here just hours before the massacre Dowayne koranic sending in his resignation letter telling his supervisor quote it has been a pleasure to serve the city. But due to personal reasons I must relieve my position. Braddock and the supervisor agreeing his last day would be in two weeks but the shooter would later die in a hail of gunfire that evening. After police say killed twelve innocent victims. Most of them co workers for people were also injured taken to nearby hospitals three last listed in critical condition. The fourth is now in serious condition and improvement. After being moved out of the icu. Now Virginia Beach police are confirming to ABC news. That the gunman purchased that silence are legally. That's in addition to the other legal weapons that he obtained over four of them that police found that means that the gunman pass an extensive. Background check process. And approval by law enforcement in order to get that silence or the state of Virginia does allow silence there's. But in the city of Virginia Beach silence yours are prohibited but again people coming back to work an emotional day here. More than 400 people actually worked in that building they still haven't figured out where those people are going to go. But in the meantime some of the employees we spoke with today said that it is important. For the people here to get back to work for the sake of all of those grieving in Virginia Beach Kimberly. I right pinkie went.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"The FBI continues to sift through evidence amid the investigation into the mass shooting that left 12 dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63480045","title":"Virginia Beach massacre motive questions loom ","url":"/US/video/virginia-beach-massacre-motive-questions-loom-63480045"}