Voice of King

Stephon Ferguson has discovered his life's calling through impersonating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
6:48 | 01/16/17

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It. We are marching on them all the National Mall. Obviously culminating street. Here kind of tapped. Or use in business. Then. It looks crazy I don't do it people. But it. House and Ngo that mobile is getting. And our insurance premiums reverend. And problems wouldn't know tonight. That we people real yet to them. Wow I'm happy tonight. I'm not Wear a batting anything I'm not. Fearing any man mine eyes have seen the glory. Other plumbing of the law. Both my parents were ministers. Gospel my father served as a past. So. Speaking was was all around me. Grew up in favor of North Carolina after high school went. Into the military and I graduated June 10. June the twelfth I was flying out to starvation and I was completely out of military in 1990 furry. I was doing different things I was going mainly voice over work or announcements for radio commercials. I became a DJ learn how to scratch learn how to do all those DJ things I was mix and some I have a dream you know just under the agreement I haven't you know just couldn't instant. And I started emulating doctor case. And a friend of mine he heard me he's I would really considered. Learning. Some of doctor king's words imagine the people they you can blessed. By. Being able to reinvigorate doctor king's dream. With the King Family. I've been licensed since 2005. But as far as I know the only person who has been a licensed. Because I do it on consistently it. So that that is my life. When I'm speaking as skiing I feel okay. It's almost like Doctor King kind of taps me on the show and say okay again. We will not be satisfied. Until justice rolls down like water thousand. And righteousness lack of my history. Vera number of places that I've had the privilege of speaking at eyes I've spoken in Madrid Spain. I've spoken and London England. I've spoken across the United States of America I've spoken for the King Family. This is my little hall of fame and I'm working on and it's gonna take a little while but. There's some awards some recognition say god has blessed me with the North Carolina House of Representatives. Outstanding Georgia citizen. American Red Cross this one is the one that means probably the most to me. A red 24300. Kindergarten students which was every kindergarten student and covertly county. I didn't for a year and the request was so great that ended up doing it three more years. Serrated outset. And it shouldn't. I was getting. All right. Presentation starts in one minute after votes well. History of the church reenactment wanted to can speak. I would never we'd even imagine. That I would be performing his Doctor King would be. Working with the park service and doctor king's church. Good afternoon. Welcome to Ebenezer Baptist Church welcome to the model changes in national historic site and values and history of Ebenezer Baptist Church in a nutshell. And we have a special presentation for you re an act when it up tomorrow and the king junior's famous speeches aren't that the king junior was baptized in this church and age. His birth home where he was born is on the next block down mysteries. And just a few hundred feet away from where we are right now. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is laid to rest with his wife Coretta its August 281963. A court of a million people have gathered on the National Mall there marching for jobs and freedom and mocked the king junior steps on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Is one of the greatest speeches we've ever heard in that loves. I have to. You can turn on I have a dream right now you can turn on mountaintop you can turn out you can read the letter from the Birmingham jail. It's still relevant to what we're experiencing today. Not being. Bob Carlisle bask in my mind that come to come back camera but I have a dream today. Many people come up to me and say I was at. The march on Washington and I heard Doctor King while all hearsay there. And just to hear it again. And he's been gone for fifty years is just did something for me it took me back. I thought. It was scary yeah. If you left it to be really appreciate and are spread the word program which. Helped make a difference by every victory. Matt Lundy I like it. Whenever al-Qaeda comes around them and I think about it a lot differently than than than I did before. Ford that's what keeps me going that's the fulfillment that I get out of it when I know the work that I'm doing that god has called me to do. Is inspiring and he opposed lifting people up is making people want to move forward and and work with the movement are planned to do the work of Doctor King. Until I leave this earth god called me to do this is just like ministry. When god calls you to the ministry. It's it's forever. Bank and we will three at.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"Stephon Ferguson has discovered his life's calling through impersonating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44762599","title":"Voice of King","url":"/US/video/voice-king-44762599"}