Vultures Prey on NC Neighborhood

North Carolina residents react to the growing population of hungry birds.
1:33 | 02/16/13

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Transcript for Vultures Prey on NC Neighborhood
Neighbors tell me 15100 -- just warming -- peach street in Chile I thought doesn't hovering over homes scary pets. And making people nervous you can -- -- -- big big pigs in the be very makes me feel kinda creepy and met in Paris that she's also many ports on our neighbor's home that completely cut -- -- The -- normally pass through while migrating south for the winter but it -- who has been studying the birds. But the state agriculture service said the -- has -- here because of a mild winter. Where does not include enough to push them along ECB I detained -- is now going to 150 -- and they'll start breeding of my goodness. I'm not happy -- he -- The Turkey vultures will not -- that children or small animals. But they won't go at the pet food in trash and they can -- the value of. Property if fat -- to track to say Elvis passed -- -- -- the -- -- look at it. -- dropping Candice Miller homes and car and they get ripped out shingle. State agriculture agents -- the -- just come to this neighborhood because of the date trees they prefer them. Getting rid of the old trees may be the first step in getting rid of the -- just wish there were some way to. -- in delaying the stake -- -- shooting him. But there at the -- away. If scarecrow made to look like a dead bird -- the fear can chase away the voters and -- -- -- to signal to the vultures in the area apples are nice people but until they get the message. What -- are likely to come.

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{"id":18520176,"title":"Vultures Prey on NC Neighborhood","duration":"1:33","description":"North Carolina residents react to the growing population of hungry birds.","url":"/US/video/vultures-prey-nc-neighborhood-18520176","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}