Wealthy parents charged, coaches fired in nationwide admissions scam

Fifty people were charged in the FBI investigation.
3:16 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for Wealthy parents charged, coaches fired in nationwide admissions scam
Well it is the college admissions scandals hurt and country clubs around the world. Fifty people from some of the wealthiest families in America allegedly cheated paid to get their children and toll colleges. Are into pilgrim is outside Yale University with a stirring and even people on social media are outraged about this plus the latest. That's right and you are signs that no students have to get into college on their own merits but. This scam exposing. That this issue at some parents. Were able tend dry and to cheat to get their school their kids into these elite colleges across the country. They're couple Keith beings. That helped this all play out one Harrison's gentlemen. William singer who was the mastermind behind it all he plotted and help plan how to get these students into schools. The money these parents gave him it was donated. To his charity that's a nonprofit something that they were able to write off on their taxes he used that money to then bribe. School officials and coaches at different schools all across the country. To help. And gives special status to these students sometimes as athletes. Because then the standard for the athletes to get into some of these schools as a little bit different then just your average student applying it is the whole package that you're trying to portray. For admission to get any he works that system the other key part of this whole scam was the actual standardized test used so many students thrashed about getting. The right score so many parents they seemed so much money for these kids. To take the prep classes so they can get the score to get into the school. They think not a couple tricks to get around at what one of the things was death haven't controlled environment students. Lying. I think that they had a dis disability have some sort that they needed to take the test alone. And then in those situations they would either pay off a rock dirt to help the student with the exam or change the answers after the fact. Hurt they have an adult content in a ringer did take the SAT or AZT for these students so they can get the score they needed to get into these universities buyer and. Amazing and so it as you said there have been fifty people charged in this case still just allegations at this point all from. Wealthy families but some people in particular have gotten a lots of attention because they're stars are Hollywood stars. That's right 33. Parents are on the list of people who have been charged so far. Lori locked when one of those parents and Becky from full house everyone knows who she as she is one of these hearings that. Is accused of paying big money to get her two daughters. Into schools. That the story behind that they actually had won her one daughter and her daughters designated as members of in the crew of recruitment. But neither of her daughters actually know as and so that was one of the things that was exposed in this indictment. The other woman publicity hot. Also accused of paying big money to get her daughter into school as well. Hiring either thank you so much I know you have much more world news tonight was David mirror. I hotel room at Yale thank you so much even.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Fifty people were charged in the FBI investigation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61658124","title":"Wealthy parents charged, coaches fired in nationwide admissions scam","url":"/US/video/wealthy-parents-charged-coaches-fired-nationwide-admissions-scam-61658124"}