Winning Powerball ticket sold at NYC gas station

The identity of the big winner in the $298.3 million drawing is still unknown.
2:12 | 12/28/18

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Transcript for Winning Powerball ticket sold at NYC gas station
Someone is the winner of the 294. Million dollar powerball jackpot I've got a new family member though I don't know who he or she it. S what we do know is just one lucky ticket was sold in New York. In WABC's Nina Panetta went looking for the winner. I wasn't an act. Which it is the economy good for them in the little Dell is less than it if it couldn't eat and they're just hoping the power ball winner is from their neighborhood at least everybody wins all of all of plays it is about time tonight from Brooklyn New England as well I think. Think it's great to finally get somebody in a neighborhood that once something is paying someone traded to a Boxford dream arms food mart on Linden boulevard. Hitting all five numbers and the powerball and they don't have to share that almost 300 million dollar jackpot with anyone who. The sewing. In this kind of area. I'm that's on the public comments have been under I think an opportunity to to do some glad that or that or to win something like that you kinda get this he loom and more what's happening. I think it's great. Oh to become a regular customer here in the future as well business owners and residents around this New York which is a mix of public housing modest apartments. And emerging new retail and housing developments say they welcome Brooklyn's newest millionaire and I hope it'll be someone who gives back. They also what a bad things. There's a lot of good things happening East New York a lot of new development as you can see outside the window here a lot of the walls and a lot of new restaurants. There are two employees working the shift in the timeframe the New York lottery says this winning ticket was sold. They remember selling about 37 tickets and have already checked twenty. There helping the winner is one of their regulars who they say come into play the numbers all the time hoping for a break like this Nina Pineda channel seven. Eyewitness News and that near city where won't have to share. Jackpot with anyone at cash payout a 177. Million dollars taken the cash payout. And the gap whatever I don't care how you give the tickets for investment and whenever. 32 place winners one million dollars in Florida Illinois and was found no that they did second please see the lottery well maybe doesn't get it either but. Nice surprise teachings to.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"The identity of the big winner in the $298.3 million drawing is still unknown.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60050212","title":"Winning Powerball ticket sold at NYC gas station","url":"/US/video/winning-powerball-ticket-sold-nyc-gas-station-60050212"}