The Work: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland

Rep. Nancy Mace and Rep. Marilyn Strickland take ABC News’ Rachel Scott behind-the-scenes as they tackle a second impeachment hearing on top of introducing landmark legislation.
8:54 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for The Work: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland
You know for every line whether you're Democrat or public and it has been quite an introduction into the US House of Representatives but I do status you know we were able to certify the election on January 6. We had a successful inauguration and the Democrats did pass the package at a house on you know the wheels keep turning. Reversing against. And the Croats coming up and I'm betting against apple seeking because that's fillets are always talking on his right work. I write today in support of my amendment in the country were nearly half the labor market is made up of women. In a quarter of people of color. Our training programs must include the full diversity of our nation. Just got under way toward QD. So it's floor manager for the first time he learned that four different bills. Washington State delegation whenever there is a new member of congress to photograph of each night in implying that it beat each. And so that war will look to be this year because the newest member of the delegation and it will Hank somewhat myopic view written. Yeah. Yeah. At some point down the road Iowa had the honor that to each other and there aren't. So many ways it is not what I thought it was going to be it's very sort of a there was as a state lawmakers but. They did this if and it's really an end that the partisanship as it's palpable. This will be an impeachment trial unlike any other in American history the senators now jurors were all witnesses said that deadly insurrection on January 6. And today they will return to the daily chamber they fled from to put a former president on trial for the first time in our nation's history. I did not come to congress to impeach a president. But unfortunately insurrection on January 6 requiring us to take action because he violated his oath of office. And Everett early. Helen first a coffin this is the first day of impeachment in. You know my feelings on this are one innocent constitutional errors and time because there's some debate whether to impeach a president he's no longer president. This is an ABC news special report. This second impeachment of former president Donald. We talked about the divisions in the country Republicans were also arguing at that time that an impeachment process would further divide the country do you think it did I don't think it did I mean I think that the people who saw what happened. Pretty much knew where they stood. And you it was something that wit a responsibility to do. Wind the clock back and ask yourself. If at any point Donald Trump did not do the things he did with the attack on the capital of happened. There's only one answer to this question. Of course and on. He said rhetoric has consequences. Fight like hell and if you don't fight like hell. Did not get a have a country anymore. Your democratic colleagues believe that the consequence. For January 6 do would be to impeach. Former president Donald Trump they voted to do so in the house you voted against it why. He cannot eliminate due process for the president. You can only due process for anybody in this country and that is a terrible precedent that you cannot we cannot set it is constitutional. Cancel culture. So for the same reasons that included mr. Freddie electoral college and voted against impeachment because that's what we should do from a constitutional. Perspective. As you'll see during the course of this trial that mom was summoned. Assembled. And insight. I'm a former president of the United States. Donald Trump. You voted to impeach former president Donald Trump. Some of your Republican colleagues that that the process that rash they say it was unconstitutional. Violating your oath of office is unconstitutional. Calling for an insurrection is unconstitutional. And when I hear conversations about things being rushed. The impeachment management team that the Democrats put together lit up the case to the American people if those actions did not justify impeachment I don't know what and so there was nothing rushed about the evidence was clear and was right. There are millions of people that village for Donald Trump. Many of the people do not feel as if the Democratic Party represents their values I think the challenge here is that you had people in congress. Who did not vote to indicate that and people think that is a reflection of Everest in the Republican I know that there are people who saw what happened and they believe an impeachment was necessary I think the question India Heidi we move forward. I was proud to just my the American plan is my heart where. One point 5 in the morning in Washington. Updated. This complex terms between Eden new releases and news in terms of. We just got exciting idea teammates are wonderful congresswoman from South Carolina hello Nancy. Thank you very much everyone for joining me my very first town hall meeting very sudden and listen when an. Republicans that voted in American wilderness arrogant and protect public lands although we're still stuck at home with colony. I'm Wendy do something to celebrate Black History Month. I finally down our. Do you me madam chair this is congresswoman Strickland. When you look at the numbers 182 male Republicans in congress 160 year right when I entered in 23 woman in congress 32. Our republic and when you cede those numbers. And see that even though you're making strides you're still very much in the minority. But. Trying to when he was a great years you add to our diversity within the party that we can't just do it in trying to clean and dammit that we need to do it every two years until our faces due reflect the rest of America now getting a story out of the successes that we had. Is important to do that in it's important to identify candidates. That are more diverse but share our principles and our values yeah. Let's talk about police reform there are some Americans in this country. They're looking at congress and ace Erik we've been here before right. After that outrage over the killing in the death of George Floyd. There were talks about bipartisan. Police performance country why is this ten different people complex matter. Five years ago was about activism against police brutality. Black lives matter now is something that you see everybody hash tag what you wanna to be more than attached and you talk about policing and police reform. It is not about being anti police it's about being pro safety. For every one. To Carlo was under fire many saying that there is a history of excessive force and community. Could more have been done when you repair absolutely every single neighbor tell you there's always more that we can do. But now we have an opportunity to have local government. We're with state government and work with federal government in one thing that you I would like to see that's been discussed the to have a national standard of policing. Why not vote on this nearly two trillion dollar relief package that would give Americans in need 14100 dollar stimulus tax. Isn't the price tag that that is the issue. Visible package that's the problem. I have no problem with people getting stimulus checks in the end fact if we did it right if we actually had target really be could probably cut larger checks to those people. If you're Republican or Democrat no one wants this your tax dollars wasted. We don't wanna going to frivolous spending it should be done and away. That really impacts those who needed maps and there are millions of people who were out of work businesses who are shutting down. And we need to make sure we're turning Harrington those people nobody else. Are you concerned that an a no vote. Would send a message to send me your constituents saying you're voting against two relief for now I'm gonna be I'm be strong no vote this is not a kind of a relief package this is a one point nine trillion dollar spending spree. And if there were truly focus on those who needed it most we could have done more with us I really believe that. Coming up a little after 5 PM on the very first flight out headed to Washington State today. We visit the women in their districts and learn more about what drives them to make it change off some players like that anymore. I wouldn't do you hear the other obsolete I'm yours yeah now I'm in congress. Representing you in congress.

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{"duration":"8:54","description":"Rep. Nancy Mace and Rep. Marilyn Strickland take ABC News’ Rachel Scott behind-the-scenes as they tackle a second impeachment hearing on top of introducing landmark legislation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77053472","title":"The Work: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland","url":"/US/video/work-representatives-nancy-mace-marilyn-strickland-77053472"}