Wrongfully accused and reunited

ABC News’ Linsey Davis reports on an innocent man who was released from prison and rejoined his family during the pandemic.
3:21 | 07/10/20

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Transcript for Wrongfully accused and reunited
When you spending 25 years behind bars for a crime you did not commit finally getting released only to enter into a world locked down by a pandemic. The east is the heart breaking turned heart warming story of one New York man and his family. Me yeah. Yeah. Jon Pacheco was forced to curl up we found his dance. He's now 26 years old in for mostly all of his life his father was wrongfully in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He owns believe ask others innocence has never wavered my father speaks since CNN everything on my father said we're. Chooses he never never wants the mail. Back in 1995. His father Christian Pacheco was one of several men implicated in a murder a crime he says he trying to prevent. And good deed that he didn't go unpunished. I don't really helping. Honestly I don't you know that the common person that I. After new evidence proved he didn't do it in February a judge overturned his conviction Bob follows some news in San Acxiom. So serious in his heart. For someone who has already lost so much his best friend the man who picked him up from prison when he was released has recently passed away from Kobe. But he never gave up bombing you know he knew that I had nothing to do whatever will I was convicted all that he gave me his word that he was gonna. Help me out to come home to my family Jamal nope once and here he always did you know he was always there for me. It wasn't just Christian who paid the price Sean did to he had to be raised by a single parent his mother who was just fifteen when she had a and visits to his father behind bars were always too short. It was heartbreaking it is and not the end the ahead in my father. Always try and I tried not to was tried Benson when I got home I've ever. Growing up Sean tunnel life in the navy traveling the world he got married and had a daughter and recently moved back to the United States last year. Now his father 43 years old after spending all of his adult life in prison. He's about to see his family for the first time in 25 years as a free man. I believe that. This is one of the reason why I always for kennel for my freedom news Sorkin proved to have. That. He's that it can or cannot. Sean moved to San Diego last year and now it's father's flying here from New York to reunite. The family finally. Reunited. It was open. Who will. Rules that John's daughter barring obscene Graham publisher told nine news for the first time have been. Recent job. Now Christine he is looking forward making up for lost time and being a steady and regular heart and his granddaughters future. Something he's prompted. Business. Says Alison therefore my son of one of being part of my granddaughter's life of one of sea level off and on. I don't bush knew that if they was gonna happen. And right now you know is Susan's amazing. So awful. Such a touching moment.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis reports on an innocent man who was released from prison and rejoined his family during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71704749","title":"Wrongfully accused and reunited","url":"/US/video/wrongfully-accused-reunited-71704749"}