2016 MTV Movie Awards Highlights

Charlize Theron, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Melissa McCarthy are among Hollywood's biggest stars who took home the golden popcorn!
3:55 | 04/11/16

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Transcript for 2016 MTV Movie Awards Highlights
The first inning and now impairment yeah. It was Lou your first. A red. The skinny that is elephant yeah topping our headlines this morning the MTV movie awards hosted by Kevin Hart and Dwayne the rock Johnson the highlight of the night was when the pair broke out. Into this profanity laced rap taking shots at the Oscars but. Celebrating movies that you actually see. Well one film that was said to be snubbed by the Oscars is your. It was a straight out of Compton bulletin on the awards war itself ways that's true just aren't that he can't hurt. Cottages records take a moment to Larry thinker academies that. I mean into the arms sometimes arms. Rob Alabama of Alabama bet. We weren't having at least finished within view it's you know things back and you can understand why you after all night. None of them a bed by. Dick head on its own right. So check out last night telex best movie went to Star Wars the force awakened us director JJ Abrams for the accepting that there is if you're seeing. Voted by at best female performance. That's went to Charlize thereon Ferran he generally wanted to name for her role in a mad Max your road but he also I want actually. I kind of think she looks sunny no matter what she wears absolutely she's just one of those people she can Wear a paper bag and with absolutely. The gorgeous. He's just not over fixed yet up they've done. I guess she's beautiful she's insane. Best male performance went to Leo DiCaprio for of the revenue it so. He's got the golden popcorn and he's got an Oscar I'm sure he's loving the hospitable. Make him for a lifetime yeah and a special note Melissa McCarthy won the comedic genius award making her the first woman ever to win that award he's. Some other big categories. In his house. The group of these categories and weird. I didn't hit the MTV movie awards it's fun but of course elected awards shows have never just about the award threat we want to now. What's going on on the red carpet who is wearing like that yes. Exactly and it's always fun and in terms of jaw dropping looks old this show. Certainly didn't disappoint so we have surveys again there best female performance winner she rocked out here and lacy dress complete with. Cooling down butterflies and look a little Huntsman inspired they really have no idea my sense energy because it is coming out again with a sequel right now. Yeah I'm not let me address but I do think she can pull just about anything off again and it looks great. At the top. Her about the bottom yes they are hall they banana. She have a takes you just rest out of the house before getting dressed Jennifer got fly half throughout their home but no. That is the outfit Inco in shorts with a blazer embellished Brock and pretty much nothing else personally. And. Supermodel Carol Tel Aviv strolled the red carpet in this perfect. Cat suit apple went black velvet was strategically placed sheer panels. She looked good in it I have to say it's a funky outfit that she can do it. It's tough to book hit next by the way speaking of high fashion yet another photo shot fail that's causing a stir on social media. I enjoy seeming to have to say in a series of black and white images for vogue China Victoria Beckham in minimal makeup. And apparently wearing only a blouse she raises her leg and as provocative pose an even share the image. Apparently completely unaware of the photo shot mistake that took. A whole chunk out of her what. Can you see it nearly half of her leg Christmas lights. Away OIC. The pic has racked up about some 150000. Lights defying gravity. It is nitric. We are groups.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Charlize Theron, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Melissa McCarthy are among Hollywood's biggest stars who took home the golden popcorn! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"38301878","title":"2016 MTV Movie Awards Highlights ","url":"/WNN/video/2016-mtv-movie-awards-highlights-38301878"}