28-Pound Cat Needs a Home

The overweight cat is forced to shed the pounds before contracting diabetes and other health risks.
2:55 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for 28-Pound Cat Needs a Home
-- except let us start out with a fat -- -- -- talking about it Wall Street millionaire -- ago talking about fat cat literally nip out of the picture is one of the biggest guests. Workers that America chatty animal care have ever seen. At least 28 pound. Give -- an idea most snow -- weigh twelve pounds apparently carrying him around. Just like -- three and a half gallons of water and helped -- slim down workers trying to set up some exercises he actually like crushes the floor as he walks by. Wrong here. A high risk of developing diabetes is simply walking difficulty walking around the globe and himself and -- -- that's not shaved his matte hair around his neck. Legs -- back. Has that been put out a prescription diet right now as workers try to correct his previous owners bad habits. If you're out there you can't get a little large stop the madness that's -- it -- up. Equivalent of around her -- -- ID say its equivalent OB three yes yeah. You know when you get married do you want to have everything you want everything to be perfectly that he -- -- don't want a white when he -- he wanna go with something a little lantern and why not. He still wanted to be perfect mothers of -- Overseas who decided that that's what she wanted to do and she found the -- up her dreams online. And it was very alternative to black cape looks like tires but a couple of details and it's very well done if you ask me flat cake but nevertheless -- the lunch -- -- listed it -- -- -- -- -- it and she got this instead. Man that's. It -- have made -- -- And it looked nothing like the original what that she had actually requested so. Because it's -- it's lopsided in leading to one hour. -- she is very ingenious -- decide to sell this thing on he today. And I think that she -- a few feet defects in two maker being on skill -- cut along with a large. And -- -- awful cupcakes for free no -- or decoration unusual design. Very heavy needless to say also very ugly wonder what they did on the wedding day but clearly that is needed now I don't think they -- -- -- -- -- doesn't even deserve a picture of. Surprising got a picture -- that -- wedding day and respecting the F beautiful woman to -- I think -- -- I felt that nobody is staying pretty tragic. All right what you guys go out for a night the -- -- -- -- and 4:30 in the morning when their friends can -- he starts that was not on the couch they're young but when something they decide -- wake them up. This is their version take a look up waiting about -- -- -- That's a -- ball -- Executed perfectly he woke up and they say the lesson is never fall asleep at a section. He went right back out. -- -- -- -- -- -- His hand identical as knows how to --

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The overweight cat is forced to shed the pounds before contracting diabetes and other health risks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19965742","title":"28-Pound Cat Needs a Home","url":"/WNN/video/28-pound-cat-home-19965742"}