'American Idol' Losing Top Judge

This season will be the last for Randy Jackson on "American Idol."
4:10 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for 'American Idol' Losing Top Judge
I -- -- things must come to an and they say -- American Idol you know get the feeling that shows kind of the juggernaut -- sort of stopped. Randy Jackson -- a laughter original judges announcing that he's. Twelve season -- he basically said death. To put all the special speculation to rest up twelve years of judging on idol I decided to leave after this season I'm very proud of how we forever changed television. And the music industry's 56 years old he's a he's a producer on the basis and he wants to focus on his record label and other business opportunities. I just say I interviewed Randy here at ABC band you know. I don't know how to say -- you know yellow dog and had -- I don't know about this Randy Jackson guys kind of like my feeling is getting him. He is the greatest nicest most sincere talented guy and my real music -- -- -- it I did a little research Donovan to compare the interview and he's not he's way more than yeah. Exactly right he's a great -- so we wish him. Yeah how long lines to show running it feels like -- he's been on the time it's time to kind of hang up -- Andrew -- Plus he's made his millions it's time to do that we really lapped up. -- -- -- -- -- apparently just a little bit and probably -- -- -- -- -- that she made it did the Maxim Magazine top ten list well she is the hot tests found that of your most likely enemy and it kind of grown -- -- get. She is number one behind Jackson's annual hot list a hot 100 list rather. Interestingly though there. Number I believe did six denying it is something. This doesn't really exist you wrote an anti -- yeah -- did -- yeah. Yet -- little scandal where he had a girlfriend that didn't exist but that it is that didn't exist within the guy exactly why there are some like -- anyway. Kids fake girlfriend made it onto -- list as well she is number 69 there she is that the glory he puts his name announced today. She is the -- -- -- made -- an experiment I can year old her unfortunately. A horrible in this. Story can it is all right well this next picture says a thousand words as they say can we put it -- that's gone viral check it out are about to say yeah. Is that Miami. Heat -- let me now you can know I have beyond. The number one salute -- -- -- how it's gone viral people talking about it her name is. When their pillow -- Tobias he -- -- -- CNBC commentator financial wizards to optimize. At least she says she's embarrassed but surely the good source sport about it she's having fun like another fan here. People need to get a life of that making too big a deal of that that it that would she said people need to get -- -- OK maybe but it's I mean some people horrified by and other people think it's really funny. James -- horrified diet and managing the -- -- -- like this fuel giving read between the lines sign says some guys just. Play -- -- you've been following his -- it's nice. OK so -- next -- is Sesame Street. Taking you back to your child apparently it's going to release its very first comic just -- time for free comic day. Executive editor says we want -- -- kids great contents and every type of book that might attract better and to bring families together over a good stories so there you have it. And let's not forget later on Good Morning America right here you are going to be able to see that there is a brand new. Nothing it's going to be introduced to Jessica actually -- this weekend kids everybody was doing -- -- couldn't get enough to keep -- Clinton. I mean you know who knows ice away -- I made it onto a video -- there's. You knew you would possess -- now high in what it apart and I don't remember this but I saw a video when I was like twelve and I was like -- that's unique and you hear about how do you check there's no way to know what you just say it that it becomes real very interesting especially what you say on national television. I was in a video for her to open. Egbert big outage it's kind of a Grover got. That I like -- McGrath did and.

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{"id":19148800,"title":"'American Idol' Losing Top Judge","duration":"4:10","description":"This season will be the last for Randy Jackson on \"American Idol.\"","url":"/WNN/video/american-idol-losing-top-judge-19148800","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}