Is the American mall dead?

As online shopping booms, consumer expert and founder of, Vera Gibbons, explains what malls are doing to survive and even thrive.
3:13 | 10/16/17

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Transcript for Is the American mall dead?
With so many of us doing more and more shopping online our local malls are taking quite a hit. In fact a recent study found that 25%. Of American malls will close in the next five years. Our consumer spurred her givens has been tracking this trend on her website non political and joins us now with more details it is. An alarming trend there are many jobs that are involved there. Of course you can go to Ramallah and too many of them empty but how do you know if a mall. Is debt. Well Wallace some of the McDyess of them. They're anchored by the likes JC Penney in -- years those other ones that are in the biggest danger of actually going under the walls and are reinventing themselves. Aaron pretty good shape OK and you say reinventing themselves so the American malls aren't necessarily dead and then you know there is mixing things up trying a different strategy so. The name of the game. Experiences. Yes I mean you've got when it pals from going into Nordstrom's. Are praying her thing in there so there's a sense. Discovery and people have to like that you've got sued that's a very popular thing going to some of these faces that are. Now vacant that. You know you've got high and sushi joints I knew that going into a spot that was once occupied by sacks at the Houston mom is just crazy yeah I'm grocers remnants going into the Natick mall on a spot that was once. Taking my JC Penney as if Tennessee wins a all the bad beer houses you gut doesn't say billiards ulcers Anderson thanks. You know they're there a couple of popular malls in Atlanta Phipps and Linux for. Several years they did something where they had the fireworks on the fourth of July right there and on New Year's I believe they drop a peach from one of the bill I don't know so they do these experiences. What sort of specifics today can get into where that other malls are doing. They're doing exactly that type of fat and yeah is it because it can't possibly compete with Amazon so. They have to go beyond the traditional shopping experience and offer those things like the fireworks like the go cart rides. Things you can't possibly get LSU physically get in the car and drive. Two I'm also. Some walls are actually driving their put them they put the money in their restructuring done very well I mean the grove mall has. One that everybody rover he Los Angeles Arab realize that want him king of Prussia mall people of that went outside of Philadelphia great food there and and I Morton's steakhouse act capital Romanian. Dining is a big seller and Mall of America of course India in Minnesota which is it's morbid experience and just shopping where there may have several different things. Okay. Is it working. The strategy it is working in some cases I mean did the ones that are in danger as I say that over the financial wherewithal to restructure it's it's an expensive proposition. And they may try everything they can to try to change things up a bit but still a lot actually survive so. Unfortunately those middle to Lar and malls are are really in danger of going dark. As we saw 25% now with the really make a difference of Tiffany or Debbie Gibson came back and did multiple current and past Utica. I heard everything just so much banks and Ashley can only hope they do well because there's a mention a lot of jobs on the line blue. You're watching release now.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"As online shopping booms, consumer expert and founder of, Vera Gibbons, explains what malls are doing to survive and even thrive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"50503901","title":"Is the American mall dead?","url":"/WNN/video/american-mall-dead-50503901"}