Analyzing the big summer songs

Bruno del Granado, our music expert and insider, is back to discuss all the songs of the summer.
4:33 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for Analyzing the big summer songs
But yeah. Audrey is killing it right now this is number one song on billboard 100 of course it is nice why. That's about half of the top 100 singles. Our own by doing is that right is as impressive as album just came out about two weeks ago. Not the greatest having eyed a ten moment. We're revolving waiting for the saddled and we should mention that Varnado Renato our music expert an insider is here to discuss all of the hits and the songs of the summer. Thanks to you guys Yangtze you're grounded to see if so I mean the obvious is that this was highly anticipated that Drake would be on top but men relatively the reaction to this album has been insane. Great basin Drake and broken every single record there is to break. Streaming sales. Their top. Most 27 songs has topped 107 of the top Pendleton Michael Jackson did and end this song is just blowing up for weeks at number one. It's at New Orleans found sounds really cool and hip perfect. Party being may have. My question is is doing her thing congratulations to her now I knew volunteer a little bit of her song I like kid here Jan. It was not okay. I don't let it be and all the one day. I pulled actual fluid on apple dot flooded out lots. Passenger airlines parent that that is just absolute genius. This for my exes yes. Hip hop meet solves some beads wrapped. Okay and this trap trap music from okay can this is a whopping 1967 called I like it which is actually some of those who were backing to 27. I was an artery. This is a perfect song for this year. Because of everything going on the multi cultural aspect that we have we have. Does this you know last year's number one yet this song is good to presents vanishes just an englishman who I think it's cost me going to be the hottest. Hey I would really catching yeah it is and you know that it's catchy when you have someone that like Howard doctor Jennifer Ashton. Who is it knows it word for word have you seen this can document confused. Carnegie look at the yeah. Well it. Yeah yeah. Don't let big. Apple actually. Ask him I am I'm Nancy Lopez moron I am a breath let's start the engine and the early days in and the announced a lot of people are getting in on the bandwagon that is I would say Carty Carty. He ultimately album she's massive mean Bruno Mars B song last year Bourque yellow was also song of the summer with us this you know so. Parties just gonna get me and it turns aren't that many rappers have not done before which is impressive and art let's talk. Arianna brought it also having a big summer at young newly engaged in also has a new album coming out and of course. She has one of the big songs this year no tears left to chronic. What a great comeback for her up after everything she went through last year. This song is a perfect summer sun peeking starts to slow melancholy NN new builds up and her voice does he knocks it out of the park. Arianna voices telling you. Candidate whose trip his interceptions yet the movie yeah like Powell fine if they are very. So we know Arianna Renault currently being we know Drake who don't we now. There's a new kid from London called Tom managed 23 year old singer songwriter. He's been around for a couple years of there. Made his debut here Coachella this year. Shades of John Mayer but not really easy he's his own guys we tremendous guitars I think we're going to be seeing and hearing a lot. From Tom and he's only 22 of okay federalizing of when and sirens started who's been in the end here anything OK well it. Eric obviously we've been talking about it you and I are gonna get to go see the carters at some point but there are some other hot towards certain. Happening right now the Aubrey Drake. Drake they don't forget the words yes the carters and Taylor takes days going out again and it's can you explain why Paul Simon was in that clip. Paul Simon's doing his farewell tour after 61 years he's hanging it up. And his last show is going to be here in New York course memento aren't so a lot of farewell tour is a word to say farewell to brutal thank you so much for being an eyewitness. Great seeing you guys think this season.

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{"id":56559838,"title":"Analyzing the big summer songs","duration":"4:33","description":"Bruno del Granado, our music expert and insider, is back to discuss all the songs of the summer.","url":"/WNN/video/analyzing-big-summer-songs-56559838","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}