Ashton Kutcher Files for Divorce

The actor takes another step in ending his marriage to Demi Moore.
3:38 | 12/24/12

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Transcript for Ashton Kutcher Files for Divorce
-- -- -- -- for a week -- -- a follow up. He has fire energy strip he's he's he's back there is going crazy. It's -- -- it's been a year more than a year November 20 elevenths what action. Kutcher and Demi Moore announced they were breaking up but apparently were there just getting around to officially filing for the -- apparently asked himself was the one who took the -- -- and he filed his petition Friday Los Angeles Superior Court citing the ever popular irreconcilable differences the Demi Moore but apparently she has not signed the pay Bridget yes why -- she wants. -- -- -- according to TMZ that's why they have not -- -- has not -- just yet but apparently finally -- getting on with the business of the divorce and of course both of them worth millions see anywhere at more. Do you think you would think -- Two and a Half Men that he's probably -- -- nice chunk of change right now you know so who knows money always gets. -- muddies the waters in divorces particularly Hollywood divorce so we'll see -- and took the first step. -- get that there accorsi dating Mila -- now in constant he's moved on to another lady love she's pretty hot to -- That's right now isn't scary -- apparently for Rihanna there's a guy there are reports that was trespassing onto the property where she's staying in Barbados. And yeah according to police -- don't think he was -- -- you thinking he was not a stalker. But just trespassing and -- didn't know that he was on the property. Back. And but everything's okay she's fine at the dietary left by the time officers arrived but on the -- now. I really -- get into the -- -- right now donating one point 75 million dollars to a Barbados hospital in memory of her mind. Very -- listen TMZ voters whom you were seeing their the the guy -- -- -- DMZ credits for those sort of interesting but do it. Willis has the senate -- -- -- girlfriend reality that will select that I. Just and -- She's all right after you -- -- -- -- dawn Willis. Also -- -- have -- style lists in this -- been in the news for months now went YouTube in July and is now the first YouTube video ever to hit one that. Billion with the be. -- -- -- -- Ubiquitous figure here. Golf this one minute song he just purchased a home don't waste that money four point 25 million and now as -- YouTube records of all kind of sitting here to announce that we can just. Move on and hope regardless I'm glad style to Tony Dungy -- -- -- moreover it. -- quickly get to this -- because you know the big story get to. Rolling stones' Ronnie led 65 years -- just got married to this lovely lady who is -- full. Yeah. They did not -- congratulations and they are going to start a family so we -- have maybe. On The Rolling Stones tour with Smith didn't. At all well -- and yes -- don't need 6460. More than thirty indicated yeah I have. Hey dude he's a rock star that's a rock -- -- and -- -- him for that. There's -- big story this is a big story here we don't give -- congratulations to our favorite weatherman Sam Champion yeah. They got married last week it was partner group -- happy for them so much. And they got married his worst loss or money there here in Manhattan in his apartment and also great news Robin Roberts is recovering from her transplant was there looking -- bouncing back -- -- eighteen -- -- sending up to Sam. As husband of course to Robin as well get well soon we'll -- -- and.

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{"id":18056354,"title":"Ashton Kutcher Files for Divorce","duration":"3:38","description":"The actor takes another step in ending his marriage to Demi Moore.","url":"/WNN/video/ashton-kutcher-files-divorce-18056354","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}