Atlanta’s mayor tests positive for COVID-19

As the coronavirus death toll tops 130,000, Dr. Anthony Fauci has a new warning. ABC’s Andrea Fujii reports.
2:47 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for Atlanta’s mayor tests positive for COVID-19
Within the first six days of July a quarter of a million new corona virus infections nationwide. And doctor Anthony out she not mincing words we are still. In the first ways this. And the White House not immune from the virus fears. South Dakota's governor joined president trump on Air Force One just a day after being in close contact with Kimberly Guilfoyle who recently tested positive. Governor gnome has since tested negative they would never put him in a situation that would put him on any harm's way in Florida where the number of cold in nineteen cases doubled in the last two weeks. Miami's social scene shutting down again the mayor reversing course closing restaurants in gyms for a second time. And now new concerns about the surge of new patients flooding hospitals after one Florida family says seventy year old pretense yeah Lawrence. Died after multiple emergency rooms turned her away. My grandmother could have been one of those people that white hospital without an issue feeling better but you know she was his got to stay at home. And news no pushed aside. Hospital involved says they do not discharge anyone because of overcrowding Tony one is now the average age of Florida residents who contracted the virus and doctor doubt she now saying nationwide the average age of people getting infected is much younger than originally thought. The average age of people getting infected now is a decade and a half younger. And what was she months. Go even as universities like Harvard announced the goal entirely remote in the fall. Florida's education commissioner has ordered all schools to open this fall as Jacksonville prepares to host the upcoming Republican National Convention. The mayor taking to Twitter dating residents to Wear masks. But defied Floridians responded in protest nine states are now reporting new records for hospitalizations. Including Georgia. And this morning Atlanta's mayor announcing she her husband and one ever children tested positive for the virus. My husband literally has been obsolete since. Thursday that I had any idea how we work axles may end it all and we've been very Carol even with. The you don't like kids and bench here also I am. Stunned in California. The governor decided to shut down indoor dining and bars in San Diego and five other counties and with increasing demand for testing Quest Diagnostics now acknowledges it's taking longer to get results between four to six days for most people. The World Health Organization is now reviewing a letter from nearly 240 doctors worldwide. That's as evidence shows cove in nineteen is airborne. Something the WHL has yet to confirm. Kenneth Mona. Andrea thank you.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"As the coronavirus death toll tops 130,000, Dr. Anthony Fauci has a new warning. ABC’s Andrea Fujii reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71644287","title":"Atlanta’s mayor tests positive for COVID-19","url":"/WNN/video/atlantas-mayor-tests-positive-covid-19-71644287"}