Baby Born With HIV 'Functionally Cured,' Doctors Say

Doctors in Mississippi and Boston discovered a baby born with HIV may be cured by mistake.
2:31 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Baby Born With HIV 'Functionally Cured,' Doctors Say
What may be a monumental events and fighting aids doctors in Mississippi and Boston discovered a baby born with HIV was secured. Almost by accident and research into this remarkable case will be will be discussed today at a medical conference in Atlanta. The discovery was made at this Jackson Mississippi medical center where the HIV infected mother and her -- were treated we have. Practice in it -- but in fact. Cured the -- But the case is a bit of a puzzle. After birth the child was given three different medications to aggressively fight the virus. At some point doctors lost track of the mother one year later they discovered she had stopped giving her child the medications. After the baby had missed several appointments. We sort of looking for they eventually found the mother and her baby and then the clinic ran tests to see how much HIV was still in the baby's blood. Doctors found no Trace of the virus. My first thought was to panic. I thought. Oh my goodness I have been treating a child who's not actually infected. But after lab work was checked and double checked doctors from Boston and Baltimore were brought in to begin research. It. So now -- two and a half years old doctors say the child no longer requires any medications. Now doctors are trying to replicate the drug regiment they hope their findings will help other HIV infected babies so -- no longer require lifelong treatment. The research that started with the mistaken Mississippi will be discussed at -- today at a conference in Atlanta. If this indeed was a cure it would be the second time in the world the first case involves a man who had both aids and leukemia. And the bone marrow transplant that he was given for the leukemia also took away any traces of the HIV virus hot. Always these ones that sort of stents that that. That break the mold that you have to really zero went on in this exciting stuff doctors believe the death. Drug combination in the timing may have been what happened because -- the virus didn't have a chance reproduce. That's right and this is significant because even though in the United States we've made enough advances where testing for HIV has become. -- part of the prenatal regiment for pregnant women about around the world in 2001 in 300000. Children. Were infected with HIV that's an incredible amount if we stumbled on a way to save 300. -- recurring -- is aids and cancer -- and scientists are gonna get there exciting stuff.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Doctors in Mississippi and Boston discovered a baby born with HIV may be cured by mistake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18646139","title":"Baby Born With HIV 'Functionally Cured,' Doctors Say","url":"/WNN/video/baby-born-with-hiv-is-functionally-cured-doctors-say-18646139"}