Baby vs. Father

1-year-old can't form actual words, but he sure can argue!
2:53 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Baby vs. Father
Next time you remember opening the -- some college and going tight end Tony I got anywhere you know anything. This is an -- -- it's from Wisconsin and it's guy's name. Excuse me my glass is no they had more and what's also very fascinating about this he has Down syndrome. He applied to special program in college but here's the letter accuses reaction -- prices. That -- yes humane care. You're doing yet he yen or 58. Tomorrow too many working getting -- -- I had -- -- and his reaction right after I got except. Eighteen year old know what's gonna go to graduate college in Wisconsin a special program called -- and. Yeah. Including her own Montel -- right club midnight and. -- -- -- All right the flight but it just -- -- -- still read video this is it London this. -- over his name is Ryan anti -- argument with his kids can wants to go outside of the terrorist. He needs to do laundry -- detail here the kids fourteen months old and has no real vocabulary and -- -- I hope the U haul. And win. -- This is yeah particular language yeah. An integrated but -- impolite not to -- to -- -- is done and will only get the blame. Important event costing -- out. This and so many -- are -- obviously it's just so adorable and somebody. I want cycle but speed. Interview Dilantin which is the dad there and he -- my fourteen year old kid has a tendency to talk back but he makes good. Point and -- for an inflection like yeah. He knows -- -- -- -- -- that's a good thing need to get wet fly L I am new viral video it's got -- to -- -- gets hit by the train conductor with a flood. Work toward a -- at about -- is whether this is real snow fell in slow motion. -- -- You need to be Campbell's latest who know. So let me tell me and the boot in the day you know went okay that he can write it that conductor really didn't do that he got quite a -- on them. Good room all. I mean he really hurt this I -- -- this is that this is produced by I don't know my -- debate in the news vehicular death. I write another pitcher -- here that says there was a squirrel that bell about 75 feet this is -- Washington DC. -- shifted to bloody nose and he heard his name. Be rehabilitated and released back to the wild he's educated -- China's Fast -- he's OK yes we can.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"1-year-old can't form actual words, but he sure can argue!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23357798","title":"Baby vs. Father","url":"/WNN/video/baby-father-23357798"}