The New 'Bachelor' is Revealed

Nick Viall was confirmed as the season 21 Bachelor.
4:24 | 08/31/16

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Transcript for The New 'Bachelor' is Revealed
Huge skinny topping our headlines a breaking news development. An old face has been named a new leading man for the next season of the bachelor. The news announced live on last night after paradise right here on ABC by host Michelle Collins and John love. Can your new flex and ladies and gentlemen the infamous nick and me. Let the runner up not one but two seasons of the bachelorette and appeared on this season of the bachelor and paradise he's generating both positive and negative. Reaction from fans but of course we have to find out what our senior bats analyst thinks of all of this Jack what say you. About this long long time viewers of the show one though he's had a plenty of fun. On the broadcasts of knicks v.s expense you can thank all hopefully we'll have more that in the upcoming season. He was on with and foreign fortunately for him I guess I mean why am I am forever. Remembering nick v.'s infamous quote. After being dumped by Caitlin. I am the world's biggest joke. Or what nick V he had to say our in the in the in the limo driving away whatever and once they go and we've heard from Josh Murray. We have easy used waited out he says despite. Made his longtime rival Josh Murray on the on the franchise for the other idol yet despite our differences I am truly happy for nick V. Everyone deserves love and he is no exception. This is your time go flying her. Very nice nice to do we are here I believed he means any of that. It. Comprised just very appearance coming on season 21 do we care who's gonna sabotage it happened I would just for. If you Iowa girl and a back and forth between the fellas thank you Jack. Can't wait what other bachelor returns to ABC in January. And next to the incoming class of Dancing With The Stars are excited about this armory the season 23 cast announced. On Good Morning America and new members are now reacting on Twitter. We're Texas governor Rick Perry shared this photo saying his partner and that's Slater has her work cut out for him. And twelve time Olympic medalist Ryan locked need getting. Acclimated to his land legs says. He's breaking out as Dan Hughes let's let's show. Maureen McCormick is already asking her followers who voted for her new hash tag name only seventeen hours left to vote at my favorite Vanilla Ice says he's going to need all his ninja powers to dance. With the stars didn't need turtles here and amber share this stunning side by side photo as she posed with her new partner Max. And Kenny babyface Edmonds says it's official as he shared this snapshot with his new dance partner Alison hold her. We see good luck to one and all. Awesome how long before Vanilla Ice dance just ice ice baby phone bad guy question I'm thinking by. The first day so a candidate for president right is that a auditing and build it up build a bit bwic to willingly give move out before this. Beatty faces and big fees collected next door to. Time out. For another celebrity after traveling the world of the last few months for her Bible world's toward Selena Gomez says she's taking a break to take care of herself. The 24 year old singer and actress tells People Magazine that she's been suffering anxiety panic attacks and depression. All side effects of burden this a source tells the magazine that Gomez has cleared her schedule for the rest of the year and didn't want to leave any motors. At that Gomez confirmed last fall that she was battling the auto immune disease. Even undergoing chemotherapy treatment. And finally Zell luncheon remains untouchable that's because Forbes magazine says bunch and pulled in her dream point five million dollars in the past year. The most for any model coming in a distant second fellow Brazilian Adriana Lima and and a half million. Third place is actually attack Kendall Jenner earns ten million distinguishing herself as the biggest Gainer 150% increase from last year while tight lipped Jenner cutting costs she doubled her earnings. Congrats to all. To be beautiful. And rich.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Nick Viall was confirmed as the season 21 Bachelor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41765222","title":"The New 'Bachelor' is Revealed","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-revealed-41765222"}