'The Bachelor' week 4 recap

Arie Luyendyk finally discovers Bekah's real age, while Krystal battles tension with other women in the house. ABC's Jack Sheahan breaks it all down.
3:24 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' week 4 recap
Last night's episode of the bachelor he put into pummeled with and I will. Yes there is a lot of it is pretty big so here's talk about it our senior chief global affairs ambassador and a list. Zack pools again that's a lot to get to go to bed a lot to go through this is made his first stood at yeah as is that's what the man I'm really around. Walden road oh there's. That's great if it's there if that might otherwise we had a difficult time controllers having undergone. A half hour how much for that answer and so much rather Kerry all right so fifteen women started this whole thing more emotions. Tough decisions on the bachelor. Rollout beautiful bachelor footage. This was. Griffith whose sometime got to stay in the governing right right in the right into the hot tub. I mean spirited disposed door in the group date it's crystal. There there was also a war meeting along the group gave. Kendall who attacks a German fan. She was a loving this stuff Horry not so much. It was good news was just weird weird stuff where valley nothing quite like eating worms in the snow. That Lake Tahoe we should mention that all the action here in last night's episode took place in Lake Tahoe OK next. The incident of the episode. I'll call this the beckoning. Them. Got to stop in the hot so that's a prerequisite. Grabbed some campaign there's Lake Tahoe in the background. Basically later when they got to having dinner with a each other. Dec decided to it was finally time to reveal affected she is all of 22 years old. For those counting that's a fourteen year difference. With Ari. Well old. I'm. Are Cadillac hotel well Judy if you prefer it. I'm gonna stick around for awhile Horry did say he's gonna proceed with caution he's gonna Gordon protect his heart blood. Quote this could be the beginning of something amazing soaked decade and she got the rose on the one on one day she could be around for awhile back next. They continuing storyline. Matters crystals are annoying. She interrupted the rose ceremony. To get a moment with a Ari. Well you know had to a sneak off within whatever she had to say god knows it was important thing or not. Thankfully the previews indicate that her villain status might be in jeopardy next week the whole hopefully your presence is in jeopardy this one's got ago. We're gonna start a new hash tags three all America from crystal could pick it. Discount discount discount got like discounts stops that they. So a relatively restrained weeks for the kissing bandit reality. Now what down it was twelve now at age so it was down people aren't what stock which will be up today. Housekeeping my cattle and left the show Erica because. The death in the family Caroline Britney no roses they're gone. Twelve women left including Jacqueline Africa whose Schulberg continues hey we're RA analyst this outing here Harry.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Arie Luyendyk finally discovers Bekah's real age, while Krystal battles tension with other women in the house. ABC's Jack Sheahan breaks it all down. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"52559309","title":"'The Bachelor' week 4 recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-week-recap-52559309"}