'The Bachelorette' contestants revealed

Bachelorette senior analyst Jack Sheahan gears up for another steamy season of the hit show.
4:08 | 05/18/17

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Transcript for 'The Bachelorette' contestants revealed
It is your Thursday morning skinny and we are gonna start with the big announcement. Little early this time just days away from this season premiere of the bachelorette I think in my drum roll go that was clearly have a good so it up first ever FaceBook let videocast announcement host Chris Harrison introduced the 31 men who have tried to win the heart of Rachel Lindsey. But the season's crop of sooners is making bachelorette history it is the most diverse group of men. In the history of the show. Their backgrounds are also diverse that they included ER doctor an aspiring drummer a professional wrestler eight. Wobble whatever that is whatever that is and eight tickle monster. At least there there in Alabama is in there. Let's get some reaction from RBC senior national bachelorette analyst. Jack Sheehan lots of Jack. Thoughts. I have many they have. The first thing I'm trying to get over it is this number 31. Got rid of some of these guys today a lot of athletic rapidly. It should be noted that Chris Harrison in that video. You said that it's it's going to be the most dramatic season ever. I've never went up support. Should come as is that surprising no one to be dramatic rose or roll that beautiful bachelorette full screen. Other guys that got caught my attention when I watched it Adam ha. 27 year old Big Ten Manila's real estate agent could smile Chris Harrison says he's not arriving alone and that there is a fun Easter Reagan. That's going to be seen throughout the whole season and a so I don't know what that's all about we'll have to see code words that there aren't true Blake's. Vault of them. Blake dean is the aspiring drummer he's on the left. Prudent action. As far as Kendrick who reads he's not spent 31 was just firing it might be over. And on the right in the late kid a US marine veteran. William might remember de Mario. Who we first met easily next full screen barely did made him. There is. Hit him was not final rose thirty year old executive recruiter. Chris Harrison says he may not be there for the right reasons. And news always. At least one. Aaron will be keeping our eye on that Mario. And so won't notice the the the drunk on the first night is going to be check. Jonathan starts on Monday and that means. That the analyst. Begins duty Tuesday morning we can't always you must be so excited very excited. These deadly bearden. Except at a red carpet in the south a friend at the stars are out that's a seventh edition of the Cannes Film Festival and they certainly didn't disappoint this year's red carpet fashion. It's a nice event she could tour. She's got this beautiful sheared and although red their deep tanning as she definitely went all out. Yang Casey can't tell Matt now goes once again writing our fashion stories. It looks like street chic has finally hit streets she'd you have red carpet Marion cook the wearing blue jeans and a white flowing something Christiane. That's against Susan Sarandon. She is still the spotlight in this form fitting emerald green gallon velvet lining that felt that yesterday. Does that Broadway necktie and human rights and she's on the red carpet resting up to greet her was bell led deed for the second year in Iraq. And some. Bring order mountain and possibly high leg slid opened up to reveal. For on these steps to many people were complaining about them on our next set the growing controversy over. Rob first for men AKA rob Candice brown pimps. It's early this week we told you about them than you start up its launching hoping to. Have a whole line and combined shorts and shirts long ones he's for men. What Dan and did he started bringing up the robbers tied for tennis to get one come on canned.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"Bachelorette senior analyst Jack Sheahan gears up for another steamy season of the hit show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"47481110","title":"'The Bachelorette' contestants revealed","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-contestants-revealed-47481110"}